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"Be together. Not the same." [1]

Google's Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system, towering above Apple's iOS everywhere but in the USA and a handful of other countries. Commercial developers still tend to prefer Apple, as its users seem to have more disposable income, but indie and emulator developers have flocked to Android because it is much less locked down (yarr!). So it's basically PC mustard race, for phones. Speaking of which, it is possible to run it on your PC with Android x86.

Get your apps from:

  • Google Play Store - Default "app store" that every 'droid phone should have
  • AppBrain - An alternative way of browsing the apps available on Google Play
  • SlideME marketplace - Download emulation apps from here
  • UpToDown - A free apk repository
  • F-Droid - A catalogue of Android free/open source apps
  • Amazon Appstore - Amazon's app market offers a different paid app for free every day
  • Itch.io - A collection of both free and paid Android games.
  • Blackmart, Aptoide, Happy Chick, Mobilism, 4pda - We won't provide the links, but you can certainly find them out there. You shameless pirate.

Find new offline games for Android:

Some emulation apps are available at the SlideME marketplace, some are on the Google Play Store!

Important tips:

  • Google Play gives a 2 hours grace period: after you buy an app, the Google Play page will display a 'refund' button. Handy if you get buyer's remorse or find your device can't handle some app well.
  • Mind your hardware's limits. Don't expect an ancient device to run demanding games or emulators well. But this does not mean you need some $600 flagship; at this point, even a sub-$200 phone can be pretty solid.
  • If possible, buy unlocked phones from independent stores. Carrier-subsidized phones are ultimately far more expensive, may have locked bootloaders, and often have added bloatware.
  • Different countries and carriers use different frequencies for their phone networks. And to complicate matters, some American carriers use CDMA, whereas the rest of the world uses GSM. So if you're buying a phone from some Chinese store, use this guide and check that the phone is compatible with your network.
  • Since Android is open, manufacturers are allowed (much to Google's chagrin) to add their own "touches" to the system, such as extra apps or a different interface. So, before buying, do some research and decide if you like the manufacturer's style. And even then, you can override much of the interface by installing alternative launchers.
  • Yes, touch controls are a pain. But there are several Bluetooth gamepads with holders, designed specifically for smartphones, and some even for tablets. Not all games are compatible, so check this massive list. There are several brands of pads to choose. Get either a controller clip for an Xbox controller or if you have USB-C, get the Razer Kishi.
  • Other than smartphones and tablets, there are also many Android-based handhelds, micro-consoles, mini-PCs / TV boxes, smartwatches, and other devices.


Free games[]

If a game is free to install, but pay-for-play, it goes in the other list. If the game has a free version or demo that's good enough you'd play it without ever buying the full version, it goes here.

Screenshot Title Genre Description
Atomas.png Atomas Puzzle Cool incremental puzzle where you must fuse elements on a wheel. Good to memorize the elements on the periodic table.
Alchemy-Android1.jpg Alchemy Puzzle/Toy You start with Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and from various combinations of these, create different elements. There's 370 in the game. Not great for much but dicking around and seeing what you can make, but hey, it's mostly free.
Asphalt 8 Android screenshot.png Asphalt 8: Airborne Racing Over-the-top arcade racer in the same vein of Burnout. Excellent graphics that wouldn't be out of place in a regular console. Great intense gameplay and wubwub soundtrack.
Beach-Buggy-Blitz-Collect-coins-1-.png Beach Buggy Blitz Racing Kart racer from the makers of Riptide GP. Drive around the beach collecting coins that look suspiciously like the awesome face. Graphics are detailed and crisp in standard Vector Unit fashion, and the game is optimized for Tegra 3. Originally a paid app, it is now free, so you should pick it up!
Buddy-rush-20110418014154364 640w.jpg Buddy Rush Hack-n-Slash Simple hack and slash game playable on your android, ipod/iphone, and browser (as a facebook game), and you can use your characters on any system. Just run around, kill monsters and perform simple quests (often involving reaching the end of a map or collecting items. You even get to kill mummys for toilet paper).

Over 20 characters to choose from, all but 3 (4 if there's a special going on a character) cost in-game premium coins called chips. There are multiple ways to earn chips, but downloading apps (and immediately removing them) is a nice way to earn yourself a few new characters to play with.

