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The indie & homebrew game list

As hackers figured how to boot the Dreamcast from regular CDs without any hardware modding, it became, by all practical means, the most open console ever. That is, until intentionally open consoles came out, such as the Linux-based Caanoo and many Android-based portables, but I digress. Retaining a devoted fanbase even after it was commercially discontinued, it was the platform of choice for many independent developers. Thus it received several original titles, as well as ports and emulators.

Even though the system has been dead for 15+ years, don't forget to check the Upcoming games page .

Box Art Title Genre Description Where to obtain
Alices Moms Rescue DC cover.jpg Alice's Mom's Rescue Platformer Cute retro puzzle platformer, vaguely inspired by "Alice in Wonderland". A little girl has to traverse huge maze-ish levels and rescue her mommy from the giant raven. Magical mushrooms allow her to trip balls change size to reach different areas. Commercial: Hucast
Beats of Rage DC box art.jpg Beats of Rage Beat 'em up Clone-sorta-ish of the Streets of Rage series, done with KOF sprites. As the engine is open and very easy to mess, several modded versions exist. To save on CD-Rs, look for the "Beats of Rage Collection" packs. Also on several other platforms. Free:
Team Senile
Cave Story.jpg Cave Story Action-adventure One of the most renowned metroidvanias ever. Get ready for the feels. Free:
Fast Striker DC box art.jpg Fast Striker Shooter A manic shmup with CG backgrounds and an emphasis on scoring. Also on the Neo Geo (where it is the largest cart ever). Commercial:
Ghost Blade Dreamcast cover.jpg Ghost Blade Shooter A Kickstarter-funded manic shooter. Very stylish, if a bit on the easy side. Commercial: Play-Asia
Gianas Return Dreamcast cover.jpg Giana's Return Platformer Unofficial sequel to the 80s classic The Great Giana Sisters. Very fun and challenging. Also on several other systems. Free:
Official site
GunLord DC box art.jpg GunLord Platformer YOUR ARE CUTE! DIE IN HELL! Clearly inspired by Turrican, but plot-wise a sequel to Last Hope. This is probably the most epic and ambitious indie game for the Dreamcast ever released. Also on the Neo Geo. Commercial:
Last Hope Pink Bullets DC box art.jpg Last Hope: Pink Bullets Shooter Even though Last Hope got some praise as a fine-looking and very challenging game in the same vein as Pulstar, it was also criticized as too brutally difficult and somewhat glitchy; this updated version corrects the original release's issues. Commercial:
Neo XYX Dreamcast cover.jpg Neo XYX Shooter Pronounced "neo zaikusu". A manic shooter from NG:DEV.TEAM, the creators of Last Hope, Fast Striker, and Gunlord. Also for the Neo Geo. Commercial:
Redux Dark Matters Dreamcast cover.jpg Redux: Dark Matters shoot 'em up A Kickstarter-funded heavily updated version of Dux. Also for iOS, Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows.
gameplay vid
Rush Rush Rally Reloaded DC cover.png Rush Rush Rally Reloaded Racing Upgraded version of Rush Rush Rally Racing, a very fun and fine-looking arcade-ish top-down racer. Commercial:
Team Senile
Sturmwind cover Sega Dreamcast.jpg Sturmwind Shooter A very impressive hori shmup, sixteen years in the making (it started as a Jaguar CD demo). Gorgeous pre-rendered everything. Commercial:
Volgarr The Viking Dreamcast cover.jpg Völgarr The Viking Platformer A Dreamcast port (because why the hell not?) of the old-school 2D platformer. Strongly reminiscent of arcade classic Rastan, but even more difficult. Unlike its releases on virtually every platform, the Dreamcast port is legally free! Free:
Official site
Windwater dc.jpg Wind and Water Puzzle Battles Puzzle One of the many "post-mortem" commercially released indie games, the aim of this puzzler is to match elemental squares into matching diamond shapes in a manner somewhat reminiscent of Tetris Attack / Panel de Pon / Puzzle League games (fuck me does that series have a lot of names). As those games are in their own right - Wind and Water Puzzle Battles is ridiculously addictive and graphically attractive considering it's a port from the GP32 of all things.

Don't let the cover throw you off, this isn't a Jap-only game, it has full English as well and is region free.


