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It might surprise you to know that the company who owned Colecovision (CBS Electronics) eventually bought the rights to the Atari 2600. Most people didn't realize this when the Colecovision released an adapter to play Atari 2600 games, so they were pretty stunned... although to be fair, when Coleco FIRST released this adapter, they did not own Atari yet (who in turn, sued, and... lost). If you own a Colecovision, and have this adapter, then you can play Atari 2600 games. But why not give the Coleco's own library a little love? It actually has some pretty great titles.

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The List

Title Genre Description Game Screen
Donkey Kong Platformer Ok, not the best version but it's sill a must have for the Coleco collection and was the very best available at the time.
Donkey Kong Jr. Platformer ^^^
Fortune Builder Sim A milestone of it's generation, this was one of the predecessors to city-building games like Sim City. A stunning achievement in it's own right. Fortune Builder
Illusions Maze An early example of video games being art, this maze-like game might confuse some but it's one of the essential titles of the Colecovision, and one of the very few exclusive games. Illusions
Jumpman Jr. Platformer Should probably be called, "NOT Mario Bros." this game is an interesting little tribute to Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. in a lot of ways. Some say is superior, and it does indeed have a good amount of solid levels (for a Colecovision title). A good game in any matter. Jumpman Jr
Ms. Space Fury Platformer A joke on Ms. Pac-Man, only for the Sega arcade classic Space Fury, this is a homebrew effort. This game is a really solid, two-player platforming title with 20+ levels to explore. Despite it being on the Colecovision, it has a lot of features you'd see in the more high powered arcade games back in the day including a title screen and a high score screen. Ms Space Fury
Q*Bert Puzzle Oh c'mon you've heard of Q*Bert haven't you? You have to jump on all the blocks until they're the same color to advance, but watch out for the pesky snakes! The guy who made this game said himself that this is the best port.
Q*Bert's Qubes Puzzle

This unique little sequel only made it to two systems: this and the 2600. And of course this is the very best version thats pretty much arcade perfect. (The 2600 game is good too just not near as advanced as Coleco)

More than likely the best game on the system!

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle Platformer FUCK YEAR SMURFS! This is the most memorable title for the system to most people, some even consider it to be the best and most worthwhile game for the Colecovision. It is definitely the one that gives a Colecovision it's own identity, as it's an exclusive title that you won't find anywhere else and is actually a solid platforming game (and an early example of the genre. Smurfs
Steamroller Maze This game is an interesting little game where you role around crushing little heads across this maze and avoiding troubles at the same time. It's kind of like Pacman, except the goal is to crush all of the heads as quickly as possible. A solid maze game, and I think it's also exclusive to the Colecovision. Steamroller
Tarzan Action In this game you play as fucking Tarzan running around punching gorillas and shit. It plays kind of like one of the more old more realistic platforming games like Prince or Persia or Pitfall, but the screen is always frantic and there's always enemies and obstacles to avoid. One of the best titles for the system, and actually a movie tie-in. Tarzan Coleco
War Games Strategy An early attempt at the strategy genre, this game is an exclusive Colecovision title. There was a previous title in the same genre called War Room, but this game does it so much better than that game. Some might find it primitive, but like Fortune Builder this is an achievement in hardware and gaming for it's time. Like Tarzan, this is also a movie tie-in, one of the best. War games
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