Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
10800zombiesscreen 10800 Zombies Windows A simple, silly little survival-laughter platformer that has you taking on a fuckton of zombies. Everything is simple, but over-the-top fun, with fountains of blood and a goofy fast-rock soundtrack. You can only carry two weapons at a time, the better ones having limited ammo, so fire with care. Short, but sweet. Link
Actionfi3a Action Fist Windows Link
Aether3a Aether Windows
An awsome game by Edmund Mcmillen about a Boy and his space octopus like friend helping crazy aliens with problems you have to solve in space Link
Halloween Harry screenshot Alien Carnage (Halloween Harry) DOS Alien Carnage is a Duke Nukem-esque sidescroller where you rescue the bitches in that picture from zombies and other shit. Your primary weapon is a flamethrower. Link
All-of-our-friends-are-dead-18 All of Our Friends Are Dead Windows A frightening, disturbing, trippy, and fun run-and-gun platform shooter that can perhaps best be described as Contra on a really bad acid trip; a hellish work of art replete with some of the strangest and most unsettling images you're ever likely to see in a game. The industrial rock soundtrack and bizarre first-person plural writing only contribute to the highly surreal and drug-like nature of this nightmarish trip. If this sounds like your kind of thing then, by all means, download it. You won't be disappointed. Link
An Untitled Story An Untitled Story Windows A platform game including a few Metroidvania elements, like a unified giant level with a map and different abilities to access new paths. MS Paint graphics, but without the usual background/platform confusion associated with it. Game is gigantic, with tons of secret zones. You'll need at least 10 hours to finish the game and 20 hours for a 100%. Also has a cute but not important story. Link
Au-sable-promo-screenshot Au Sable Windows A relatively short Run 'n Gun game with a haunting sound track and really well done and disturbing art. Play as the titular Au Sable as she guns down horrifying enemies and searches for her lost sister. Or something. The plot is a little open for interpretation. A must play for /x/philes. Link
Boss Rush Mode the game AKA Banana Nababa Banana Nababa Windows Essentially Boss Rush Mode: The Game. Very difficult, very fun. The story is pretty funny if you look into it too, but it's not important. Link
Bio Menace PC screenshot Bio Menace Windows
Be a badass CIA agent, gun down the mutant creatures that have taken over the city. An early 90s cult classic from Apogee. GOG
Blackthorne Blackthorne Windows Interesting platform shooter, somewhat like the old Prince of Persia games, but with shotguns and ugly orcs. It's now available for free for all users. Link
Bonesaw-04 Bonesaw: The Game Windows An independent 2d side-scrolling game that mixes elements from puzzle, beat-em-up, and platforming genres. Link
Castlevania Lecarde Chronicles screenshot Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles
(1 and 2)
Windows The year is 1776 and a holy knight investigates the dark secrets of a noble Austrian family. French Castlevania fangames, so good they might as well be official. The gameplay is SOTN-ish, but the visual style is very close to Haunted Castle (the original Castlevania arcade). Link
Cave Story screenshot Cave Story Windows
Widely considered to be one of the best freeware games and the great pioneer of modern indie game development. Good story, great Metroidvania gameplay and cute pixel graphics and chiptune music (composed on the creator's custom program no less!). Has been ported to lots of different consoles and has had some modified re-releases in the form of Cave Story + and Cave Story 3D. The PC version, however, has the most user-made mods. Feel free to play it whatever way you like though. Link
Ss (2015-09-07 at 06.50.44) Crackle Cradle Windows Guro aside, a solid action sidescroller with a harsh difficulty curve. Featuring 3 characters and their adventure of escaping... wherever the hell they are- as there is no spoken plot in this game whatsoever. Surprisingly good BGMs for a solo developer and unexpected constant updates. In terms of gore, this game has it- and very good quality coming from someone who doesn't give a shit about it, totally optional though, as you can instantly restart the level if things get too disgusting for you. Also no erotic content outside of typical clothing damage. Link
Curse of issyos 04
The Curse of Issyos Windows A tribute to older action platformers like Battle of Olympus, Zelda 2, and Castlevania. Solid game, beautiful graphics, and a great soundtrack. Link
3 trust1 Depict1 Windows
A platform designed to annoy you. It has a solid platforming, but the most interesting aspect of the game are the levels which need a tad bit of cunning. Warning: This game has two endings! Link
Don t look back Don't Look Back Windows
A Flash game that looks like it belongs on the Atari 2600. The gameplay is simple: run, jump, shoot. The difficulty is in the upper echelons of freeware games. Whenever you 'die' you start right back at the same screen, so you'll never have to start over. Written by the same guy as VVVVV. The atmosphere is stellar, the music haunting, and the ending is chillingly sad. The only fault of the game is that it's extremely short: a skilled gamer could finish in ten minutes. Others find it boring and ugly. It's a game that splits opinion. Play it and see if you like it. Link
Eternal daughter Eternal Daughter Windows Excellent Metroidvania platformer from Blackeye Software, with graphics by Derek Yu, a great soundtrack, and a story that's more than just an intro and ending. The areas and boss battles get tough pretty quickly, mainly because it's hard to tell how long you're invincible for between hits.
