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The 3DO has one hell of a pedigree: conceived by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, and designed by Amiga veterans RJ Mical and Dave Needle, it was not one specific console, but a standard: different models were produced by Panasonic, Sanyo, GoldStar (now LG), and Creative Labs, under license from The 3DO Company. The games are supposed to be fully compatible with any 3DO console of any region (although there were a few issues with early GoldStar units, as well as with certain NTSC games on PAL consoles).[1] Also, the system has no copy protection whatsoever.

The 3DO is a misunderstood system: as it did not sell well, people think that it was a bad system with a poor library. That's very far from the truth. Its main problem was that the console sold for $599 (adjusting for inflation, over $930). Nowadays, though, you can easily get one for less than $30. The 3DO was actually a stellar hardware at the time, with a decent list of games from good to excellent, and its specialty was really in that it had the best ports/versions of just about everything, although it does have a few great exclusives of its own. Of course, there's some dreck like Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, but what console doesn't have some turds? Well, no turds in this list, just the good stuff.

By the way, it's not "three-dee-zero", you goddamn nincompoops, it's the letter "O". Audio, video, three-dee-o!

The List

Box Art Title Genre Description
Advanced Dungeons And Dragons Slayer 3DO cover Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Slayer FPS / Action RPG A 3DO exclusive first-person action RPG with randomly generated dungeons and monster slaying hence the title. Choose a clash and get to bashan and slashan. You'll typically find it listed as "Slayer" sans the DnD moniker.
Alone In The Dark 3DO cover Alone in the Dark Survival Horror The first of it's kind, and stepping stone for the survival horror genre (some argue it's the first survival horror game, some argue it's the second or even third). Plays like a 3D adventure, where you must uncover the secrets of the Derceto mansion, a place purportedly haunted. Plenty of nods to Lovecraftian horror fiction. Get ready for some polygonal goodness!
Alone In The Dark 2 3DO cover Alone in the Dark 2 Survival Horror Like the first but, the graphics have been improved. It is Christmas of 1925, three months after Alone in the Dark. "Supernatural Private Eye" Edward Carnby and his partner Ted Stryker are investigating the kidnapping of young Grace Saunders. The trail of clues leads to an old mansion named "Hell's Kitchen" - the home of an infamous gangster boss and his gang. I'm sure you can guess what you gotta do.
Brain Dead 13 3DO cover Brain Dead 13 Interactive movie An FMV game like Dragon's Lair if it took a big swig from the Halloween goblet. A really funny and exciting adventure where you play Lance, basically a 90's /v/irgin who works for a computer store. He is sent out on a call to fix the computer of a mad scientist in a haunted castle! You also have to deal with that crazy little bastard to the right every so often. This game's a bit easier on people who aren't so good at these types of games since you have unlimited continues (Lance gets resurrected by someone in the castle). Also on PC, Playstation, Saturn, and Jaguar, but all those version are known to have problems without patches. A must have for the 3DO.
Bust A Move 3DO cover Bust A Move Puzzle / Arcade Yeah it's a perfectly good Puzzle Bobble port.
Captain Quazar 3DO cover Captain Quazar Third-person Shooter A fuckawesome top-down, isometric third person shooter where you shoot the absolute fuck out of everything with bigass guns. I swear to god Captain Quark from Ratchet and Clank is based on this guy. His chin is even bigger in-game.
Crash N Burn 3DO cover Crash N' Burn Racing / Combat Racing game where you can customize your car and shoot at other cars. This game even has fucking heat-seeking missles. What's not to like?
Dragons Lair 3DO cover Dragon's Lair Interactive movie Classic Dragon's Lair, you know what to expect. Your Dirk the Daring, entering the evil castle where thou must rescue Princess Daphne in an interactive movie. It's pretty much a straight port, sans the extras of alternate/newer ports. However, if you really want to play Dragon's Lair on a console, especially this one, then you can't go wrong with this.
Gex 3DO cover Gex Platformer Gex was sort of intended to be the 3DO's Sonic, but that simply didn't happen. However, this is a great platforming classic with great 2D visuals and gameplay, Cd Quality audio, and the ability to crawl on walls and ceilings. This version is much better than ANY of the ports (yes, even the Playstation one) because you can actually save for your game. A must have for the 3DO. The sequels are on Playstation, Saturn and N64, and each version of each sequel differs by console.
