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The grand list of all things unique and dangerous. If you're new to posting on the page then I should first ask you to take a look at this before doing so: Talk:/v/'s Grand List of Weaponry. Otherwise, add your favorite gun, sword, wand, item, potion, magic rock, plasmid, vehicle whatever!


Name Type Game Description Screenshot
Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Gun Portal Better known as the Portal Gun. Shoot the gun wherever you want to create two portals that connect to each other creating a path from one area to another. The Portal Gun. however, doesn't work on all surfaces. 250px-Portal Gun w.jpg
Bat Bat

Prototype: Joe and Mac

Modern: Monster Party

Left 4 Dead 2

Let's face it, the bat is a classic. If a game lacks swords, it probably has bats. Joe and Mac used them to bash dinosaurs*, Mark used it to bash killer B-movie monsters of fauna and flora, Ness used it to bash in aliens among others, and so forth... Recently the bat has reached new levels of fame in Team Fortress 2, especially when combined with The Scout's catchphrase. And really, we were all kids who thought our bats were clubs, swords, lightsabers, etc. just like in the vidya.

  • Note: Research has shown that dinosaurs were extinct before Cavemen. Probably got their heads bashed in by someone with a bat.
Bat scout heavy bonk.jpg
BFG 9000 & BFG10k Big fucking gun Doom & Quake First appearing in the original Doom, the BFG 9000 is the weapon of choice when you want to RIP AND TEAR some cyberdemon ass! BFG 10k (appearing in Quake), is also quite acceptable. BFG9000.png
Bilqis/Saw Axe/Chainsaw Final Fantasy Legend/SaGa An axe that can shapeshift into a chainsaw. It can even cleave a God in two.
Blood Berry Melee weapon No More Heroes Originally won off an Ebay auction the Blood Berry Beam katana is Travis Touchdown's weapon of choice. It works best at cleaving at enemies in half and absolutely eviscerating them. The katana runs off a power supply, but don't worry! All it needs is a good fapping to get it back up to optimum-fuckhead-slicing-status! 1857072-beamkatana01-1-.jpg
Camera Obscura Camera Fatal Frame What looks like a dusty old camera is actually a device invented by the late Dr. Kunihiko Asou that can allow the user to view and exorcise ghosts. Be careful not to overuse it, as you may create a stronger link between you and the spirit world...
Cerebral Bore Projectile Weapon Turok 2+3, Rage Wars

Okay, there's dinosaurs fucking shit up and you need a weapon. What do you use? THE MOTHERFUCKING CEREBRAL BORE! This badass right here locks onto brain waves and bores into the skull and brain while ejecting blood and grey matter. Then it blows up, often blowing the head clean off. If that isn't badass enough for you, in Turok 3 you can use it for mind control and turn people against their allies. Their heads still explode in a satisfying shower of blood once you're done, too.

Cerebral Bore.jpg
COMP Technology Shin Megami Tensei series Why carry a sword or a gun when one can summon and bind demons to do one's bidding for them? Said device can also carry secondary purposes such as mapping and navigation, some variations may even carry programs to fuse demons on the spot or even allow the user to learn magic from demons.
Eclipse Cannon Laser Cannon Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 2 BATTLE, Shadow The Hedgehog "The ultimate weapon capable of destroying an entire planet!" Featured on the Space Colony Ark, it has immense power and could be considered almost like a 2nd death star or the death egg with a giant fucking lazer but nonetheless it's a powerful weapon. It is so powerful it needs all 7 chaos emeralds (what a coincidence right?) to be used for it's ultimate devastating power. Not exactly a weapon you can take with you but nonetheless a great one. SpaceColonyArk.jpg
Force Device Gun/Backup R-Type series What better way to take down those Bydo bastards than with an indestructible piece of their own energy that can fire three different lasers to cover whatever directions your Wave Cannon can't, destroys anything stupid enough to touch it, and blocks their bullets? And if the Standard Force isn't your bag, there's countless others to use. How about a needle ball that spins around firing bullets everywhere? Or a big claw on a damaging chain that latches onto whatever you shoot it at? Or even a little robot that cuts up everything ahead of it with a fucking beam saber?
Fork of Horripilation Fork The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind It's a fork. It can be used in a stabby fashion against any enemy. Legend tells the story of the Nerevarine, a saint who used this powerful artefact to kill a giant bull netch by Sheogorath's request. That's a giant flying monster with tentacles. Scrumptious. BROTIP: Don't complete the quest, or you'll lose this guy forever. MW ForkOfHorripilation.jpg
Four Sword Sword The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords/ Adventure In Zelda, there is always the Master Sword, the sword that is evil's bane. However, not all the games feature the Master Sword, but instead include some variation of it. Whether it's the Phantom Sword or the Lokomo Sword. But, there is one sword that sticks out. The FOUR SWORD! This piece of ass gives you the ability to split yourself into four of yourself as well as four of the swords. Who needs one when you can have four? The early prototype version of this sword was the Picori Blade, that eventually became the Four Sword. Four Sword.png
Gun Del Sol Gun Boktai