Eversion Eversion Windows A h̢o͏rri̶fyin̵g҉ good old classic super e̞̫̳̙̪̠ͅv҉͖̯̭̘͚i̼̺̟̰͚̗l̨̥̜̠͍͎̞ cutesy platformer with a̫̲̠͈ ̥͇̺̥͔́n̵̰̹̭i̱̩̭̙g̘̺̹ẖ̺t̯̙̻̬̠̗̹m͕͍̥͚̫͍̖a͘r̹̮̪͡i̱̹̳͚̘͇s̺̞̖̖̮͘h̪̱̦ t͎̮w͓͕͉ͅi̞͕̟͈̳̳s͝t an adorable flower thing set in a bright and cheerful world L͓͍̪̬̤̞̺̙̥̪̲̜̣̦͚͕͓̩͟͞I̵̡̘͚̘̭̥̟̣͖̼̹̝̮̦͈̘̯E̴̷̡̯͈͕̰͔͙͚̭̲̦̥̫͚S̡҉̜̖͕̫̘̫̖̩͚̮͙ L҉̴̡͠͠Į͝E҉͢͏͘S̡̛͘͢ L̊̌͐ͨͭ̓ͫ̀̀ͧ̓̂ͩ͌̑́͊͑̇͏Į̸̴ͬͨͧ̿̏ͦͪ̅̌̽ͤ̌̄ͧͬẺ̐̄̈́͌̋ͥ͗́ͨͪ̈́̇̓ͩ͢͞͡S͌̄ͥ͘͝͏́.

Other than the free original, there is a paid HD remake as well.

Expendabros screenshot PC Expendabros Windows A badass advergame for the movie The Expendables 3, based on Broforce. It's badass because Broforce is badass. Pretty short, but tough and chock-full of explosions. Link
1026 1957 Fetus Windows An atmospheric puzzle game. Its successor Sutef is also free. Link
Finck3a FiNCK (a.k.a. Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer) Windows FiNCK is a fun puzzle-platformer inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2 and Lyle in Cube Sector. Gameplay is very similar to Lyle, but with less focus on action and power-ups and more focus on puzzles that involve picking up blocks, enemies, bombs, and keys with five worlds to explore and hidden coins to collect. The game and the level editor are free, but you'll have to pay $4 if you want to play user-created content. Link
Frogatto Frogatto Windows
A gorgeous looking platformer with somewhat clunky controls. You control a frog whose main abilities are jump and tonguing. He can also swim. There's some hidden secrets to find and also bosses to battle. The story, like the graphics and music, is cute, if nonsensical. Link
Gang Garrison 2 Gang Garrison 2 Windows
Team Fortress 2 "demake" with side-scrolling 2D pseudo 8-bit graphics and music. It only lacks good lag-free servers (sometimes). Like TF2, you can make your own maps, though not as many game modes are available. Despite the title, there is no Gang Garrison 1. Link
Gianas Return screenshot Giana's Return Windows
many others
Unofficial fan sequel to The Great Giana Sisters, a German gender-changed Mario clone from the 80s. Good if you like old-school platformers, great if you like them really challenging. Link
Megadeep GIGADEEP Windows Reminiscent of Mega Man X complete with boss intro screens. Only in Japanese but the only buttons you need are X and Z for jump and shoot. Has a moderate difficulty that can be adjustable for each playthrough. Will not run properly on Windows 8. Link
Grief Syndrome screenshot Grief Syndrome Windows Play as the little girl you have always wanted to be in this doujin game based on the anime Puella Magica Madoka. Features 5/[6] playable characters and a 3 player local/LAN Co-op. Game difficulty mechanic follows an exponentially increasing "laps" system. Wiki
Game DL
Hyper princess Hyper Princess Pitch Windows Princess Pitch never recieves any cristmas presents. Then why would anyone do? Play as the daugther of Goddess of Explosions as you tear through Mecha Santa's factory in this fast-paced arcade action game. Includes multiple difficulty levels, four type of shots, power-ups, suplex attack and unlockable protips. LinkMirror[1]
Herocore-cinema Hero / Hero Core Windows Hero and Hero Core are about a jetpack man out on a mission to destroy Cruiser Tetron and his world domination plans. These games have a charming minimalistic style both in visuals using only black and white and in gameplay as you can only move and shoot left or right. Though both games have the same style and mechanics, only the sequel (Hero Core) is a full-fledged Metroidvania game as the first one lacks some traits like power-ups to get to new areas, a map, and the backtracking feel as it is more straightforward. Both have multiple difficulties which must be unlocked, secrets, and bonus content. 1st game
