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So I was playing some flash games today and this wiki came to my mind, i love it so much, but I don't see a Recommended Flash/shockwave/whatever games section. I know certain sections like hentai games and freeware games have some of these kind in there, but i feel we're missing a lot of good games... --

Flash games come and go pretty fast; they are very fad-ish. I'd hate to say something is "recommended by /v/" when it was only popular a month ago but now nobody talks about it and half of /v/ haven't even heard of it. There's entire portal sites like ArmorGames, NewGrounds and Kongregate dedicated just to recommending flash games. The only flash games that aren't already promoted and recommended by those portal sites, but part of the /v/ curriculum, would be the hentai games are already here on the wiki (and some of those I wouldn't call "classics" either). Still, if you feel it's important, and you're willing to do a good job, this is a wiki -- make an account, and get crackin'. --Mozai 01:05, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
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