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The FM-7 is a series of computers made by Fujitsu as a low cost alternative to their business-oriented FM-8. However, the FM-7 ended up being a much better (and cheaper) machine than the FM-8, and was just perfect for games due to its graphics and sound capabilities. As you may already know, this was later succeeded by the FM Towns.
Fun Fact: The FM-7 uses the Motorola 6809 microprocessor CPU, similar to the TRS-80 Color Computer (a.k.a. "CoCo") by Radio Shack; and as such, -some- software is compatible with both systems! As such, despite the language barrier, CoCo enthusiasts may also find some enjoyment with the FM-7.

The list[]

Cover Title Genre Description Screenshot
Mario Bros Special FM7 cover.jpg Mario Bros. Special Platformer A interesting reimagining of Mario Bros, this one has four repeating stages full of hazards and puzzle-based goals to raise the challenge. As you repeat the levels, the enemy density and types of foes you face get more taxing. It's pretty cool to see what's changed, so have a video PC88, but identical to this version. From HG101: "It's worth noting that the FM-7 version, when emulated, will cause Mario to run constantly once you've pressed a keyboard button, and he only stops when you press down or leap to another platform." MarioBrosSpecial.png
Punch Ball Mario Bros FM7 cover.jpg Punch Ball Mario Bros. Platformer Good-old Mario Bros, but with a twist: instead of jumping under enemies to flip them, you must throw your little punch ball, which you must then retrieve. It doesn't travel far, but bounces a little and, when thrown at one side of the screen, pops up on the opposite (much like the Bros and their foes). Some of the stages later on mix shit up with traveling platforms and ice floors. Here's a video to help visualize, though it's of the Sharp X1 version. One cool factor is co-op, as both Mario and Luigi get their own punch-ball, and (IIRC) can pick up the other bro's ball and still use it (may need testing). PunchBallMario.png
Silpheed MS-DOS cover.jpg Silpheed: Super Dogfighter Shoot'em Up Super cool polygonal shmup, years before polygons became popular. It was also released for MS-DOS, PC-88 and CoCo, but the FM-7 version is the best one of the bunch. It later received an awesome sequel for Sega CD. SilpheedFM7.png
108427 front.jpg Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished Action-RPG If you're wondering why this version is here, especially when other variants are in English, well: 1) it's not that hard to figure out Ys 1, even in Japanese (though, you'll probably need a walkthrough in the tower anyways) 2) aesthetically, it looks and sounds pretty nice (though, not the best), especially compared to others at the time (looking at you, DOS version) 3) save for the lag when scrolling the screen around, it's fucking fast. Adol and foes alike haul ass like someone lit their shoes on fire.
So, while this can't be recommended for Ys beginners and as one's first version of Ys 1, it's definitely worth a look for curious Ys veterans who have beaten the others.
Editor note: I had trouble getting the first boss, Jenocres, to show up. I'm not sure if his event flag is different in this version or not, or if its simply an issue with emulation, but if someone can give a second opinion on what might be that matter here, that would help a lot.
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