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Capcom's answer to the Neo Geo, the CPS Changer was a consolized version of their own CPS-1 arcade board. This console was produced in very limited quantities and sold only in Japan via mail order. Only 11 games were ever made for it, almost all direct ports of CPS-1 games, with a few new extras and easter eggs. Much like its more famous rival, the "arcade at home experience" was absurdly expensive, with each game costing around 20000 yen - except the last one, a port of Street Fighter Zero (originally a CPS-2 game), which went for 35000 yen.

Due to its very limited run, it was quickly discontinued, and is now pretty much forgotten. Curiously, its controllers are much easier to find than the system itself, as they were just arcade-style SNES controllers and were widely sold.

Fifth Generation
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