Burning Sand.png Burning Sand 3 Sand Simulator Sand.
Cartoon Wars 2.jpg Cartoon Wars 2 Tower Defense Tower defense game with cartoon characters. Expands on the first game in a lot of ways, and adds in Cartoon Wars: Gunner levels as part of the campaign.
Cheeseman-iphone-1-1-.jpg CheeseMan Platformer What seems like Alphanoize's answer to Super Meat Boy, only with 100% less pretentious developer soapboxing. More or less the same rules. Avoid the blades and make your way to the goal. Simple art style, no lives, no game overs.
Crazy Taxi Classic Android screenshot.png Crazy Taxi Classic Racing A Dreamcast classic in your pocket. Make some crazy money driving people around to the sound of Bad Religion and The Offspring.
Cut-The-Rope-2.png Cut The Rope Puzzle Physics-based puzzle game where you cut ropes to swing a piece of candy along a level. Well-designed.
Cyclone 2000 Android screenshot.png Cyclone 2000 Shooter Cool clone of the classic Tempest 2000.
Mzl.womcpbob.480x480-75.jpg Cytus Rhythm Great Osu clone rhythm game based on a moving bar and non-specific button spots, meaning that the buttons could be anywhere, as opposed to only using, like, 5 columns. In my opinion, good songs, wiith varying difficulty from really easy to really tough. Also can be paid for to remove short timers, and is also available for iOS.
Dan The Man Android screenshot.png Dan The Man Platformer Cartoony arcadey 2D platformer/brawler. Punch and kick the thugs who are oppressing the peasants.
DDeathScreen.png Danmaku Death Shmup A bosses-only bullet hell game. Dodge bullets, try to stay in front of the boss as much as possible and use your force field wisely.
Dead Space Android screenshot.png Dead Space Survival horror Completely new game in Dead Space setting.
Dead Trigger Android screenshot.jpg Dead Trigger FPS Very arcadey zombie apocalypse, very good graphics, although the levels are quite restrictive.
Deck de dungeon.png Deck De Dungeon Dungeon Crawl / Card Game A full featured dungeon crawler where you use a deck of cards to defeat various enemies gathering more cards along the way. One death and it's game over: time to restart! Has hundreds of cards and over a dozen characters to pick from each with their own decks and differing playstyles. Has zero microtransactions (no, really!). The only ad is one for Deck De Dungeon 2 and it appears once each game as a single closeable ad. Requires an internet connection to load said ad but after that can be played offline.
Img 0643.jpg Elgard MMORPG Pretty much the only good MMO on the market, Elgard is an instance based MMO where you go into dungeons to complete quests with a boss waiting at the end of each dungeon. There is PvP, guilds, an auction house, and 3 difficulty modes for each dungeon. Elgard has 6 classes, with a 7th on the way, each with a bunch of flashy spells and unique playstyles. You can play the entire game solo or enjoy it with friends. Since all areas except for the main town are private, you don't have to compete with other people for quest objectives or farming. Has a nice OST too.
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Android screenshot.jpg Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius RPG Developed by the same people as Brave Frontier, this game plays very similarly- you bring a party of up to 5 units (displayed as animated sprites like you'd see in a Playstation/Saturn RPG), pick a sixth from another player before each stage, and battle enemies by tapping your units' action buttons for them to attack all at once.

Most of the common free-to-play-RPG mechanics are present (Gameplay limited by stamina that refills over time; IAP currency used to summon rare units, expand your inventory, refill your stamina or continue if defeated; etc), but this one has elements drawn from traditional JPRGs too- the units all learn various magic and skills as they gain levels, spend MP to use them, and have six slots for equipment, and you get to explore towns and dungeons to break up the monotony of "fight _ waves of cannon fodder enemies, then a slightly stronger wave". Killer soundtrack as well.

