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I of the Dragon is one of a very rare breed - a Dragon Simulator. Released in 2004 its an obscure Russian Action/RPG with elements of strategy. The player has to help humans rebuild the empire that was once overtaken by monster armies, and for that The player takes control over one of the Three dragons:

1)The Fire fighter dragon that prefers to breathe flames down on his enemies, but can also cast some mean spells, like growing Volcanoes right beneath enemy base.

2)The Ice wizard dragon, whose breath slows enemy down, allowing him to cast spells of mass destruction, some of which literally reshape the landscape (engine allows that)

3) The Plague necromancer dragon, that raises the dead and leads them to battle, while conjuring acidic rains down the battlefields.

All dragons need to eat, and they eat regular mobs (or, if there are none - people they thought to protect) in a very gory way, they also gain exp and raise in levels, introducing some RPG elements - they can increase various stats and learn new devastating magic spells. The appearance of the dragon also changes depending on the stats, his spikes, spines and horns grow, his head and wings change shape according to what player choses.

The graphics are good, the dragons are awesome, what's not to like?

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