PC version free:
Yuan Works

Pirate compilations

As many Dreamcast games were much smaller than a CD's capacity, pirates have figured out how to make multi-game compilations. Where to get them? Hint, hint: RetroZone.co, Segahub, CoolROM, DopeRoms, Rom Hustler.

Box Art Title Genre Description
5-in-one-driving-racing-games-working-cdi-usa1314131057.jpg 5 In 1 Racing Games Racing Contains: Crazy Taxi 1 & 2, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1 & 2, and Suzuki Alstare Racing.
Untitled-3.png Capcom Fighting Collection Fighting One of THE best compilations for the little system that could. Includes: Capcom vs. SNK 2 (JP), Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (US/JP), Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (US/JP), Puzzle Fighter II X (Translated US/JP), Super Street Fighter II X (Translated US/JP), and the Capcom Taisen Fan Disk (JP, With some ENG text). And as there was still some room to spare, they included Ikaruga, Action Replay, and Game Shark.
Cvsmil.jpg Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Collection Fighting Another good fighting compilation, the Millennium Collection compiles the Capcom vs. SNK games. Includes: Capcom vs. SNK (US), Capcom vs. SNK Pro (JP), Capcom vs. SNK 2 (JP), and an overhauled English translation of the Capcom Taisen Fan Disc (JP).
Power-stone-collection-usa1316040245.jpg Power Stone Collection Fighting Power Stone 1 and 2 packed into one disc. You need this, and you know it.
SHOOT EM UP SHOOT EM ALL UP AHAHAHAHA.jpg Shoot-em-up Collection Shooter Includes: Ikaruga, Psyvariar 2, Zero Gunner 2, and Border Down. Has some secret stuff like movies and music as well as save files of the best game data.
SHOOT EM JOHNNY SHOOT EM ALL.jpg Shoot-em-up Collection 2 Shooter Includes: Shikigami No Shiro II, Trizeal, Chaos Field, and (as a hidden bonus) Ikaruga.
KOF Collection.jpg The King Of Fighters Collection Fighting Includes: KOF 99, KOF 2000, and KOF 2002. Not all of the Dreamcast's KOFs, but still worth a look into. All games are JP, but the only reading needed is for victory texts, so it's all good. Also includes music and best save data files built in.


Box Art Title Sytem Description
Bleemcast title.jpg Bleemcast! PlayStation Bleem!, the famed commercial PlayStation emulator for PC, came to the Dreamcast in three game-specific releases: Gran Turismo 2, Metal Gear Solid, and Tekken 3. It provided that serious visual upgrade (640x480, anti-aliasing, bilinear filtering) that the PS2 should but did not. There is also a non-title-specific leaked beta, but it was an early version, very buggy and incomplete, with spotty compatibility.[1]
Dream Snes (NTSC) - Front.jpg Dream SNES SNES Has a fucton of SNES games now. 2-player capabilities as well, along with various genre's of games. There are stand alone genre's of this comp such as Dreamsnes RPG'S, but this one has all types of gaming genre's from the SNES era, so fuck year!
Neo4All DC box art.jpg Neo4All Neo Geo CD An impressive feat of coding: a Neo Geo CD emulator, running pretty much perfect at full speed on the Dreamcast. And it is possible to create standalone game+emulator discs. (Hint, there's a lot of those out there.)
Nester Dc ntsc-front.jpg Nester DC NES A fuck-ton of old NES games with 2-player capability! Sadly battletoads, and battletoads double dragon aren't working as of now, so FUCK! Other games don't work like the Batman NES games as well as the compilation missing some games, even if some of those missing suck ass, but AVGN makes us want to play those sucky ass games, y'know?


Box Art Title Description Where to obtain
VMU Backup CD Dreamcast.jpg VMU Backup CD Remember all the times you got online with your DC and went to GameFAQs or Planetweb, just to get some useful VMU save file? Ever wonder how to do that now, as no one uses dial-up anymore? Here's a more elegant solution: a disc with a fuckton of save files! Just boot to it, copy the files you want to the VMU, and you're done. Free:
El Bucanero
Utopia1.jpg Utopia Boot Disc Plays some games that do not have the auto-boot function enabled in their ISO, along with legit games from other regions. There are 3 versions, 1.1, 1.3, and 1.5. Like it says, do not buy this cd, if you did, you have been cheated.