Final Freeway 2R Android screenshot.png Final Freeway 2R Racing Remember OutRun? This game's creator likely does. It absolutely drips with nostalgia for 80s arcade racers.
Flow Free Android screenshot.jpg Flow Free Puzzle Connect the color dots, but don't cross the pipes. Pretty addictive. Sort of a "cousin" to Huebrix. Has three spin-offs: Bridges (the pipes can cross at specific points), Hexes (play on a hexagonal field), and Warps (the pipes can go from one end to the other of the field).
GimmieFriction.png Friction Mobile Puzzle / Shooter Damn simple one-button game, timing is everything.
Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers Android screenshot.jpg Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers Adventure A series of voodoo-themed murders haunts New Orleans. A local writer investigates them, meaning to use that as the basis for his new novel, unaware that the crimes involve his own family's dark legacy. A true PC classic, and one of the darkest games of the genre, with updated graphics and redone soundtrack.
Gloomy-dungeons-3d-free-demo-4-2.jpg Gloomy Dungeons FPS A game that's similar to Doom. It has bad movement controls, but you will get used to it soon.
Grabatron 004.jpg Grabatron Arcade/Physics Grabatron is about playing a UFO in 2D space, your mission is to destroy as much as you can before you get shot down. There are two control schemes; tilt to move and touch to move. Tilt to move allows you to calibrate the center position so you can play it properly from any angle. Your primary weapon is your claw, which you touch to lower and it'll automatically grab anything you hit with it. Swiping across the screen flings whatever is in your claw. The sound and animation is superb, it used to be a paid game but they swapped it over to the F2P model and made it so you could buy in-game currency instead.
Gridrunner screenshot Android.png Gridrunner Shooter A trippy shooter from the king of trippy shooters, Jeff Minter. At first it looks like a clone of Centipede with sprites ripped from Galaga and the sound effects from Robotron, but other than the arthropod-ish enemies coming down, there are also cannons trying to zap you from above and from the side. Then the enemies start to fly in bizarre formations, you get some crazy power-ups, and suddenly you can't see shit because the screen is absolutely swamped with color-flashing bullets errywhere! The touch control is a bit clumsy, but it's still something worth seeing.

An unique trick is that holding the device in portrait position gives you the modern remake, but turning it left or right gives you the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 versions from 1982.

Gun-Bros thumb.jpg Gun Bros Shooter Awesome shooter game with fairly smooth controls and a lot of levels.
Huebrix Android screenshot.jpg Huebrix Puzzle An addictive abstract puzzler. Drag the multicolored squares to fill every bit of the field without crossing paths.
IcyTowerScreen.png Icy Tower 2 Climbing You know what this is. Climb the tower's platforms before you're caught by its crumbling. Make lots of combos by bouncing around without stopping as much as possible.
Maldita Castilla Android screenshot.png Maldita Castilla Platformer Adelante, hidalgo caballero, for your king commands you to fight the demonic evil that has cursed the land! Hardcore old-school platformer, very clearly inspired by Capcom's Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Even the soundtrack was produced on an 80s synthesizer for that authentic arcade-like feel.

WARNING: this game was actually developed for the Ouya, so it has no touch input and requires a physical controller.

Meganoid Android screenshot.png Meganoid Platformer Avoid the spikes and enemies, get the orange diamonds and teleport to the next stage. Pretty simple game. Unfortunately it has a metric ton of levels and no continue. You also cannot grind for many extra lives.
2014 05 07 00 43 26.jpg Metal Slug Defense Tower Defense A Tower Defense game with Metal Slug characters and concepts that are actually implemented well. You spawn units by using an constantly refilling AP meter and watch them march ahead to fight, sometimes clicking to use their special moves.

Many of the unlockable units require a special currency, but you get some cheap yet useful characters and clear the game easily enough with the bonuses you're given. Just don't try the multiplayer until you've at least maxed out every stat.

