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The GP2X is a Linux-based handheld console made by Korean company Game Park Holdings and the successor of the GP32. The system was created after a disagreement within the company, prompting many of it's staff to split off and form a new company. Though it's library of official games is relatively small, it received a handful of Linux ports as well as various emulators and homebrew titles since, much like it's predecessor, it was designed with homebrew development in mind.

The GP2X would later receive a new upgraded model in the form of the GP2X Wiz. It was later succeeded by the Caanoo.

Games worth a shit[edit | edit source]

You remember GTA 1 and 2? well... this is basically that with better graphic

"Man getting payback, exclusive footage."

s. kind of like if you move your camera to a top down veiw in GTA3.


Odanta is a nice shmup. Definitely worth the play if you have a GP2X

"The most original space shooter ever!"

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles
If you like tetris and or puyo bobble or puzzle mario's medical mayhem, or perhaps you prefer a little dr. robotniks mean bean machine mixed with mr. driller? good, cause this has all of that.

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