2nd game
Hurrican01 Hurrican Windows A Turrican homage. Go through hard as fuck stages filled with shitload of enemies and secrets and do some major shooting. There is everything that you loved about Turrican without those things that you hated. LinkMirror[2]
Hydra castle Hydra Castle Labyrinth Windows Guardian of Paradise creator, Buster, decided to take on a Metroidvania in the vein of classics like Knightmare II and the original Metroid. It's done in his crew's well-known style, but the gameplay may be unfamiliar to those new to old styled games. Outside of boss fights, the game is fairly non-linear. You can find a shitload of gear before you even take on the first boss. However, it can be difficult because of this, and quite easy to get lost. If you're patient and can get the hang of it, you'll find an enjoyable game here. Game
I wanna be the guy title screen I Wanna Be the Guy/I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden Windows APPLES DO NOT FALL UP! EXTREMELY difficult, but interesting platformers. Lots of bizarre game references and other wackiness, but seriously, expect to die roughly 7 trillion times if you plan on actually seeing more than the first 10 or so screens of it. Also, playing on Normal makes you a wuss, as the game will constantly remind you. Link
Icy-tower-21 Icy Tower Windows One of the most popular freewares ever made with over 20 million downloads to date. You guide a silly urban caricature up an - you guessed it - icy tower. The screen scrolls upwards and falling off one of the slippery platforms results in instant death. The faster you run, the higher you jump. Not a game filled with strategy or depth, but it's an amusing enough diversion for score-chasing arcade gamers, and its sheer popularity alone is a testament to how many people seem to enjoy it. Also available on Facebook and iOS, although the latter is not free. NOTE: The game suffered a dramatic change in the art and music style between v1.2 and v1.5. Those who like one might not be into the other. 1.2 can still be found on the internetz, but compatibility issues with current hardware/software may arise. Link
Igneousscreenshot Igneous Windows You're a tiki rock... thing rolling through collapsing, lava filled temples sanic fast, (Is actually reminiscent of 3D Sonics) jumping over pits and dodging falling rocks. Very short, but pretty good. Made by Going Down In Flames, a student team at Digipen IT. high requirements mean it's not for everyone. Link
Iji Iji Windows You control one of the two survivors of an alien attack. The scenario seems bland and generic at first, but it has a few likable characters and starts getting original after another alien race appears. It has some of the best music in freeware games, the final boss theme deserves to be on everyone's playlist. Gameplay is based partially on System Shock and consists of going through levels with various weapons, upgrading your abilities, and either killing or stealthily avoiding enemies depending on player preference. Alternate dialogue/bosses and a few secrets makes replaying this gem worth while. LinkMirror[3]
Ikachan Ikachan Windows Daisuke Amaya/Pixel's first masterpiece (the guy behind Cave Story). This game, Ikachan, is the original title that the gameplay engine used in Cave Story was developed for, and it shows. Instead of running around, you're swimming around however as you play the squid Ikachan in this amazingly charming title that mixes in elements of Metroidvania platformers (without actually platforming seeing as how you swim) and RPGs. While there's hardly any story to speak of, Ikachan is a must-play for any Cave Story fans. Link