Modern Combat 5 Android screenshot.png Modern Combat 5: Blackout FPS A good Cawadoody-wannabe... although clearly a step backwards after the spectacular MC4, the campaign is more segmented like Dead Trigger, but as a free game you can't really complain much.
Mole-Kart-1-.png Mole Kart Racing It's Mario Kart, but with moles. No, I mean it is literally Mario Kart. The track designs have been shamelessly lifted from some of the later games in the series, including courses such as Moo Moo Farm and Mushroom Gorge. Despite its blatant ripping off, it's actually a decent kart racer for mobile with plenty of control options. Sadly, no online multiplayer.
Neko Atsume.png Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector) Simulation Less of a game and more of a soothing distraction but addictive none the less. Set out food to lure in local cats. Take cute kitty pictures and try to collect all of the mementos left by your fuzzy friends. Has optional microtransactions or you can pay in-game money for the paid currency instead.
Nova 3 Android screenshot.png N.O.V.A. 3 FPS Gameloft definitely is not the most original developer out there — if you've played Halo and Crysis 2, you will have many déjà vu moments — but they do make up for that in production values and solid gameplay.
OpenTyrian Android screenshot.png OpenTyrian Shmup Tyrian is a 1990s PC cult classic. Get in your spaceship and fight the evil corporation that wants to rule the galaxy.
Out Run Android screenshot.png Out Run Racing Unofficial port of Sega's arcade classic.
PewPewScreen.png PewPew Arcade shooter A Geometry Wars style game with great controls, and will run on anything. Loads of fun and quite challenging.
PixelDungeon.png Pixel Dungeon Roguelike Best Roguelike RPG available on Android. This is the Dark Souls of mobile roguelikes. The game is brutally difficult for beginners yet extremely addicting. You start as one of four classes that can each advance into one of two job types after you progress deeper down the dungeon, changing the way you fight enemies. You build your character by finding/upgrading weapons, armor, magic rings, magic wands, scrolls, potions and seeds. If the difficulty of the base game isn't to your liking, there are branches available to make the game easier, harder, or updated with different items or classes.
PPC.png Pixel Puzzle Collection Puzzle Picross-style puzzle. Upon completing a puzzle you unlock a picture based on one of the various Konami classic titles.
Plants War.jpg Plants War MOBA MOBA game where you play as plant creatures to defend your forest home as a hero with legions of AI to back you up. Think mobile DOTA or League of Legends.
Punch-Hero-2-1-.jpg Punch Hero Fighting Think Punch Out or Wii Boxing with touch controls. Unfortunately requires an internet connection to play and includes a couple of microtransactions for customizing/upgrading your character. Also features online multiplayer. Graphics are decent but textures look disgustingly choppy on HDMI.
Puzzle And Dragons Android screenshot.jpg Puzzle & Dragons Puzzle / RPG / Monster collecting Likely the game that started the whole free-to-play monster-catching RPG craze. You battle monsters using a match-three puzzle board, clearing orbs that match the elements of your monsters to attack. Instead of just swapping one pair at a time, for each turn you're able to drag an orb around for up to 5 seconds, and swap all the orbs on the board like a slide puzzle to set up combos.

You can catch monsters that you beat during levels, spend Magic Stones (freemium currency) to pull random rare monsters, and take on event dungeons to catch powerful boss monsters, and most of them can be evolved to stronger forms. Most every monster has a passive Leader Skill that applies to the whole team if used as the leader, and an Active Skill that takes some number of turns to charge. New dungeons and monsters are added regularly. There's also two 3DS games adapted from this, which were bundled together for their English release- Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, and Puzzle & Dragons Z.

PFamily.jpg Puzzle Family Puzzle A set of 8 puzzle games made by the creators of Super Action Hero and Slice It.
Real Racing 3 Android screenshot.png Real Racing 3 Racing Perhaps the best-looking racer on Android, on par with Asphalt 8, only with a far more realistic tone.
ReplicaIsland.png Replica Island Platformer Good, polished free platform game. Puts the trackball to good use.(if you have one)
Robotek HD Android screenshot.png Robotek HD Fighter You're a robot that controls robots and you fight robots with robots with robotic powers. Requires in-game purchase pretty early on if you suck at the game. (which you probably will)
Sega Forever cover.jpg Sega Forever Various Sega's project to offer tons of their classics for free, adding more every month.
Shift 1.png Shift Puzzle/Adventure Shift is a puzzle/adventure game where the objective is to get to the door at the end of the level. The cool thing about Shift is that in order to solve these puzzles, you can shift the stage to be upsidedown or rightsideup. There will be obstacles such as spikes which kill you, a timer, keys, etc., that all hinder you to your objective of getting to the next level.
SwordOfXolan.png Sword of Xolan Platformer Pixel-style action platformer, explore, slash enemies, rescue hostages and collect treasures.
Tatham-Puzzles.gif Simon Tatham's Puzzles Puzzle A variety of open-source puzzle games. Great for killing time, as it can randomly generate new configurations. Non-copyright-infringing Sudoku, Kenken, and other, less newspapery games. Be sure to look in the menu, as each comes with an explanation of how to play.
Sliceit screen2.jpg Slice It! Puzzle You're given a shape and you have to draw straight lines through it, separating it into a certain number of pieces of equal size, while using a specific number of strokes. Might take a little getting used to, because you HAVE to use the given number of strokes, but it's easy to kill time with. Beat levels by getting the pieces close enough in size to get up to 5 stars per stage, and you'll unlock other chapters when you get enough stars. As you play you'll get hint points you can use if you need them.
Snake Rewind screenshot.png Snake Rewind Casual The best-selling mobile game ever... no, the best-selling game ever, period (it was bundled with hundreds of millions of Nokia cell phones after all) is back, from the same guy actually. But now it has modernized graphics, some chill music, and revamped gameplay.
StairD.jpg Stair Dismount CRUELTY Drop a ragdoll down a flight of stairs with the right angle and force settings to damage it as much as possible.


