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Fairchild's Video Entertainment System, later renamed Channel F, is notable as the very first game console to use a microprocessor (earlier machines used discrete logic), the F8, which was able to handle player vs. computer matches, and ROM cartridges, almost a whole year before the Atari 2600 came out. However, it was not very successful, and only 26 "Videocarts" were officially released for it. Each Videocart was a bright yellow cartridge which was numbered and sometimes contained more than one game. It should also be noted that Jerry Lawson, designer for the Channel F, is considered the first major african-american figure in the video game industry.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Videocart2.jpg Videocart 2: Desert Fox/Shooting Gallery Shooting Desert Fox is a tank duel game where you must maneuver on a field full of landmines and destroy your opponent before he does so to you. Shooting Gallery is a generic target shooting game. Worth for Desert Fox.
Videocart09.jpeg Videocart 9: Drag Strip Racing Try to beat your own Highscore as you try to figure out how to control this game. Surprisingly sophisticated mechanics that take time and skill to master make this game the most rewarding on the system.
Videocart12.jpeg Videocart 12: Baseball Sports Goofy two player game where you move your whole team at once. Confusing at first, which makes it the perfect party game. Wait, you don't have Channel F-parties?
Videocart16.jpeg Videocart 16: Dodge It Puzzle Dodge squares in various sizes who multiply and get faster over time. Very fast-paced game that throws random levels at you after every death. Has a really trippy game over screen.
Videocart21.jpeg Videocart 21: Bowling Sports Strike! Simple fun if you just want to dive right into the Channel F. The ball moves on it's own from left to right and you have to push up at the right moment. Don't worry if you mess up the throw, as you can control the ball all the way to the pins. Two-player-mode is a blast.
Videocart26.jpg Videocart 26: Alien Invasion Shoot'em Up The best game on the Channel F. Yes, it is a Space Invaders clone, but it is a very nice one, on par with the Atari version. Some of the aliens even look like the alien from E.T.
Viedocart27l.jpg Videocart 27: Pac-Man Puzzle Homebrew-Version that takes full advantage of the Channel F. Colorful, smooth controls, 2-player-mode and even some eastereggs. One of the few games on the system that is fun for more than ten minutes.

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