Damnit! Your world has a sudden infestation of vampires (real ones, not Twilight fans mind you-- although it would probably work on them too) and other creepy ghoulies of the night! What to do? Kick their ass with the motherfucking power of the sun!Vampire? Shoot it with a fucking sun bullet! Mummy? Shoot it with a fucking sun bullet! Zombie? YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! Get the Gun Del Sol, the only gun capable of harnessing the sunlight! Shown here: Gun Del Sol with maximum upgrades, the Sol lens lvl III, Dragoon frame and Quint battery.

Addenum: Shooting bullets not good enough? How about adding a new frame to cause a sword or spread to fire out instead? Combine the spread frame with the mighty Solar Pile Driver and you can KILL THE UNDEAD.

Gun Del Sol Maximum.png
Ghost-destroying Voodoo Root Beer Carbonated, Sweetened Beverage Monkey Island series

Made by a hidden cannibal tribe on Monkey Island from an ancient magical root, this delicious fizzy drink mystical voodoo potion has the power to destroy the essence of any ghost, sending them right back to hell as soon as they come in contact with it.

Note: Only works on ghosts. Zombies unaffected. Do not substitute with grog when used as part of more advanced voodoo recipes.

Giga Sword Sword 3D Dot Game Heroes This sword is godly. There is a picture of the Giga Sword upon obtaining it, but it looks nothing like itself when you use it. If you max this sword out it can, literally, take up the whole screen and somehow you can still swing that colossal sword around 270 degrees. Note: That grey-white square in the screenshot isn't the landscape, that IS THE FUCKING SWORD AT IT'S BEST. NiallivValley.jpg
Ice Sword 2-Handed Sword Romancing SaGa A Blade forged by an Ice Giant which can allow the user to summon Blizzards at will.
Johnson Shapeshifting Demon Skull Shadows of the Damned Johnson is the demon sidekick to Garcia Hotspur. He is able to shapeshift into a revolver (That shoots teeth), machine gun (Which ammo is radius bones), shotgun (Explosive skulls. As in, craniums that also explode), motorcycle and torch.

Being a resident of the Underworld, he also offers insight to Garcia, and by "insight" we mean loads of good ol' sarcasm and sexual innuendo. Don't think too much about holding his "handle".

Koopa Shell Reptilian Exoskeleton turned Projectile Super Mario Bros

A well-placed stomp on their heads makes those pesky koopa troopas retreat into their shell. In this state they make excellent weapons of mass destruction. A kicked or thrown shell will just keep sliding and bouncing all over the floor until it is stomped again or falls down a pit, knocking out anything in its path.

In Super Mario World, swallowing a shell gave Yoshi special powers depending on its color, from fire breath over a ground pound attack to motherfucking free flight!

In the Mario Kart series, they are still used as bouncy projectiles, though the red ones home in on the player in front of you and the troll-icious spiked blue shell just flies to the first in the race and blows up on him, which doesn't help anyone apart from the second-ranked, but is sure to make some people very mad.

Lightning Zweihander Two-Handed Greatsword infused with lightning Dark Souls


Master Sword Sword The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Uh oh! The Dark Wizard Ganon has returned from the dead, and you've just recieved word that you're actually the reincarnated Hero of Time/Winds/Whatever! Time to get the big guns, the sword of evil's bane, the Master Sword! The only sword patented strong to take down giant pig-wizard-demon-things! Master Sword.jpeg
Mega Buster Arm Cannon Mega Man series

Mega Buster, Super Buster, X Buster... Call it what you want, it's Mega Man's arm cannon, ready to destroy any robot master that threatens humanity. The Metal Blade or the Gemini Laser may be more fancy, but... you can always count on the good ol' buster. There's also a chargeable version, among other upgrades, to clear out lines of foes.

Addenum: Solely in Mega Man V for Game Boy, it evolved into the badass MEGA ARM. Mega Man's foes became so strong he had to shoot out his fist to hurt them. It can get so insanely powerful that he can pimp slap bosses to death!

Option Back Up Gradius series
Single Action Army Gun Metal Gear Solid The greatest hand gun ever made. Six shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves.