Super Androix screenshot.png Super Androix Virtual pet It's a 100% free 2D platformer mimicking Super Mario Bros. 3; unlike SMB3, though, all the levels are randomly generated. You can use lame touchscreen controls, tilt your phone or tablet to move your character, or map your game controller or hardware keyboard to the game's functions.
The Harmony Of Buku Android screenshot.png The Harmony Of Buku Platformer A fun little game, clearly inspired by Crash Bandicoot (even the description says so). You're a little knight, traversing several colorful monster-filled stages to recover the music that's been stolen from the world.
Zenonia.jpg Zenonia series Action RPG Here's an example of how messy delisting games can be: for reasons unknown, only Zenonia 4 and 5 are still available from the Play Store (both free); the first three games are no longer there, even though the demos for Zenonia 1 and 2 can still be found. Meanwhile, Amazon still has Zenonia 1-4, but not 5. Go figure.

Anyway, back to the games: Zenonia is a series of action RPGs, with SNES-ish graphics. But they introduce fresh concepts to the genre like a day-night system, a hunger/stamina system, an inventory weight system, and a skill tree for customizing the hero. Highly recommend for both retro gamers and fans of the genre.

ZooKBattleScreen.png Zoo Keeper Battle Puzzle Zoo Keeper is a match-three game like Bejeweled. This free version only allows online multiplayer battles, so score like a madman in the 30 seconds per turn you're given and rage like one if your opponent takes you down in a single turn while you only got bad draws or missed the good ones under your nose.

Commercial games[]

Stuff that you pay to download, or subscribe to play online.

Note: If you really don't give a fuck about the developers who made these great games, you could just google the name of the game and add apk at the end, and you'll almost always find an apk file from some site like apkmania, then just install it on your phone. Only works for games that AREN'T subscribe to play online. (Really though, if you enjoy one of these games and play it all the time, spare a few bucks and buy it from the store)