Guardian War 3DO cover Guardian War / Power Kingdoms RPG Interesting RPG that has some fairly standard story and elements, such as hit points, magic points, speed, mobility, skills, etc. However, you do get to control each golem (character) individually. The action does take a level-based approach. Very interesting and fun game. Known as Guardian War in the west, and Power Kingdoms in Europe and Japan. Another must have.
John Madden Football 3DO cover John Madden Football Sports Revolutionary for its day and fun and still worth your money if you like retrogames and sports games!
Lemmings 3DO cover Lemmings Puzzle It's lemmings, ported to your 3DO and perfectly good! Even works with the 3DO's mouse add-on.
Luciennes Quest 3DO cover Lucienne's Quest RPG One of the main problems with the 3DO is the fact it lacks many RPGs. Such an expensive console, at the time, should have been brimming with them, especially since it had so much technical prowess, it could have harvested some truly epic adventures. This is where Lucienne's Quest stands out. It is an RPG that features 2D sprites in a 3D world, with a classic turn based battle system. The battles slightly resemble Arc the Lad. The game itself is generic, but the story and characters are so much fun you'll be instantly charmed. Unfortunately, this one can be quite expensive and hard to find, so keep an eye out.
Myst 3DO cover Myst Adventure You should all know Myst by now, a free-roam adventure game with nothing but ambiance and puzzles. Good for a console version, but not necessarily preferable over PC.
The Need For Speed 3DO cover Need For Speed Racing Yes, the original Need For Speed was a 3DO game. Basically just a well made racing game, without any extra bells or whistles. Fun stuff.
Out Of This World 3DO cover Out Of This World / Another World Platformer One of the various ports of the classic Adventure/Platformer. Unlike most other console releases, this one is extremely accurate. Probably inferior only to the SEGA CD version, and only because that one comes packed with the sequel. New 3DO look clashes with a lot.
PaTaank 3DO cover PaTaank Pinball The only first person pinball game ever. Yes, you play as the ball.
Policenauts 3DO cover Policenauts Adventure If you liked Snatcher or Metal Gear or even Penguin Adventure you should give the genius known as Hiideo Kojima some props and play this game, it's pretty great too! Works with the lightgun! Of course, you know, it's Japanese only, so unless you're savvy, you'll likely need a guide.
Return Fire 3DO cover Return Fire Combat A top down, third person game where you control a tank and must blow the fuck out of shit like holy god what. Actually needs a fair bit of tactful thinking and strategy later on, and the multiplayer for this game is one of the best experiences on this system. A must have for the 3DO.
Road Rash 3DO cover Road Rash Racing A fun motorcycle racing game with tongue-in-cheek humor and the ability to PUNCH THE FUCK out of other racers. The FMV opening is actually pretty neat, but there are FMVs before races that are a little annoying (albeit lasting only a couple seconds). The artwork on the menu screens is awesome, tons of good licensed rock tunes, and good graphics. Not one to miss out. This ws later ported to Playstation and Saturn, but like plenty of 3DO ports, it has some problems. This isn't the same as the Genesis version, although that's worth playing too.
Samurai Shodown 3DO cover Samurai Shodown Fighting The absolute BEST home console port of Samurai Shodown (even the Neo Geo version, which is a direct port!). It has all the graphics and gameplay of the arcade version, but CD quality music, so it's actually improved. A must have for the 3DO.
150px Super Street Fighter II Turbo Fighting Like Samurai Showdown, this is the best original home-console port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Arcade quality graphics and CD quality sound, this is far superior to the SNES version everyone claims by. A must have for the 3DO.
Tripd 3DO cover Trip'd Puzzle Similar to Puyo Puyo. Colored alien eggs fall down and you gotta arrange them in a line of four of the same color to clear 'em. The twist is that if you do so in a square instead, then you've fucked up and a giant alien will hatch and can instantly game over. You can play solo, versus the CPU, or another player.
Twisted 3DO cover Twisted Puzzle / FMV / ACID You're in a fucking game show where it's like everyone is TRIPPING ON ACID. You can play as a goddamn PEZ DISPENSER. It kind of plays like Mario Party before Mario Party existed. It's better with friends.
Wolfenstein 3D 3DO cover Wolfenstein 3D FPS Imagine this: a version of the classic Wolfenstein 3D even better than the original PC version. Can't be true, right? WRONG. Wolfenstein 3D for the 3DO is actually the best version of the game; it plays exactly as good as the PC version but has even better graphics. AWESOME! Now go shoot some FECKIN NATZEES. A must have for the 3DO.
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