IMok I'm O.K.: A Murder Simulator Windows I'm Ok: A Murder Simulator is a hilarious Run 'N Gun with several extra gameplay modes. It's basically a big throwback to gaming's history, and was made in response to Wacko Jacko's game idea A Modest Proposal. Kill children! Burn lawyers! Destroy the vidya, Metal Slug style! Unfortunately, not much replay value once you conquer it. Made by a team that included the guy who made Spelunky. Link
Jill of the Jungle PC screenshot Jill of the Jungle Windows
Be a hot jungle babe, traverse various puzzle-ish levels. A little gem from the early 90s, from Epic Games before they became famous. Link
Jumper Level 7022 Jumper Windows The original Jumper game, programmed by Matt Thorson when he was only 16(!), is a brutally difficult platformer that, despite what some may say, did not actually inspire Meat Boy. It does, however, have many striking similarities, and fans of Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy should definitely check it out. The original Jumper features double jumps, but not wall-jumps or high jumps. The wall-jumps are not missed, however, since they were very frustrating to pull off with a keyboard in Jumper Two. An enhanced remake of Jumper, titled Jumper: Redux, can also be downloaded free of charge from Matt Thorson's site. Link Lost
Jumper2 Jumper Two Windows Super Meat Boy if it was more challenging, free, and made six years ago. This game is pretty much better than SMB in every way, and it's a shame it got left in the shadow of SMB's success. The original Jumper and Jumper Three are also fun, but not as good. Link
JumperThree Jumper Three Windows Link
5774357704 9cb4f486f0 King Arthur's Gold Windows
Classic only is free to play.

From the makers of Soldat, this is a game with 3 classes, knights,archers and builders. Builders can make forts and traps while the other 2 duke it out. Builder is not recommended for beginners or minecrafters.

Mog remake Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious Remake Windows
A remake of the best Metroidvania you've never heard of, which is also the cornerstone that the entire genre was built upon. Unlike later games, this one does NOT mess around. You have to find out everything by yourself in a huge game filled with areas and enemies ready to EASILY kill you. Protip: If you play the original on an MSX (or MSX emulator) you can take advantage of 2nd slot ROM carts, which add power-ups from the get-go. Had a NES version which is notably different in several areas. This remake however is prune to be buggy and tends to crash, and hasn't been updated since v0.63 for some time. Link
101322 large Knytt Windows From the creator of fun indie games like NightSky and Within a Deep Forest, Knytt is a very fun, very relaxing platformer that has you running, climbing, and jumping to collect items needed to rebuild your UFO that crash-landed on a strange planet. Unlike Knytt Stories below, the original Knytt has very little actual challenge and can be easily completed in a short amount of time. That doesn't make it any less enjoyable, however. If you like platformers, you owe it to yourself to give Knytt' a try. Link
KnyttStories Knytt Stories Windows A really cute platformer. Simple (but great) graphics, great atmosphere, and level-making utilities with an active community so your game will never get stale, which is really the selling point, because top-notch community made shit gets added to the homepage (so basically like 2D LittleBigPlanet except you don't have to wade through the crap). Made by Nifflas (who is currently part of Nicalis) who made the original Knytt as well as Within A Deep Forest.There's also a DS port of this. Link