Screenshot Title Genre Description
ArkanoidSpaceInvadesr.png Arkanoid vs Space Invaders Paddle Crossover between Taito's classic franchises, you control the Vaus and must deflect the invaders shots back at them to defeat them. While you can't die, stages are timed, so be careful. Features a ton of classic Taito characters as supports which grant special abilities.
Blazing star screenshot 01-1-.jpg Blazing Star Shoot 'em up The classic arcade shooter from SNK, now on your Android device, featuring local co-op via-Bluetooth.
Cordy-3-1-.png Cordy Platformer Before big names such as Rayman and Sonic landed on Android, Cordy was probably the go to platformer. Gameplay resembles LittleBigPlanet and Sonic the Hedgehog, with an art style similar to Super Mario Galaxy. Simple sidescroller with native controller support. Even with its detailed 3D visuals, it runs smooth as silk on most devices. Compared to newer mobile platformers, there's no real challenge and it gives off a much more casual feeling overall (even carrying over the three star ranking system from games such as Angry Birds). But you can try the first levels for free before you buy.
Cordy-2-1-1-.png Cordy 2 Platformer The sequel to Cordy, including power-ups, bigger bosses, and better graphics and music. Like the first game, it has native controller support and again the first levels are free to give it a try.
Deus Ex Android screenshot.jpg Deus Ex: The Fall FPS/RPG An augmented mercenary finds he was tricked into joining the bad guys, and must uncover a global conspiracy in order to survive. A side-story to Human Revolution, with the same flexible gameplay: you can be sneaky or go all guns blazing, manipulate people and hack into systems.
45586547.jpg Dungeon Raid Puzzle Jewelry-like rpg game where you must combo swords to kill enemies or collect money, armor or heath.
Dodonpachi-daifukkatsu hd iphone 02-1-.jpg Dodonpachi Resurrection Shoot 'em up The classic Xbox 360 bullet hell shooter from Cave, now on your Android device, played vertically, with a new touch-based control scheme. A "lite" trial version is also available if you're wavering.
456 170111 1-1-.png Espgaluda II Shoot 'em up The classic Xbox 360 bullet hell shooter from Cave, now on your Android device, played vertically, with a new touch-based control scheme. A "lite" trial version is also available if you're wavering.
Gamedevstory.png Game Dev Story Time Management Time management game where you create and manage your own video game company. Guaranteed to suck your life away. Similar games by Kairosoft like Dungeon Village, Hot Springs Story and Pocket League Story (soccer) are great as well.
Giana-222-1-.jpg Giana Sisters Platformer Another one of the earlier platformers on Android with native (sort of) control support and optimized for Xperia Play, based loosely on the DS and Facebook remakes of Giana Sisters. Anyone who has even heard of Giana Sisters already knows the basics. It's Super Mario Brothers, except not. Become Punk Giana to shoot fireballs and smash bricks.
GTA Vice City Android screenshot.jpg Grand Theft Auto Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition Sandbox One of the greatest GTA games ported to Android to celebrate the series 10th birthday. Solid port with suprisingly good controls. Has nearly all the content of the PS2 game but on your fucking phone. (Will run like shit on weak devices.)
Horizon Chase screenshot.jpg Horizon Chase Racing A fantastic arcade-style racer with beautiful graphics that mix modern and old-school. Pretty much a spiritual sequel to SNES classic Top Gear, the favorite racer of 9 out of 10 Brazilians (they even hired the same composer).
Jezzball Classic screenshot.jpg
JezzBall Classic Puzzle, Arcade It's just like the original JezzBall for Windows, only better. There's a free version, but that only lets you get up to level 3.
Knightsofpenandpaper.jpg Knights of Pen and Paper +1 RPG From the same guys who made Magicka. A neat little "retro" style RPG that plays more like a tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game. Will keep you entertained on long car rides. It's recently been optimized for tablets.
Scr01.png Little Stars for Little Wars 2 Strategy, Puzzle Great Game If you like Risk, Stratego, or Chess then this game is for you. Easy to understand game play and very difficult to beat at times. There is also a custom level generator so you can play past the main game and two-three player mode.
Modern Combat 4 Android screenshot.png Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour FPS So shamelessly "inspired" by Modern Warfare that it hurts, but damn, it actually works. Very good gameplay and excellent graphics.
