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Screenshot Title Platform Description Download
Spacesimv.jpg Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Windows The best Battlestar Galactica game right now is also one that you can get for free. It's half the same game as Freespace SCP - the game that it was developed from. The other half is additional mechanics to fit the BSG theme. Now go frak up those toasters, pilots! Link
ESF.jpg Earth Space Fleet Windows Fly around in space ship, fight the enemy, and don't die. Fairly long campaign; also,>Year 2134 (Games homesite Link blocked by wiki spam filter)
Metaltech Earthsiege PC screenshot.png Earthsiege (series) Windows Intelligent war machines realize it's stupid to fight each other, and decide to exterminate mankind instead. MechWarrior's less famous, more hardcore distant cousin. Also, Tribes was spun off from this. Link
3-tiles-2.jpg Moonbase Alpha Windows "Step into the role of an explorer in a futuristic lunar settlement..." You're an astronaut on NASA's future moon base, and you have to repair the crippled systems before life can't exist there. Can be multiplayer. Developed by NASA and gained internet fame from this video exploiting the game's text to speech program. Play it for John Madden. Link
Oolite screenshot.png Oolite Windows
Essentially, a modern fan remake of 1980s classic Elite. Link
Simutrans2.png Simutrans Windows A cool transport simulation where you connect chains of industries and cities using different transport options. Uses community graphics packs (or "paks"), meaning customisable graphics and there are quite a few to choose from. Link
WC DD.jpg Wing Commander Saga : The Darkest Dawn Windows A Wing Commander fangame using a highly modified version of the open-source Freespace 2 engine. Link