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"The world's learning machine."

The Commodore 264 line (also called "TED" after its integrated video and audio chip) was produced in the mid-80s as an intended successor to the VIC-20, meant to compete in the sub-$100 range. Only three models were produced: the 16, the cost-reduced 116 (with a worse keyboard), and the flagship Plus/4 (with extra RAM and built-in productivity applications). The 264 itself was not released, instead being the prototype to the Plus/4.

This line was a commercial failure and didn't last even one year, as it was a weak hardware, introduced at higher prices than originally intended, not compatible with programs for the hugely popular Commodore 64, and the Plus/4's built-in programs were too limited for professional users. Still, it saw some success in Europe as a low-end gaming machine after remaining stocks were sold with huge discounts.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Pets Rescue C264 cover.jpg Pets Rescue Platformer You're a veterinarian, your assistent turned out to be a mad scientist, and the animals were just transformed into monsters. Likely the most advanced game for the system, with multi-direction scrolling, animated backgrounds, parallax effects, and some really good music. It wouldn't look out of place among the finest of any 8-bit system. Get it here.