Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
Artoffury.png Art of Fury Windows Made in the MUGEN engine to commemorate Fatal Fury's 25th anniversary, this fangame features characters from both Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury, gameplay being a mix from both series. Link
Dong Dong Never Die screenshot.jpg Dong Dong Never Die Windows This is like a mix of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and drugs, lots of drugs. Link
200px Kinnikuman Muscle Fight Windows An awesome doujin fighting game based on Yudetamago's classic manga and anime franchise. Tons of characters (there's so much that you have to swap them out) from the series, all with voice clips directly from the anime with tons of crazy moves. Guide to inserting characters: Link
LemmingBallZ.jpg LemmingBall Z Windows A fighting game for Windows and Linux, loosely based on Dragon Ball, but with Lemmings-style characters. Link
Mugen0.png M.U.G.E.N Windows Make your own fighter that's very customizable from which characters you put in to the stages and music. Fight Santa as Ronald McDonald in Emerald Hill Zone! Beware of the M.U.G.E.N. community. Some creators feel like they are God's gift to earth for taking a character's sprites and slapping them on to Kung-Fu Man (a basic original character) template. However, some guys actually put effort and talent into their characters, enough to make you feel like they were in a real fighting game. Play the game, stay far away from the shitty creators. games, characters and stages
My Little Pony Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition screenshot PC.png My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic - Tribute Edition Windows
You might have heard the news: horsefuckers make MLP fighting game, incomplete game gets leaked, Hasbro shuts them down because it's making the officially licensed MLP game look like shit in comparison, MLP's own creator says "fuck Hasbro" and joins horsefuckers to make a new game with original ungulates, while other horsefuckers also say "fuck Hasbro" and go on to complete the leaked game. And here it is, because seriously, fuck Hasbro.

Now, it's still not really complete. It only has the mane six, single-player has no ending, options are very limited, and joystick support is non-existent. But the graphics and sound are pretty good, gameplay is solid (hope you like your AI hard as balls), and each character has multiple palette swaps modeled after other characters from the show (just one example: Rainbow Dash can be turned into Daring Do, Spitfire, and Lightning Dust). So, it's a little fun game, even if you're not into the show.

Omf2097.png One Must Fall: 2097 MS-DOS Super cool fightan with giant robots, this one controls very smoothly (unlike any other DOS fighter attempt) and has various modes of gameplay and options for customization. Link
StreetChaves.png Street Chaves/Street Chavo Windows Fighting game with characters from El Chavo Del Ocho, who duke it out in many locations of the show. Despite the name, the game's mechanics take more from The King of Fighters, as most character's moves are taken from KoF characters with only a few taking from Street Fighter. Game is entirely in Portuguese, but there is a patch which translates it into Spanish. Link
Sumotori.jpg Sumotori Dreams (Demo) Windows You control a spastic/drunk sumo wrestler with the aim to knock down your opponent. A round can be over in seconds, but the fun doesn't stop there. The players are programmed to get up and bow to each other, which takes a while and can produce some hilarious results. Play against the computer, or 2-player split-screen. Amazingly, it's only 96kb in size and even comes in a 29kb version!!! You can now buy a 'final version', which just adds more players, more arenas and that's it. Download it at the main site, without paying it only has a 7 second limit, 4.50 USD will buy you the 'full' game. Suprisingly gobles up the cpu like mad! Link
Super-Mario-War.png Super Mario War Windows A chaotic Mario fangame for multiplayer battles. Features many game modes and all sorts of powerups from the series. Link
Blackheart5.png The Black Heart Windows The most original game made with the MUGEN engine, it is a creepy fighter with six original characters fighting in what is basically Hell to win the titular Black Heart. Link
Toribash.jpg Toribash Windows
An odd, extremely hard fun game, in which you are a mannequin thing, fighting in slow motion with other mannequin things. Hilarity ensued, the slow motion style and replay functionality provides for amazing combos and recaps, along with the albility to save those replay. It also has a multiplayer mode, TONS of mods, great graphics, and you can customize your character as well. Though be forewarned, it's learning curve is a bit high, but once you get over it the game becomes really hard fun./v/ has a room up regularly, usually with about 15 or more people! Join in on the fun! Also, it's now on Wiiware. Link
Vanguard Princess.png Vanguard Princess Windows A disgustingly moe fighter that actually turned out pretty solid and fun, probably because it was developed on 2D Fighter Maker 2K by an ex-Capcom employee. You'll need to install Microsoft Applocale (Link Lost, sorry) to make the game recognize your PC as Japanese, but that's hardly a problem at all. /jp/ made netplay, thankfully. Link
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