Let's face it, the dreamcast is an awesome system, and therefore, awesome games! Another awesome feature was that for a small amount of time, the dreamcast didn't have to be moded to play burnt games on your console. So here is a list of awesome homebrew and comps to show you what people have been up to.

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Untitled-3 Capcom Fighting Collection One of THE best comps. for the little system that could. Includes a butt-ton of fighting games, Ikaruga (for some reason), and action replay/game shark built the fuck in! If you want to know specificly what fighting games it got than here: Capcom vs snk 2 (JP), Marvel VS Capcom 2 (US/JP), Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (US/JP), Puzzle fighter II X (Translated US/JP), Super Street Fighter II X (Translated US/JP), and the Capcom Fan Disk (JP, With some ENG text). WOAH! THATS A LOT OF AWESOME SHIT!. Fightan
KOF Collection The King Of Fighters Collection Much like the one above, but with King Of Fighters instead of capcom fighting games. Includes KOF 99, KOF 2000, and KOF 2002. Not all of the dreamcast KOF's, but still worth a look into. All games are JP, but the only reading needed is for victory texts, so it's all good. Also includes music and best save data files built in. Fightan
Power-stone-collection-usa1316040245 Power Stone Collection Remeber that awesome PSP Power Stone Collection back in '06? Remember how awesome it was? Well some awesome guy decided why not on the dreamcast, and there you go. Both games on one disc! If you want to save a CD-R or two, then this is for you. Fightan
5-in-one-driving-racing-games-working-cdi-usa1314131057 5-in 1 Dreamcast Driving Collection This time out Driving Game fans get their fill. Contains Crazy Taxi 1&2, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1&2, and Suzuki Alstare Racing. All are good racers, that also have a secret mode on the menu screen that includes some coolio tracks form crazy taxi 2 and so-forth. Racenan
SHOOT EM UP SHOOT EM ALL UP AHAHAHAHA Dreamcast Shoot-em-up Collection Pretty awesome SHMUP collection that contains what you see. Ikaruga, Psyraviar2, ZeroGunner2, and Border Down. Has some secret stuff like movies and musica as well as save files of the best game data. SHMUP
SHOOT EM JOHNNY SHOOT EM ALL Dreamcast Shoot-em-up Collection Volume 2 Made by a different person that the 1st, this one Includes Castle Of Shikigami II, Trizeal, Chaos Field, and Ikaruga. (If you can find it.) SHMUP
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