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"Have you got what it takes?"

The Amiga CD32 was Commodore's third attempt at entering the console market. It is pretty much a CD-based console version of the Amiga 1200. It actually sold well in the UK for a while; yet, it couldn't hope to compete with the hype for the upcoming and more powerful PlayStation and Saturn, and a patent kerfuffle prevented the system's American release. Soon, Commodore's financial situation was too dire and they were forced to close their doors for good.

Most of its small library is pure shovelware, though there are some good games, including conversions from the original Amiga.

Game list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
BansheeCD32.jpg Banshee Shoot'em Up Military-themed shmup which takes place in an alternate history where war started because some guy refused to invent the microwave oven (no, seriously, that's the game's plot).
ClassicLotusTrilogy.jpg Classic Lotus Trilogy Racing Compilation including the three Lotus racing games from the original Amiga.
FlinkCD32.jpg Flink Platformer Excellent platformer about a young wizard's apprentice, with beautiful graphics. Also on Mega Drive and Mega CD, but curiously not on the regular Amiga. From the same creators of The Adventures of Lomax on the PSX, which is pretty much a spiritual sequel.
SoccerKidCD32.jpg Soccer Kid Platformer A platformer where you attack enemies with a soccer REAL FOOTBALL ball. You have to recover the pieces of the World Cup, which was stolen by an alien.


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