O2JamAnalog.gif O2JAM U Rhythm Oh shit nigger! Do you remember O2Jam? Of course you don't. It was a rhythm game MMO, similar to DJMAX and of course beatmania, that closed down. Now it's back on your phone! Contains most of the songs from the MMO, including everyone's favorite. The game is free, but songs are bought individually.
Oceanhorn Android screenshot.png Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Action RPG Your dad disappeared while fighting an ancient monster. Now, young boy, take his sword and go save the world! Oceanhorn may feel a little too familiar - the setting is a shameless Wind Waker clone, and the tilted perspective gives it a Landstalker-ish flavor. Regardless, it is very enjoyable.
Paper monsters retina1-1-.jpg Paper Monsters Platformer Simple 2D platformer with an art style similar to LittleBigPlanet. A bit like Cordy, but slower and with more focus on exploration. Tends to be compared with games such as Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country. Unlike Cordy, it tends to lag on older/less powerful devices.
Nexusae0 2012-12-04-19.56.25-1-.png Raiden Legacy Compilation, Shoot 'em up Four-game compilation similar to Xbox 360's Raiden Fighters Aces that includes the original Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet, played vertically using touch controls.
RSSS.jpg Realistic Summer Sports Simulator From the creator of Enviro-Bear, RSSS is the greatest and the most realistic summer sports simulator ever made. 15 different events and everything is controlled simply with one finger. Compete against your friends or computer and see if you can beat all the world records.
Realmyst Android screenshot.jpg RealMyst Adventure You come across a book that serves as a portal to a deserted island, and as its puzzling structures lead to even more mysterious lands, you learn about a race who could turn writing into reality. Myst is a brain-melting classic of the adventure genre.
RiptideGP Launch 2011-04-13-1-.jpg Riptide GP Racing Wave Race meets F-Zero X. Choose between the accelerometer and the touch screen to steer. Perform stunts in midair to fill your boost gauge and then use it to plow through the competition. Has an online mode and looks stunning over HDMI out.
RomancingSaGa2Android.png Romancing SaGa 2 RPG Awesome remaster of the classic Super Famicom RPG, now fully in English!
Shadowgun Android screenshot.jpg Shadowgun TPS You're a mercenary sent to capture a bioengineer gone rogue, but you'll have to go through his mutant hordes to do the job. Yes, it's pretty much a Gears of War ripoff, but it's still a great-looking game with solid gameplay.
Sonic 2 Android.png Sonic
Sonic 2
Platformers Excellent ports of the Blue Blur's first three two games. Rather than emulated, they were fully recreated on a new engine with many improvements, such as extra character choices, widescreen, better framerate for the bonus stages, saving, leaderboars, and achievements. Only the physics are a teeny weeny bit off... just enough for the most autistic devout fans to notice something amiss, perhaps a couple of times during a playthrough. Regardless, if you like 2D platformers, they are absolutely worth getting.
Sonic 4 Android.jpg Sonic 4: Episode I Platformer Decent Sonic game that got good reviews. Physics are rather awkward in normal gameplay and outright terrible in the special stages. Level design is better than you would expect while the music is decent. It's one of the best Sonic games made recently, now on your Android phone.
Sonic4Episode2-Android-2-1-.png Sonic 4: Episode II Platformer The follow-up to Sonic 4: Episode I. Better graphics, better physics, and better music, but a bit slower and more puzzle-focused. Sonic is now accompanied by Tails, whom he must use to make it past certain areas. This bad boy is optimized for Tegra 3, but make sure your phone/tablet is powerful enough, as even the non-Tegra version tends to have severe lag on some devices. Also features co-op mode.
2536607-1309806844654-1-.jpg Spirit HD Action Simple but very creative action game. Defeat enemies by creating small whirlpools using your finger or stylus, but try not to crash into them. Art style is very reminiscent of Geometry Wars and can be played vertically or horizontally. Looks and plays surprisingly well even over HDMI out.
Standoff Android screenshot.png
Standoff Action, Arcade If you've played "Wild Guns" for SNES, it's basically that with mobile controls. The campaign is very short, but the endurance mode is fun and challenging. Make sure to check the Settings page to see how to actually play.

