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During the second generation of gaming, Atari was the powerhouse. They owned the biggest console around, the 2600, and led the industry to some of it's greatest successes... as well as its biggest disaster, the Great American Videogame Crash of 1983.[1] Atari's subsequent path is a bit confusing, as it was split and bought and renamed multiple times. But, to sum it up, it goes like this:

  • Atari Inc., the original Atari. Bought by Warner even before the 2600 came out, and sold after the Great Crash.
  • Atari Corporation, the original Atari's consumer division. Bought by Commodore's ousted founder Jack Tramiel. Merged with JT Storage after the Jaguar flopped. Shortly later went bankrupt anyway. Its remains were bought by Hasbro Interactive, which in turn was bought by French publisher Infogrames, which renamed itself Atari SA, and is the sole company currently using the Atari brand.
  • Atari Games, the original Atari's coin-op division. Bought by Namco, then by a group of employees, then by Warner again, then by Midway, and ultimated closed. Their games got home ports under the Tengen brand.

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