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ROM Hacks

Game Title Genre Description Link Screenshot
Mega Man II

Mega Man II Music Improvement

Platformer Megaman II is notorious for its bizarrely high-pitched, off-key, and extremely grating music. This hack fixes programming mistakes making the music sound as it was originally intended. Link
Metroid II: Return of Samus Metroid II - EJRTQ Colorization Action-Adventure This hack converts Metroid II into a full color GBC game. Link
Pokemon: Red Version Shin Pokemon Red RPG This is a mostly vanilla hack that fixes tons of bugs, glitches, and oversights from the original game. View the massive list of improvements on the hack page. Link
Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition Pokemon Periwinkle Version - Special Blobbos Edition RPG This hack is a Pokemon Clover spin-off set a few months after the story of generation 1. Pikachu has been replaced with the most prolific fakemon ever: Blobbos! For a full list of features check out the hack page. Link
Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins Super Mario Land 2 DX Platformer This hack converts Super Mario Land 2 into a full color GBC game. Link