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The game that started the 3D arcade racer is also one of the best games in the genre. Daytona will have you frantically mastering your driving technique; be it the pit lane trick on the Beginner course, or the nasty hairpin towards the end of the Expert course, Daytona never fails to deliver a challenge. Use Nebula's Model 2 Emulator, or get one of its many ports. Has a 2017 remake of some-sorts titled "Daytona Championship USA" that can be played natively on your PC, though some fans find it to be a disappointment in the visual and audio department, but it's still worth checking out.
Daytona usa arcade
F355 Challenge flyer F355 Challenge 1999 Although this is an arcade, it is also a brutally realistic simulation. The kind of thing that happens when the game's producer actually owns a Ferrari F355, you know. The regular version is cool enough, but the 3-screen one is just stunning. The Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 ports are both excellent (with some subtle differences). F355 Challenge screenshot
Great 1000 Miles Rally arcade flyer Great 1000 Miles Rally 1994 aka "1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally". Made by Kaneko. Extremely tight controls. Very well-made. Charming game. Based on the real life Mille Miglia race, which used to take place in Italy from 1927 to 1957. Great 1000 Miles Rally arcade screenshot
Initial D arcade stage version 3 Initial D Arcade Stage: Version 3 2003 Sega Rosso in their prime, Version 3 is in the opinion of many a jaded racer fan the best game in the genre.
And really, can you blame them? Between the energetic Super Eurobeat soundtrack, the insanely difficult courses modeled after real mountain passes in Japan, and the massive selection of licensed cars from Japanese auto manufacturers, what is there not to love?What separates Version 3 from Versions 1 and 2 is the removal of many game breaking glitches as well as a rebalancing of the game (say goodbye to the days of ITR dominance, Version 2 fans). What you're left with is a game where skill triumphs all -- even fully tuned cars can be taken down by a superior driver in a stock one.Between brushing up your racing line and mastering advanced techniques such as TST and Eraser, Version 3 will keep you occupied for months, even years, as you continually improve at the game.If you're looking for the ultimate challenge in arcade racing, fall into this game's web of desire and never look back.
Initial d arcade stage 3
NeoDriftOutFlyer Neo Drift-Out: New Technology 1996 Fucking incredible rally game. Different from other racing games, instead of watching your position you must watch the clock, as the objective is simply to complete the course before time runs out. There are six tracks set all around the world, and you can choose from three different cars (Toyota Celica, Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer), each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. NeoDriftOutScreenshot
Out Run arcade flyer Out Run 1986 A driving classic. You and your girl cruise various scenic regions on a red Ferrari to the sound of jazz fusion. There is a fork after each segment of the race, letting you define your route with fifteen environments and five different endings. Widely ported, but using the CannonBall engine and the original game's ROM, you can play it with lots of improvements like better framerate, high-res scaling, and widescreen support. Out Run arcade screenshot
San-francisco-rush-2049-flyer San Francisco Rush 2049 1999 Not just racing, but exploring - stunts, jumps, using shortcuts that are present or Rainbow-Road type. The first in the series (San Francisco Rush) was the first racer to use a numpad password system to remember your racetimes and upgrades purchased for your car. SF Rush 2049 is shinier improvement on the original. San Francisco Rush 2049 arcade screenshot
Sega Super GT arcade flyer Sega Super GT / Scud Race 1997 Not to be confused with Sega GT for the Dreamcast, which is also fine but totally different. This one is like Daytona USA, but more over-the-top with exotic locations and crazier drifting. Somehow this masterpiece never got a home port, so use the Supermodel emulator. Sega Super GT arcade screenshot
Virtua Racing arcade flyer Virtua Racing 1992 A groundbreaking classic, this is the first "quality" polygon racing game (earlier attempts had very simplistic graphics and usually had terrible framerates). Virtua Racing arcade screenshot
Wangan midnight max tuneup 3DX Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ 2010 The latest update to Maximum Tune 3, DX+ adds both the classic KPGC10 Skyline GT-R as well as the brand new 2010 GT-R to the already monstrously large roster of cars. Past that, it is pretty much the same game as 3DX; so just kick back, relax, enjoy Yuzo Koshiro doing trance right, and cut people off on the freeway like you do in real life anyways. Wangan midnight 3DX
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