Delisted games[]

Sometimes games get removed from the Play Store. In such cases, don't be ashamed to pirate. Remember, Blackmart is your friend!

Screenshot Title Genre Description
After Burner Climax Android screenshot.png After Burner Climax Rail shooter A pretty good version, even though it's far from the arcade's graphics.
Battle Squadron One Android screenshot.png Battle Squadron One Shoot 'em up Amigafags will remember this one. Fun and challenging, still looks and sounds damn good.
Mzl.ludjevfb.480x480-75-1-.jpg Chocohero Action Endless falling game. Guide Chipster down the yummy path of cookies and cakes while trying to escape the huge wave of milk from above by tilting.
ChuChuChuRocket05.jpg ChuChu Rocket! Puzzle Good ole Chu Chu Rocket in your Android Phone. Hundreds of puzzles, challenge maps and classic battle mode. Good touchscreen controls, though people with big fingers may struggle a bit for precision.
Expendable Rearmed Android screenshot.jpg Expendable Rearmed Shoot 'em up Updated version of a little-known Dreamcast gem. Play as a soldier clone - any one in an army of clones, they're all identical and expendable after all - against an invading force of biomechanical aliens. Very hardcore game.
8180535162 a677d48d06 b-1-.jpeg Jet Set Radio 3D Trick Platformer Defying the stigma of "mobile isn't for 'real' games" once again, JSR is a full-fledged port of the original SEGA Dreamcast game with native MOGA controller support, with new features such as using your device's camera to create new tags.
Mzl.gtwijdru.320x480-75-1-.jpg Krazy Kart Racing Racing Konami's answer to Mario Kart, complete with cartoony items, colorful tracks, bonus challenges, and online multiplayer. Choose from characters such as Rocket Knight, Octopus, Goemon, and even Pyramid Head and use the accelerometer or touch screen to steer. Graphics are reminiscent of Diddy Kong Racing or something of the like, while the music is as techno as it gets. Sadly no Vic Viper or Twinbee to choose from.
Mystique-chapter-1-foetus-girl-appear.jpg Mystique Horror Adventure Free episodic games. You play as a girl with amnesia trying to escape from an isolated location.
N64oid Android icon.png N64oid Emulator The fastest, most compatible Nintendo 64 emulator. It seems the author done goofed and violated the GPL, so it was removed from every store out there. But it's not hard to find it.
Nexusae0 2012-11-13-16.03.50-1-.png Pizza Boy Platformer A retro 16-bit style platformer that hearkens back to SNES games such as Super Mario World and Marko's Magic Football. Unfortunately the game lacks native controller support, which sucks because of how awkwardly the on-screen controls are placed, but if you have a KeyToTouch-like app, this can probably be fixed. The controls can be a bit slippery at times as well.
SalamanderHD.png Salamander HD Remaster Shoot 'em Up HD remake of Life Force from the NES. Actually got cancelled before release, but one of its devs finished it and made it available for free on his Twitter page.
SonicCD Android.jpg Sonic CD Platformer A departure from the first game, as it was made by a different team while the original one moved to America to do Sonic 2. Still widely praised for its excellent graphics and the ambitious designs: in each stage you have opportunities to go back in time and destroy Robotnik's roboticizing machine, thus assuring a cleaner, non-roboticized future.
Super-monkey-ball-2-edition-sakura-ipad-001-1-.jpg Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition Action/Party Plays similarly to the Monkey Ball games on Wii. Use the accelerometer to collect bananas and roll your way to the goal. You will need a device with a good viewing angle to see where you're going, or just play through HDMI for cleaner results. Includes several multiplayer modes, including Monkey Target, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Base (tablet only).
Tamagotchi Life screenshot.jpg Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Virtual pet Remember the original Tamagotchi from 1997? This is a simulation of that version, along with the second edition that was released a couple months later. One mode gives you the Tamagotchi as you remember it, while the other is enhanced with color graphics and better touch-screen control. They even put in notification support, so you remember to clean your critter's shit. It's only free for US and Canadian users, though. If you're not from either place, you can either download the paid Tamagotchi Classic app from Google Play, or download the .apk from here.
Tamagotchi Life Angel screenshot.png Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Angel Virtual pet Just like the original Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app, except it simulates the Tamagotchi Angel instead. Like the other app, it's only free for US and Canadian users. If you're not from either place, you'll have to download the paid Tamagotchi Angel from Google Play.
Tap-Sonic.jpg Tap Sonic Rhythm Fun and challenging rhythm game by Neowiz. Uses the DJMAX soundtrack (since Neowiz is Pentavision's publisher), so it's the closest thing to a DJMAX on your phone. Available for free, but you have to buy song packs or some shit like that and it feels like they're ripping you off. Despite that, it's pretty hard to turn down on a good rhythm game.
TheConduitHD.jpg The Conduit HD FPS It says a lot about the Wii's lack of horsepower when your phone can run a Wii game in HD. You play as a U.S Secret Service agent who singlehandedly stops an alien invasion headed by ex-President John Adams in a generic, but nice-looking FPS with cool weapon design. The game got mixed reviews on the Wii, but the fact that it's a modern, non-Gameloft Android FPS makes it worth checking out. First 2 levels are free.
Android Tricodrder.png Tricorder Toy It turns your smartphone into a genuine sci-fi sensor device, using real data from anything in your phone that measures things. Looks and sounds like it came off the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Was removed from the public because CBS threatened to sue, so the app has been killed. (If they come out with an "officially licensed" version, be sure to take a big steaming shit on it.) If you have a rooted phone, you can still get it through the Blackmart Alpha appstore.
IMG 1858-1-.png Wreck-It Ralph Compilation, Action Mobile adaption of the film, including five games: the original Fix-It Felix Jr. game (a Donkey Kong-style endless arcade game), Sweet Climber (Doodle Jump with candy), Hero's Duty (a twin-stick Geometry Wars-alike), Turbotime (a top-down racer), Hero's Duty: Flight Commando (a shmup in a diagonal perspective). Actually a better and more accurate adaptation than Activision's Wii/3DS adaption.