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Sony began its foray into the gaming market with the release of the Playstation, a product made because of a bitterly failed deal with Nintendo. Imagine Nintendo's shock when the Playstation became a standard game console, a major success, and made Compact Discs the preferred gaming medium of the future. Since then, Sony has made the Playstation 2, the leading system of the Sixth Generation in video gaming, the Sony Playstation Portable, a portable gaming device with graphics capabilities far beyond what anyone imagined, and the Sony Playstation 3, a great system in the Seventh Generation with plenty of titles for hardcore gamers everywhere. After their failures and triumphs of the seventh gen, Sony moved on to make both the Playstation Vita and Playstation 4, the former having hardcore-fan hype with mixed success, and the latter currently in the position to be the leading console of the Eighth Generation, though, only time will tell.

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