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Beatmania-logo beatmania THE FINAL 2002 The original DJ Sim game, the "prequel" to IIDX. Plays the same, but has only 5 keys instead of 7. Has many of its own songs that never appeared in IIDX, and is great to see the beginning of BEMANI. Every arcade title is playable on MAME. If you find its offshoot, beatmania III THE FINAL, PLAY IT!! It's a beefier more advanced system with more songs and a pedal. Beatmania
Beatmania IIDX Logo beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA 2013 A DJ Sim game, where you play using a turn-table (scratching) and key sounded buttons, pressing or scratching in time when it hits the red line at the bottom. Big learning curve, but for those willing to learn, it's great fun. The Simulator to this is Lunatic Rave 2 and is the most supported by the community. Beatmania iidx screen
Ddr Dance Dance Revolution X2 2011 In this game, you use your FEET to play!

That's pretty much the premise of the game, and has done unbelievably well with it. You step on the designated platforms in time to match it up with the arrows on top of the screen. You'll most likely see the EXTREME version, Super Nova/Super Nova 2 or DDR X. There's been a Extreme Plus game seen around, but it's just a hacked 8th Mix, now with optional speed settings.

Ddr gameplay
Technika DJMax Technika 3 2011 Rhythm game that uses a touch screen for play. Difficulties that span from easy to start to god damn near impossible. Has four game modes, Lite mixing (easy mode, this is where you start off to get the hang of the game), Popular mixing (normal mode, this is where you get good at the game), Technical Mixing (hardcore mode for hardcore gamers, I did not make this up it says that word for word in the game), and Platinum Crew (online mode where you need a card to play, cards are usually 8 bucks and are worth it if you want to get into the game). Technical mixing is where you choose a set which has 8 songs to choose 3 to play in a set order, final song in the set is a boss song to be determined by your performance on the 3 songs you chose yourself. Platinum Crew allows access to missions which unlock songs to play in popular mixing, weekly challenges, and monthly special charts for songs (the special charts are extremely hard). Technika Oblivion gameplay
Dm logo DrumMania V8 2011 Same deal as Guitar Freaks, but with a drum set. This was ripped off by Rock Band, but they got the majority of their ideas from GH, but now with added drum set flavor. Drummania gameplay
Guitarfreaks logo GuitarFreaks V8 2011 Just like Guitar Hero (GF came first) you hold the correct button-chord and strum the guitar when the note hits the appropriate line; Can link up with DrumMania for serious RAWKIN' OWT. Despite what ANYONE tells you, Guitar Hero ripped it's concept of this very same game, but GF contains more Eastern-style music, whereas GH contains western-style music. Go figure. Guitarfreaks2nd screen
Itg logo In the Groove 2 2005 The American version of Dance Dance Revolution, started as heavily hacked StepMania thrown into an arcade case but morphed into an awesome arcade dance game. Unique in arcades in that you can bring your USB key to save your scores and upload custom steps & music to the arcade machine. This means virtually infinite replayability, just add stepmania charts to a "songs" folder on your flash drive. If multiple players have the same songs on their drives, they can even compete for high score! This game can also take and save screenshots to prove you got that perfect scores.

It's considered much more difficult than DDR with landmines where you have to take your foot OFF the sensors, crazy mods that stack on eachother, and triple or quadruple arrow maneuvers. The Japanese DDR tourneyfags refuse to play it due to it being "harmful to their legs".

Jubeat jubeat saucer (fulfill) 2014 A strange new rhythm game by Bemani (guy who made DDR, IIDX & all the rest). The game consists of a cube where you have to push certain pressure-sensors in time to the music. Jubeat style,
Popnmusic logo Pop'n Music sunny park 2012 Similar to IIDX, but with with either 5, 7 or 9 big colored buttons arranged in a horizontal zig-zag pattern. Pretty much for kids, couples on dates or man-children. Only the mightiest of music masters need apply. Contains nothing but pure unadulterated J-Pop/rock/dance. Pop n music
Pump it Up Pump It Up Fiesta EX or Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2010 or 2013 Often rejected and called a DDR ripoff, but it actually came out about the same time as DDR due to being in development at the same time and is in fact quite different. Features 5 step panels and frantic stepcharts making this game exhaustingly fun. It rivals In The Groove in being one of the hardest games involving step panels. See for yourself.

Since NX2 it features a Quest Mode (World Max in NX2 and NX Absolute), which saves progress in an USB flashdrive and consists of playing songs with different modifiers. Confirmed to eat your quarters if you plan on playing seriously.

If you like the feel of In the Groove but not the four panel design, try Fiesta 2. Many formerly In the Grove exclusive songs like Xuxa, Utopia, and Hardcore of the North make appearances due to the fact that In the Groove's creator and lead songsmith Kyle Ward has joined Andamiro to produce more dance games. Need more of that ITG feel? Try [Pump It Up Infinity] instead as it actually has many songs from Pump It Up Pro/In The Groove and is made by the same guys.

Pump it Up-screen
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