Spreadshot Gun Contra So, you suddenly find yourself ona two dimensional plane, and the forces of "bad guys with guns" are making their steady way towards you. You're pretty much dicked in the ass, unless you have the fucking spreadshot. In fact, it's suddenly unfair for the bad guys, your gun fills up like, half the plane of existence in front of you. How do you even get around that? Just make sure to be able to shoot behind and above you fairly quickly as well. Spreadshot-contra.jpg
The Sword of Kings Sword

Dragon Quest series


A.K.A. Loto/Erdrick's Sword. One of the first "Legendary Weapons" in JRPG history that isn't Excalibur or some other historical artifact. Often one of the, if not THE, strongest swords in the games it appears in. What really makes this cool is its backstory:

The sword handed down over the generations is an exact duplicate of the ORIGINAL, which was destroyed by one of the strongest villains in DQ canon, Zoma. However, it took him THREE YEARS to do so. Something that over the course of 200 YEARS, no other villain could do to the duplicate (they only managed to weaken it). This is a testament to both the sword's and Zoma's power. Truly it is a legendary weapon to be feared by evil.

Also featured in EarthBound as Poo's only wieldable weapon.

Tri-Rocket Launcher Gun Jet Force Gemini It's like a rocket launcher, but three of them. At once. This is the gun that was put in specifically to tear bosses new anuses. Three of them. They drop you into this zombie infested swamp and they're all like "Oh yeah, you can't kill these things. Go run from them like a bitch unless you feel like unloading your entire ammo cache to kill one of them." Then half way through you get this bad boy and then it's go time. Tri-rocket Launcher.png
Vampire Killer Whip Castlevania series The legendary whip created by alchemist Rinaldo Gandolfi and used by the Belmont clan to kick Dracula's ass every one-hundred years. It even evolves into a badass chain-whip and then a morning star. What else do you need to know? Vamki.jpg
Wave Cannon Gun R-Type series When it's time to blast off and strike the evil Bydo empire, there's no better main gun than the Wave Cannon. You've got just as big a variety of these things as Force Devices, if not more. What'll it be- fire a scattering blast every which way ahead of you? Sustained laser beam for continuous damage? Massive fireball that passes through everything? Homing lightning bolts? A super-powerful close-range Pile Bunker? High-yield flamethrower? How about one you can charge for 45 seconds to kill literally ANYTHING in one shot?
Wind Bullet Grip/Projectile Klonoa Series Ah yes, the Wind Bullet. So check it, you got this faggy little ring on your arm and shit, and it's all like "Heymanthisbullshitlooksgayasfuck" but then you pick up an enemy and are like "HOLY DICKS!" and then you can throw them like a motherfucking Olympian or sumshit, and they'll hit other fuckin' enemies! You are beating the motherfuckers with themselves! Also helps if you're falling off a ledge or need to get higher up somewhere as you can double jump of your foes. Klonoa Wind Bullet by argyle19.jpg
Gunblade Sword & gun hybrid Final Fantasy Series Weapons which debuted in FF series since Final Fantasy VIII as Squall Leonhart's weapon of choice as well as his rival's, Seifer Almasy. With this one of the most iconic weapon in the history of video game, Squall would never miss when attacking his opponents even in blind status, as the weapon gives him 255% accuracy stats. Originally gunblade only serves as a melee weapon, but later this weapon had been developed in the subsequent series in which it can also fire bullets as can be seen in Final Fantasy XIII and Dissidia series.
Magnum Gun Resident Evil Series These zombie exterminator weapons are always present in every Resident Evil series. These weapons have become legends in the series because of its ridiculously incredible strength. They can kill any opponent encountered including the bosses  only with a few shots, where it will likely be more difficult to overcome most opponents with another weapons. Some special magnums like the handcannon from Resident Evil 4 even have unlimited bullets, which will make the zombies regret having met with the weapon holder.
Infinite Rokcer Launcher Bazooka Resident Evil Series Rocket launcher means 1 hit kill to any enemies including bosses. Infinite means you will not run out of ammo. Need more descriptions?
Ultimate Armor Armor Megaman X4, 5, 6 & 8 Can be considered as one of the strongest armor in Megaman X series, if not the strongest, with all of the already powerful Fourth Armor's abilities, including the plasma shot and more defence stats. Moreover, it has the unlimited (nearly unlimited in X8) Nova Strike which can kill any bosses only in a few strikes. However, the most fabulous privilege of this armor is it can be obtained right from the beginning of the game, simply by entering a code.

Please note that by using this armor the excitement and challanges that should be felt during the game will be drastically reduced. A similar effect may occur by unlocking it on X8, in which seeing whatever abomination they dug from the depths of hell and slapped the name "Ultimate Armor" all over will suck the player's will to live straight out of their bodies.

Ultimate Armorbig.png