La-mulana1 La-Mulana Windows A game meant to induce memories of the old MSX2 Konami adventure games, La-Mulana is one of the best. Deep challenge, free-roaming, intricate puzzles, and even quirks like using an MSX in game, La-Mulana is just great. Hard, but great. It was remade for the Wii which was later ported to PCs. Link
Legend cave Legend Cave Windows A Metroidvania reminiscent of old Falcom and Metroid-type games. Each class starts with different equipment, but mostly play the same. There's hint tablets, but the devteam seems to have died before they finished translating it (it's playable without reading though). Auto-pauses when you're away. Find gold for shops, use keys, and generally explore dat dungeon. Controls: Save your game on blue diamonds. Up jumps, down saves and enters shops, space attacks, Z uses an item, X throws an item, ctrl at the same time as up and/or down selects items, Esc is exit. Main Menu: Start game, Load game, Highscores, Options, Exit game. Link
Princess00 Legend of Princess Windows So short that it will literally will take you less than half an hour to beat it. Regardless, it's a very fun, yet short game parodying the Legend of Zelda game. Use various weapons at your disposal as you fight your way through enemies and epic parody bosses and solve puzzles as well in a nice 2D platformer. Uses a similar fast-paced engine and graphic style of Noitu Love 2, but keyboard based. Link
Lyle02 Lyle in Cube Sector Windows A fun and clever Metroidvania-style platformer that involves picking up cubes, throwing them at enemies, and using them to get to higher areas in order to save your stolen cat. As you collect new power-ups, you will be able to access new areas. With countless rooms to explore and tons of secrets to discover, Lyle in Cube Sector is a true platforming treat. Link
Maldita Castilla screenshot Maldita Castilla Windows
An epic spiritual sequel to Capcom's classic arcade Ghost'n Goblins. Link
Meatboyoriginal Meat Boy Windows
The original game that would later become Super Meat Boy, the first Meat Boy is nearly as impressive as its big brother; a challenging, fun, and highly addictive slice of platforming joy with a truly inventive and clever wall-jumping mechanic that must be taken full advantage of if you ever want to save your precious Bandage Girl. Available as a Flash game on Newgrounds (along with another game made of fan-created levels) and as a download, Meat Boy, like its highly-acclaimed sequel, is a terrific piece of pure platforming heaven. Link Removed
Soyoudid Mighty Jill Off Windows
This short platformer has you playing as a chubby lesbian in a gimp suit who must climb back up a dangerous tower after her dominatrix queen kicks her down. This game answers the question: why do video game characters voluntary go through so much pain? The answer: because they're masochists who enjoy it. A tribute to Mighty Bomb Jack, where everything is trying to kill you and you must make good use of your ability to stop jumps in mid-air. You unlock a harder mode by beating the game under 12 minutes or donating a dollar to the game's creator. Link
Minidoom screenshot miniDOOM 1 and 2 Windows The classic brutal 3D shooter turned into brutal 2D platformers by an indie crew from Bolivia. Link
Mission in snowdriftland Mission in Snowdriftland Flash "YO DAWG, WE HEARD YOU LIKE ICE LEVELS" the game. Now, while it sounds bad in practice, the nice Super Mario World-esque physics, fair difficulty curve, and solid level design actually make it work well! Each of the 24 stages is unlocked for each day of December until Christmas. Beating one unlocks a small present from an independent developer (usually a wallpaper or icons). While you don't need to get all 576 snowflakes, getting them is a challenge, and will unlock a bonus download once you've done so. Link Apparently the creators decided you should never be allowed to play this game again.
