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Fujitsu FM Series Personal Computer

The FM Towns is a nice Japanese computer made by Fujitsu in 1989, which was compatible with IBM PC's and used CD medium for games. Though it had great potential, it just couldn't compete with the popular PC-98 and its legion of hentai games. Later on Fujitsu re-released it in console form, named FM Towns Marty, in an attempt to enter the console market, but it just didn't work. One problem is that some games would only work on the regular FM Towns, while others would only work on the Marty.

Almost all of it's games are either PC or Arcade conversions, which are near perfect and many of which were never converted to other systems. You could count on one hand's fingers the number of exclusives, however.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Alltynex FMTowns title screen.png Alltynex Shoot'em Up A really cool doujin shmup where you can turn into a mecha and slice enemy shots. It got two PC sequels (RefleX and Kamui) and a remake, called Alltynex Second.
MahouDaisakusen.jpg Mahou Daisakusen
(Sorcer Striker)
Shoot'em Up The FM Towns got a lot of arcade conversions, all courtesy of Ving, and most of which were only converted to this system. Here we have a arcade-perfect conversion of Raizing's ultra-cool fantasy-steampunk shmup.

This one apparently won't work on the Marty.

PuLiRuLa.jpg Pu-Li-Ru-La Beat'em Up/Acid Trip Another amazing and exclusive arcade conversion, sure to make you go "WTF?" all the time!
RaidenFMTowns.jpg Raiden Densetsu Shoot'em Up Excellent port of the original which probably only loses to the Raiden Project port for the PSX. This one features it's own arranged soundtrack.
Rayxanber.jpg Rayxanber Shoot'em Up One of the few FM Towns exclusives, which later received sequels to the TurboGrafx CD. It is a good shmup, though at times it can get boring. At least it is not brutally difficult like the second game.
SplatterHouseFMTowns.jpg SplatterHouse Side-scrolling The best port of the arcade classic, where you wear a Jason-like hockey mask and punch the shit of ghouls and other nightmarish creatures.
TatsujinOh.jpg Tatsujin Oh
(Truxton II)
Shoot'em Up The only home port of Truxton II known to man, and the absolute best FM Towns game. This game is FAST, and it gets pretty chaotic as you advance.
Wizardry5FMTowns.jpg Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom RPG One of the best ports of Wizardry V. Still uses those old-ass wireframe dungeons, which is a bummer, but everything else is improved, like the improved graphics for the monsters and redbook audio soundtrack. Has a option for English text so no moonspeak skills required.
ZacMcKracken.jpg Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Adventure Better than the original PC version! And totally in english!


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