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After it became clear the Atari 5200 was a failure, Atari quickly decided to make a follow-up to it, but the Great Video Game Crash put a halt to their plans and so they moved to the personal computer market, as the damage seemed irreversible. However, once the gaming industry started recovering Atari decided to bring back their project to clean their reputation and thus the Atari 7800 was born. It was too late, however, as Nintendo had already dominated the market at this point, and so the 7800 was sadly overlooked.

The 7800 was a huge step-up from the 5200, being a nice overall machine. While its library was limited mainly due to Nintendo's policy of not allowing third-parties from publishing games on competing systems, it had some pretty nice games. Also, it was fully backwards-compatible with 2600 games.

The listEdit

Box art Title Genre Description
Dark Chambers 7800 Cover Dark Chambers Action/Adventure A Gauntlet-style overhead exploration game, where you traverse the labyrinth levels while collecting items and fighting the hordes of enemies.
Desert Falcon 7800 Cover Desert Falcon Shoot 'em Up Isometric styled shmup in the vein of Zaxxon where you control a falcon. Unique in that you can control your flight speed by holding up or down.
Atari 7800 donkey kong box Donkey Kong Platformer A port of the 1981 classic Nintendo game. Is missing the "pie factory" level, but is otherwise a good version and is comparable to the version on the NES.
Atari 7800 galaga box Galaga Vertical Shooter A classic shmup from Namco that's the sequel to Galaxian. Be sure to start on the Expert setting though as the default Beginner mode is very easy.
Atari 7800 mario bros box Mario Bros. Platformer A great port of the 1983 arcade game. Also contains the simultaneous two player mode from the arcade version.
Midnight Mutants 7800 Cover Midnight Mutants Adventure Excellent adventure game where you must send a witch back to her grave and save Al Lewis your grandpa who's been trapped by her in a pumpkin.
Ninja Golf 7800 Cover Ninja Golf Beat 'em Up It has ninjas, so of course this is the best 7800 game!
Robotron 2084 Atari 7800 box Robotron: 2084 Shooter A good port of the arcade. You can use two controllers for the proper dual-stick control scheme.


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