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Toy maker Mattel took a stint in the video game business in the 1970s with LCD handheld games, and in 1979 with the Mattel Intellivision, which is somewhat maligned in memory by the general public as 'one of the Atari 2600 ripoffs', usually lumped with the Colecovision, mainly due to its "phone-like" controller. However, those who had the system remember it fondly for having quite a few good games. Mattel then released the Aquarius computer, which flopped hard because it was terribly underpowered. After that, Mattel partnered with Nintendo to distribute the Nintendo Entertainment System in PAL regions. This was later seen as a failure by both companies, who soon cut ties.

Mattel mostly forgot about the video game business until 2006, whereupon they released the Hyperscan. The idea was a console 'for kids who aren't ready for the older kid game systems'. Ridiculously long load times, terrible games, and a hardly functioning scanner caused this disaster to be discontinued only a year after its release. Mattel is seemingly staying out of the games market once and for all.

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