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ActionDoom2UrbanBrawl.png Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl Windows
A prequel to the Contra-styled Doom II mod, this Sin City-inspired brawler put you in the role of grizzled veteran, living a in dilapidated, crime-ridden city with only your daughter to keep you company and give your life meaning. When a bunch of thugs working of an unknown boss kidnaps her, you take it to the streets and beat the crap out of criminals to rescue her. A bit on the short side, but it features many secrets to uncover and branching paths that can lead into different endings. A boxed version with extra modes can be purchased although its contents has since been distributed for free. An add-on, Dead of Winter, was released in 2014, as well as bugfixes for ZDoom v2.7.1. Link
BORremix03.png Beats of Rage / OpenBOR Windows
This is the MUGEN of side-scrolling beatemups. You can find already made game modules (sprites, backgrounds, plot, music) for Final Fight, Marvel Superheroes, Golden Axe, Sailor Moon, Double Dragon, even Ed, Edd n Eddy. Hell, make your own. Beats of Rage isn't in development anymore, so OpenBOR's the one you should get. Link
Goldenaxemyth.jpg Golden Axe Myth Windows Fan-made chapter to the Golden Axe Trilogy. Includes new designs you may or may not like, but deliciously improved gameplay, some kickass music tracks, and some other neat extras. Even though the new artstyle raises eyebrows, the spritework and animations are damn cool. Seeing some of those huge and detailed sprites in motion is simply decadent. Even though there's no netplay, up to 4 players can slice-n'-dice at a time, and you can even unlock new characters,, each with their own skills and magic! If you've been hankering for some classic arcade action with a modern twist, look no further. Get the free artbook and free OST from the site, too! Link
Little Fighter 2.gif Little Fighter 2 Windows Choose your little fighter and unleash hell upon your foes in this awesome brawler. Play against up to 7 friends or AIs at the same damn time and watch as your friendships get torn to shreds because fuck you for picking Rudolph, you cheating bastard. Get out of my house. Link
Streets of Rage Remake screenshot.png Streets of Rage Remake Windows
8 years. That's how long it took for this labor of love (and rage!): A fantastic fan-made remake of Streets Of Rage. Features all playable Characters (including some extra and alternate versions), stages, enemies, and bosses from across the series (even some Master System/Game Gear ones!) but also new stages, attacks, and mini-games. Lots of paths in and between stages to choose from so you can play it and constantly discover new secrets. The huge list of various options is incredible, ranging from graphics, effects, control aspects between versions, and more, letting you create your custom SoR experience. Sega held up a CnD, but downloads are all over the net. Link 

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We Shall Wake screenshot.jpg We Shall Wake Windows
An incredibly fast paced and extremely versatile third person action game in the style of action scenes from internet flashes and anime. You control a futuristic MORS model robot that runs at the speed of sound, can teleport, jump incredibly high and more. While it's only in Alpha and still VERY rough around the edges, it's still enjoyable and fun to tinker around with. Note that it is very graphically intensive- you'll need a good card for this one. Link
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