Momotitle Momodora I & II Windows A series of 2d platformers inspired by Cave Story. The first is linear and the second is a metroidvania. The third and fourth (Reverie Under the Moonlight) are available on Steam and GOG. Link
N N Flash with Windows wrapper You're a gold-dependent ninja in search of transcendence. To prove yourself, you'll just need to pass 500 trap-filled levels requiring inhuman dexterity. Expect to throw your keyboard out of the window OVER 9000 times before completing all of them. Oh, and a thousand times more with the countless hardcore levels created by its fans. Also on DS, PSP and XBLA as N+ and slightly remixed. Game
Neonplat3a NeonPlat Windows Link
Ninjasenki Ninja Senki Windows Megaman 1 style game without the stage selection. Game features some tricky platforming, enemies that will knock you off the stage, and enemy ninjas. Link
541195148 33c4c75f94 Nikujin Windows As a cartoony naked ninja, invade a castle with your mad stealth skills. The game is very hard and levels often become unwinnable if you mess up, but it has infinite lives, is quite addictive and perfect for speedrunning. Link
Noitu scr03 Noitu Love Windows It's a simple beat 'em up platformer. Has some neat action, big boss battles, a neat storyline to it about ALIENS and you get to turn yourself into a variety of forms in order to get past certain obstacles. Don't play anything less than hard unless you want to be shafted out of the true ending. A very improved sequel was made. Link
Noitu2 scr02 Noitu Love 2: Devolution Windows FAR SUPERIOR to the first game as it is fully animated, the boss battles are more kickass, COMBOS, and fast paced action. You play as a new character (the game takes place some time after the first), but the plot is the same, kill all the aliens. Has some neat side scrolling experiences and a recommended game to anyone. You even unlock new characters after you beat it the first time. One of the few "freemium" entries on this page, since it actually costs money to get the game now, but was originally free for a very brief while. Also available on 3DS and Wii U. LinkMirror[4]
Obake Obake Windows You know Kirby, right? This one is basically the same game, but you play as a ghost that can possess any enemy and use their abilities. Well, as long as they don't take too much damage and die, that's it. But you can possess another one, so who cares? (Fun Fact: This concept was first used in an old game called Avenging Spirit.) It is in Japanese, but I don't think that the story is something that you should care about when playing this game. Just reach the end of the stage, and if you really are a completionist, discover all the secret passages accessible by using certain enemies' abilities. Link
Poacher screenshot109 Poacher Windows A Metroidvania game made by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw where you play as a Yorkshire poacher that gets sucked in to a centuries-old war between two ancient underground civilizations. Good gameplay and story, with three endings to be had. Link
Psyw screen mfgg1320097695 Psycho Waluigi Windows A Waluigi fangame that is actually quite entertaining. Waluigi is knocked uncoscious and gets sent to the world of Unconcia, where he partners with a strange being called Psycho Iris, who gives him telechinesis to help him take over the 6 kingdoms of Unconcia. Use your telechinesis to grab enemies and toss them against one another or, if the enemies have special abilities, use those against their friends. Become the ruler of Unconcia, WAHAHA. LinkMirror[5]
1352185356668 Purple Windows Link
Rokko chan Rokko Chan Flash A Megaman Classic+X homage with a Dash and Dash Jump, but no charge shot, sliding, or wall-kick (at first? Needs verification.) Get new weapons from bosses to use in stages and/or against other bosses. Actually looks, sounds, and plays quite like a new entry, even if nothing new is added outside of the dash factor. Even has a Japanese and English version in the same game. Stages are well designed and mix and homage elements from multiple games from the series, often within each other or in unexpected areas. Although check points are a bit scarce, the challenge is fair and fun. Link
Rtb shot20 Rescue the Beagles Windows This is a platform game where the goal is to rescue beagles from being sent to an animal testing facility. It uses procedural generation for levels, so you never get the same one twice. You have ropes to climb up high levels and parachutes for jumping down. Your weapons? Owls. OWLS! You get to throw them at enemies. This game rocks. It's fun underrated indie title and this editor is not a fan of most indie platformers. Link
Rm7fcpic Rockman 7 FC Windows Some people wondered: "What if Mega Man 7 was 8-bit like the first 6?" So they decided to make it! Sadly, it lacks the shop and intro stage from the original release. However, pretty much everything else is present. There's even some handy features like slow down (F2) you can use if your goal is just to beat it. Link
Rockman8fc-stageselect Rockman 8 FC Windows Basically Mega Man 8 but 8-Bit! A pretty good reimagining with a great 8-bit rendition of the original soundtrack as well as good gameplay all-around. Link
R&fstageselect Rockman & Forte FC Windows? Only a spriting project for now, but since this is coming from the team behind RM7FC, RM8FC and FF7FC, we can expect this to work out. More info and updates can be found here, but the only linked mirror (Loda) has shut down a while ago, and no other mirrors could be found.
