Flyer Title Year Description Screenshot
Area 51 flyer Area 51 1995 A light gun section without Area 51? The fuck is this shit. Set in Area 51, with pre-rendered 3D objects and FMV enemies. Lots of dynamic elements with explosives that destroy nearby enemies, hostages to rescue and crates to shoot, which sometimes contain new weapons and ammo. Area 51 gs
Carnevil flyer CarnEvil 1998 Yes you are the best zombie arcade shooter ever. Has several dark carnival-themed levels to choose between, from a romp through a haunted house to a violent "Slay Ride" on a roller-coaster. Blast through hordes of grotesquely deformed carnival enemies led by Tökkentäkker, the evil ringmaster who serves as the game's antagonist. Carnevil
Crisiszone flyer Crisis Zone 1999 Spin-off of the Time Crisis series. You're equipped with a machine gun and riot shield from the start. The latter can be toggled with the cabinet's pedal in lieu of running between stationary cover found in previous Time Crisis titles. Crisiszone arc
Gunblade ny flyer Gunblade NY 1995 Incredible light gun game with a 1:1 mounted machine gun as your controller. Play as side gunners on a helicopter as you tear shit up in New York.
Available on the Wii with L.A. Machineguns.
Gunblade ny arc
La machineguns flyer L.A. Machineguns 1998 Sequel to Gunblade NY. Rip through L.A. with your huge ass machine gun. Fight in 4 epic levels with huge boss battles and then fight the secret boss in the secret level (Oh my!). However, you can't take forever as the clock is ticking even when you lose all your lives as you insert your quarters into the machine.
Available on the Wii with Gunblade NY.
Lethal Enforcers flyer Lethal Enforcers 1992 Probably most notable for its controversial content, you play as a police officer in the middle of a drug war. Drop criminals and save bystanders like it's going out of style. Weapon upgrades can be found throughout levels but regress to a peashooter if you lose a life. Similar to Area 51 in that the game uses digitized enemies, opposed to polygons. Lenforcers gs
Lost World Jurassic Park arcade flyer Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997 OH GOD WHAT, I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS TOUR. Defend your Jeep from swarms of dinosaurs and one pissed off female Tyrannosaurus Rex. Be sure to play in the enclosed sit-down cabinet, it's a WHOLE different experience when the cabinet actually moves as shit jumps on you. Jptlw
Point blank flyer Point Blank 1994 Famous game known for it's wacky and competitive shooting-range/carnival style levels. Probably one of the most common shooters you'll find in arcades today. Point blank
Point blank 2 flyer Point Blank 2 1999 Makes better of everything the first one did. Now with a fuckton of all new stages. Is seen a LOT less then it's prequel (sadly). Point blank 2
Police Trainer flyer Police Trainer 1997 Similar to Point Blank, the game consists of an array of shooting gallery challenges across multiple skill levels. Climb in rank by clearing several stages on each difficulty, with tests for reaction time, precision and technique. Policetrainer
Rambo arcade flyer Rambo 2008 Fire a fast-shooting machine gun and go through stages based off the movies. Do well enough and for short bursts of time, you can use infinite ammo and become invincible by the power of pure rage. This game's so intense it was advertised by the guy who played Segata Sanshiro. Rambo
Shillart Silent Hill 2007 That's right, it exists!
You play as one of two characters, researching the disappearance of the Little Baroness, then a bunch of your friends go missing and die and shit, typical SH-fan fare, really. Nurses, Gumheads, Dogs, those-bird-things-from-the-first-game, and (surprise!) Pyramid Head all make an appearance. No I haven't played to see the bosses yet, dammit. Extra items that heal and whatnot, plays like House of the Dead, but now with 200% more Silent Hill.
Silent scope flyer Silent Scope 1999 <-- Look at that shit. A mounted sniper rifle with telescopic lens? Yes please. One of the more challenging light gun games due to low ammo capacity, time limitations and precision required. It's really fucking immersive though. Silent scope
Hotd1 flyer The House of the Dead 1996 Agents called out to investigate a disappearance of a chick at a huge mansion. Upon arrival, you find zombies with axes and shit murdering scientists, now you have to go around and find out what the fuck is going on.

This game pretty much started the whole multiple paths, extra life/continue/score items and multiple endings formula for the Light Gun Genre in general.

House of the dead arc
Hotd2 flyer The House of the Dead 2 1998 Same concept, new story, new monsters, new bosses. Do want. Hotd2 screen
Hotd3 flyer The House of the Dead III 2002 Ditch that lame water pistol and insert a shotgun and you have House of the Dead III. Even though it came out before HoTD4 storywise, it is placed right after it. Is much easier than the first two games and it is also shorter, however, after the first level, (aside from the last level) you can choose the stages any way you want like Mega Man. You can no longer save civilians like the first two, but instead you save your partners and sometimes you will get an extra life for it for no apparent reason. Still a fun game in the series. At this point, it had nothing to do with being in a house which raises the question. Why is it still being called "HOUSE" of the Dead? Hotd3 screen
Hotd4 art The House of the Dead 4 2005 OH, LOOK, ZOMBIES IN shiny 3D! This is the second game in the series to play in the 6th-gen field, and do it well. It uses a machine gun (Uzi) for your main weapon and a button for a secondary attack, grenades (limited, but clear a whole screen at a time). A new function is where the zombies grab hold of you, or push you to the ground, and you gotta shake the gun like you have Parkinson's to fill a bar up that pushes the zombies back, or you lose a life point. Continues the same (somewhat interesting) plot, and introduces new characters, weapons, continues the great trend of naming the bosses after the Tarot cards and multiple endings. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOUSES ANYMORE. Hotd4 screen
Mok flyer The Maze of the Kings 2002 Incredibly obscure as in I ONLY FOUND THIS IN A CRUISE SHIP OF ALL PLACES, BUT NO OTHER ARCADE obscure. You can barely find it on the internet for that matter, but this game is incredibly fun. Take command of treasure hunters and use you pew pew magic staff into ancient rooms and fight your way to the bosses. It has a TON of replayability mainly because it is always different (except for the bosses) every time you play the game again exploring new rooms that you didn't play in your previous playthrough. Every time you beat the boss you have a chance to nab the treasure in a sort of mini game. Fail and just move on. Good luck finding one. Mok
Oh flyer The Ocean Hunter 1998 Hate the ocean? Shoot it in the face! Awesome sit-down cabinet with mounted turrets. Swim through multiple deep sea stages and blast mythological beasts. It's even got motherfucking POSEIDON. Good luck finding a cabinet not in Asia, though. Nopedynope

Time Crisis arcade flyer Time Crisis 1995 WAIT. ACTION. RELOAD.

The classic light gun game that started them all. It's aged terribly, but it's main gameplay mechanics still stand up to the throws of time. It's still good.

Time Crisis 2 arcade flyer Time Crisis II 1997 Arguably, the best of the Time Crisis series. Introduced co-op to the series and the same old gameplay that is refined from its prequel. Story sucks, but still fun to play with a bro. Tcrisis2
Time Crisis 3 arcade flyer Time Crisis 3 2002 The sixth gen Time Crisis. Same lame VA, similar lame plot. Now with multiple weapons, and a special enemies that when shot, gives you extra ammo! Tcrisis3
Time Crisis 4 arcade flyer Time Crisis 4 2006 Same as its sequel above, but now a tad more refined. You'll find this version in most "higher-end" arcades. Tcrisis4
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