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Have you considered adding in a review page for each game? Maybe another column down the right side, or clicking on the game name takes you to a page where people write up reviews? Would save having to discern what the game is actually like+gets rid of some of the arguing in the game descriptions.

The descriptions are meant to be what the game is actually like, technically. The closest things to "reviews" I can see us doing is metacritic score levels for those who constantly must know about them and "User's game of the moment".

It's not a bad idea though. Reviews could be done on this site, but in a separate page and format, i.e. unlike conventional magazine based reviews (i.e. score and categories) and more like online ones (tell about the game and what it does well, doesn't, and could do better, and other such what not) seen in fan-sites (but less biased). Each review/system/etc. would need a category. We'd put a link on the front page of course.

Having separate columns would just make pages even more crowded and not really a great idea. --Dejiko 21:28, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

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