Runman Race Around The World Gameplay RunMan: Race Around the World Windows Totally awesome speed-based platformer. RunMan is the fastest man in the world, and he's going to race around it. Pretty self-explanatory. Has colorful graphics drawn in MS Paint. You will smile nonstop! Link
Secret Maryo Chronicles screenshot Secret Maryo Chronicles Windows
A 2D platformer that won't get any awards for originality, but it's actually pretty fun. Link
Seiklus Seiklus Windows An exploration platformer. Link
SintNicolaas Sint Nicolaas DOS
Platformer where you control Santa, who must collect gifts and deliver them to the children. Link
65mil 1bc Sixty-Five Million and One B.C Windows Sixty Five Million And One BC is a platform adventure about a bunch of velociraptorstrying to save the world from a comet. Link
Small world Small Worlds Flash An interesting little flash game where you play as a single man exploring a eerie abandoned facility, in which you find teleporters that take you to different small worlds (hurr durr) you must explore. Very short, only about 20 minutes in fact. Link
Soldat Soldat Windows Made by some funky polish guy ages ago and updated with new versions ever since. Has pretty much everything from chainsaws to miniguns to jetpack shoes, multiple modes including TDM and CTF, and 64 maps out of the box. Small but active community with tons of maps and quite a few good mods. Bots for singleplayer. Mostly eastern european servers for multiplayer. Small and lightweight, runs on pretty much any PC from the last decade. Brilliant fun in local multiplayer. Link
Sonic-robo-blast-2-8792-1 Sonic Robo Blast 2 Windows Basically the Sonic game a lot of people dreamed of. 2D style sonic but in 3D and as fast as expected. Made by a bunch of indie heads instead of Sega, it has a lot of customizational stuff available via the Doom WAD builder. The message board has a bunch of people who make characters/levels on a basis autism.

The first Robo Blast, being one of the oldest Sonic fangames ever, is primitive and silly-looking, but also fun and full of secrets, so check it out too if you want.

Sonic Before The Sequel screenshot Sonic Sequel (series) Windows Is there a continuity in the classic Sonic games? Brazilian indie developer LakeFeperd tried to tie all of them properly by filling the gaps between them. The series has four games: Sonic Before the Sequel, Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath, Sonic After the Sequel (also its improved version, Sonic After the Sequel DX), and Sonic Chrono Adventure. It's interesting how the games gradually stray from the traditional Sonic formula toward an action-adventure style. Also, the music is absurdly good. The same developer made Spark the Electric Jester, another platformer that's worth checking out. SBTS
Spelunky Spelunky Windows The game's creator was trying to create a platformer, inspired by Spelunker for NES, that invoked feelings of a roguelike. The result is a platformer where levels are randomly generated, and deaths make you start all over again. Surprisingly, the unforgivable deaths actually work pretty well and are pretty fair: 95% of the deaths are your fault. You find yourself avoiding the mistakes you previously made and going further and further. And since levels are random, you re-discover a new level every death. Link
Star-guard Star Guard Windows Link
Stealth Bastard Stealth Bastard Windows It's a 2d Platforming Stealth game, but you have to go fast. Link
Screenshot 1 Super Crate Box Windows An extremely simple, extremely addictive game that has you running around, collecting boxes, and shooting/slashing/blowing up strange monsters that kill you instantly if you touch them. Each crate gives you one point, and there are three areas to choose from, each with three difficulty modes (two of the difficulty modes are unlockable). The higher scores you get, the more characters, weapons, and difficulty modes. With each crate you get, your weapon will change randomly, which increases the difficulty since some weapons are massively destructive and others totally suck. Super Crate Box is maddeningly fun and an iOS version is also available (but isn't free). Link
SuperMagroWorld Super Magro World Windows Mario clone where you play with Seu Madruga/Don Ramón from El Chavo Del Ocho. Link
SMBX 13 Super Mario Bros. X 1.3 Windows One of the greatest Mario fan games ever released. Features many challenging levels incorporating elements from SMB 1/2/3/World and even Zelda/Metroid and a comprehensive level editor so you can make/share your own episodes and a 2-player battle mode akin to the Super Smash Bros. series. The game's been CnD'd by Nintendo and further versions were made by fans, adding hit-or-miss elements. Link
