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Let's face it, the dreamcast is an awesome system, and therefore, awesome games! Another awesome feature was that for a small amount of time, the dreamcast didn't have to be moded to play burnt games on your console. So here is a list of awesome homebrew and comps to show you what people have been up to.

Recommended Sites:



The fucking list


Untitled-3.png Capcom Fighting Collection One of THE best comps. for the little system that could. Includes a butt-ton of fighting games, Ikaruga (for some reason), and action replay/game shark built the fuck in! If you want to know specificly what fighting games it got than here: Capcom vs snk 2 (JP), Marvel VS Capcom 2 (US/JP), Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (US/JP), Puzzle fighter II X (Translated US/JP), Super Street Fighter II X (Translated US/JP), and the Capcom Fan Disk (JP, With some ENG text). WOAH! THATS A LOT OF AWESOME SHIT!. Fightan
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