ROM Hacks

Game Title Genre Description Link Screenshot
Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors Mochi Mod RPG This is a balance overhaul hack that makes the difficulty not so blatantly unfair towards the player and also improves some text. Link
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey / Tara's Adventure Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: All Monsters RPG This is a very simple gameplay hack for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 that makes every monster obtainable in-game, including promotional giveaways.

It is now possible to breed for Copycat, Gohopper, BigRoost, Wonderegg, Warubou, Watabou, Dimensaur, Lamia, and Kagebou without any linking whatsoever. The new breeding combinations are listed in the readme (distributed with the patch).

Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening DX Link's Awakening Restoration Action Adventure A small patch that restores some of the localization changes that Nintendo modified to fit their standards, as well as fixing a typo and adding a special something to the game. The following were modified:

The Mermaid’s Necklace was changed back into her swimsuit top; text was changed to reflect this.

The Hippo in Animal Village was restored to her original sprites.

The ‘Tale Keyhole’ typo was fixed back into ‘Tail Keyhole’.

A cave that was cut from the original game was put back in. Check around Kanalet Moat to find it!

This hack is compatible with the Quality of Life Improvements hack below.

Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening DX Quality of Life Improvements Action-Adventure This simple “Quality of Life” hack changes only three things in Link’s Awakening DX.


No more text when you touch certain objects. Rocks, cracked rocks, pots, ice blocks, etc.

Guardian Acorns and Pieces of Power are quick pickups. No more long text interrupting game play.

No more low health beeping.

This hack is compatible with the Link's Awakening Restoration hack above.


Crystal Version

Pokemon Prism RPG Pokémon Prism is a super customized Pokémon Crystal romhack that takes place in a previously unexplored region. It contains new mechanics unseen in its inspired franchise, while refining existing gameplay.

Boasting an expansive landscape to adventure in filled with unique challenges, fresh areas to explore, and new ways to play, Pokémon Prism is an entirely new experience that gamers of all ages are sure to enjoy!

Pokemon: Crystal Version

Sour Crystal

RPG This is an excellent improvement hack for Pokemon Crystal that was created with the mindset of updating Crystal to 'current-gen' standards but without losing the nostalgic feel of the original. Check out the hack page for a full list of changes. Link
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