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I've been thinking of this idea for a while.

Should we have a list of websites that are vidya related, put some at the bottom of each respective page they pertain to, or not have any here period for the risk of their sake? --Dejiko 00:17, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

~so, emuparadise, emurussia, hardcoregaming101, gamesradar and such?

Emulating places is very nnnnnnnnnoooo... not like that. HG101 is a good one. GR is kinda iffy to me, but I do feel that they have some neat and/or amusing articles at times.

That said, let me list of some of my faves. is pretty good for general nintendo-an, as is NE's is also quite good. is cool if you like to know about upcoming imports and potential local releases from Japan. Speaking of Japan, is interesting when translated, and revealed to me some interesting things at times, such as Japan's Wizardry celebrations. is good in general. was recently hacked to shit, which is why I was worried about posting sites to begin with, but when it was in full blast, it was damn cool. Their forums are still around though. is great for old 8bit sega-an, in info and some nifty downloads such as music. has sega music as well, mostly Mega Drive/Genesis, but also some 32X, and prototypes. has some short info for NES games, but most importantly, loads of gameplay videos. It seems they now have sites for SNES in and TG16 in has musical downloads for SNES music in their original form. Also, for PC Engine fans is and is pretty nice for portable gaming, but seems to concentrate mostly on cell phones. is concentrated more on the handheld console aspect. does reviews for, well, PSP Minis, but also holds contests from time to time, which I think is cool of them. is an official site, but it is a well done one, and a number of 3rd party devs and employees post there often and even answer questions. and have different opinions, but both are pretty well done and nice sources for all sorts of RPGs. tends to crap out sometimes, but a few reloads will give you a great source of RPG assistance, though mostly for retro titles.

That's all I've got for now.

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