Super-mario-crossover Super Mario Crossover Flash Play the original Super Mario Bros in its entirety as the heroes of other NES classics. Hilarious to tear apart goombas and koopas with each characters skills, and challenging when there are level design situations that take advantage of their weaknesses. Link
Sutef suteF Windows Bizzare and fairly challenging puzzle platformer. Link
T2002 screenshot Windows T2002 Windows
A fan remake/remix of Turrican 1 and 2. It even uses Chris Huelsbeck's awesome original soundtrack. They also have a level editor. Link
Teeworlds screenshot Teeworlds Windows
A MMO where you play as a Kirby-like creature called a 'Tee', and shoot other Tee's. Think Quake in 2D. Still in development, but it's slowed down recently. Is open-source, with plenty of modifications. Note: Most servers are in Germany. For good USA servers, search "Exodus". Link
Tagap The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins Windows Link
Tagap2-Screenshot2 The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 2 Windows Link
The Goonies 20th Anniversary Edition screenshot The Goonies:
20th Anniversary Edition
Fan remake of Konami's classic for the MSX, which was based on one of the coolest films of the 1980s. Play as the deformed Sloth (not Mikey, unlike the Famicom version), avoid One-Eyed Willy's traps, and rescue the Goonies from the Fratelli brothers. Link
Thepower The Power Windows A simple Metroidvania that manages to be pretty fun. Everything looks like it is made out of neon lights. A bit hard at the beginning, but with a little exploration, you should find the difficulty to even out. Controls are a bit stiff but stick with it and you have a neat little game. Link
Undersid5a The Underside Windows So far there is only a demo made, but it is a DAMN good demo. It's basically Cave Story, but with characters, dialogue, and plot that are reminiscent to Earthbound. Fun platforming, weapon gaining, Metroid-esque game. This game has been under development since 2005 and he is making little progress so don't expect to see the full game any time soon. Link
Tower of Heaven Tower of Heaven Windows
A very short (15 mins) but enjoyable platformer. You are attempting to climb the tower inhabited by a god. As you go up, the god gives you more rules to follow, under penalty of death, such as "You shall not touch blocks from the side". Because these rules stack, levels get harder and harder. The ambiance is very poetic and the music is catchy. Try to get all the secrets for a fun bonus. Link
Treasure Adventure Game screenshot Treasure Adventure Game Windows A big Metroidvania with some influences from Wind Waker, namely the sailing (although it's nowhere near as annoying here). Several inventive puzzles, good characters, cute graphics and great gameplay. Link
Alt link
Treasuretreasureffee 11 Treasure Treasure Windows Link
Art of Theft, The SCREEN Trilby: The Art of Theft Windows Link
Warlock-bentspine Warlock Bentspine Windows A very Mega Man-esque platformer in which you play as the titular Warlock Bentspine, who must make his way through highly challenging levels to defeat various wacky villains; once you beat them, you can use their powers. An excellent homage to Mega Man and other NES games, Warlock Bentspine is terrific fun while it lasts. Link
Withinadeepforst Within a Deep Forest Windows Within a Deep Forest is another game from Nifflas (of NightSky and Knytt fame), so you know it's good. This one has you controlling a bouncy ball and, using Metroidvania elements, you gain access to new ball types which allow you to enter new areas. It's very challenging and very frustrating but, if you're up to the challenge and prepared to rage, Within a Deep Forest is a solid and well-made platformer. Note: The Secret Levels file that comes with the game are minigames you can play after finishing the main story. One will automatically unlock after you completing the last level, the other 2 must be unlocked via codes found in the game. Link
Zineth game Zineth Windows
Zineth is a cel-shaded Jet Set Radio inspired skating game. Build up speed by wallriding and by increasing your gravitational force while riding downhill. If you screw up you can reverse time, which is useful for maintaining your speed after making a minor beef. Tired of going fast? Pop open your in-game cell phone and battle monsters with your digital pet to grind levels and defeat other npc players.

Best played with a 360 controller.

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