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Ok let's get some things straight here: the base Game Gear model alone is just terrible. It has a horrible screen, eats enough batteries to choke a hungry hungry hippo, and it's hard to find certain games for it.

HOWEVER, if you're willing to do some modding and buy the proper accessories for your Game Gear it can be an absolutely wonderful little handheld.

1. Definitely LED mod, fixes both the screen and battery life is quadrupled.

2. Buy the rechargeable battery, not only will the also increase battery life but it's a damn rechargeable battery! No more wasting your money on those batteries.

3. You may or may not want the Wide Gear accesory, but it's pretty cool to have a screen that much larger than the GameBoy's!

4. I know it looks tempting but don't buy the Master System Converter. You won't be able to use it with the battery pack, most games look bad when converted, and most of them already have ports on the Game Gear.

The List[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Alien-gg.jpg Alien Syndrome Run 'n Gun This edition features improvements from the original Alien Syndrome. You can access a map screen at any time, and you can power up weapons by grabbing the same kind of item twice (similar to the recent Contra 4). Save your fellow comrades (similar to Zombies Ate My Neighbors), navigate to the stage exit, beat the gruesome stage boss, and move onto the next level, because if you don't hurry, a timebomb will destroy you all. The Master System version is lacking compared to this, so stick with this version.
Bakubakuggohgodwhatthefuck.jpg Baku Baku Puzzle This is a strange tile-based puzzle game that came out on different systems. The concept revolves around feeding animals food, which helps you beat the other player somehow. Unlike the other versions, this one has extra modes and prettier graphics.You might like it if you've played something like Puyo Puyo.
Batman GG.jpg Batman Returns Platformer Pretty solid platformer where you play as Bats and kick some movie-tie-in ass. You have a neat grappling hook which works a bit like Bionic Commando, and can glide slightly from high distances, thanks to your cape. Your standard attack can aim in 3 directions, but you can adjust the power:length ratio in the pause screen. The big draw about this game is each stage has different routes, which feature harder challenges, and sometimes harder bosses (more damage to you and less hitboxes on them). The SMS version is practically a beta version of this, especially since you can only take one hit per life in that (yikes...), so this is the way to go.
Battletoads gg.jpg Battletoads Platformer/Beat 'em up It's a bit slower, one-player only, and the stages are a bit shorter. Why play this? It's also much fairer! Deaths come far less cheaply and stages are less brutal. The infamous Turbo Tunnel is much less of a dick (outside of pitfalls, driving into a wall only knocks off a life point, and you can get right on and keep going). If you're tired of being shit-slapped by the other versions, and you wanna say you beat Battletoads, then play this. That said: It's still Battletoads, it's still tough, and still pretty fucking fun.
Berlin wall.jpg Berlin Wall Puzzle Dunno how the Berlin Wall fits into this, but this is still entertaining. It combines elements of games like Lode Runner, Solomon's Club, and Bubble Bobble into a quirky little smorgasbord. You take on enemies in stages, and bosses as well. Here's a video to help visualize the stages and gameplay. Japanese only, but you don't need to know the language to enjoy this.
Chakan gg.jpg Chakan [the Forever Man] Platformer Much like the 16-bit cousin, Chakan is a dude who can't die until he kills the evils of the world. Nobody said it'd be easy, though, as this game is a challenge. Chakan starts with his dual-blades, but can obtain other weapons and skills in his selection of different stages and worlds. The timer doesn't seem to be present, and it's a little easier than 16-bit thanks to the designers working with 8-bit limitations, thus changing level designs and a few other adjustments, but it's still a hell of a ride!
Chessmaster gg.jpg The Chessmaster Strategy/Board Game Pretty decent chess game. Gives you lots of options like clock, castling, AI difficulty, hints, and other miscellenous things. You can play straight, or set up the board for hypothetical situations, such as being against seven knights with three rooks, etc. Allows for 2 player on one system as well, which is kinda cool if you ever had someone willing to play this with you. The voices are pretty mechanical, and there's no animation or tune for winning, the game just ends. However, at any time in the game, even after ending the game, you can rewind moves of both sifes, which helps you figure out how to counter a strategy or figure out what was flawed with your own.
Cck.jpg Coca-Cola Kid Platformer An obscure platformer done by the team who made most 8-bit Sonic games. This kid has a fuckton of moves, including, but not limited to: kicking, wall-jumping, charge-dashing, disc throwing, and sliding. Collect Coca-Cola coins to get extra stuff after certain stages. If you like Sonic and Megaman X style action, consider checking this out. There is a translation patch for the ROM, but the story still won't make sense...
Cw.jpg Crystal Warriors Tactics RPG A tactics RPG that resembles Fire Emblem and Shining Force. Instead of a "weapons triangle", all characters have an element and this effects damage dealt and taken from other elemental characters, be it physically or from skills and magic. You can also recruit your enemies to fight on your side. Curiously, this plays a bit more like Shining Force than the Shining Force Gaiden games, as you get to explore a few towns.
Doa.jpg Defenders of Oasis RPG An arabic-themed RPG that's damn tough. Your party features a prince, a dancing man, a thief, but most importantly a Genie. The genie is not only important plot-wise, but is your ONLY magic caster. Teach him spells by reading ancient writings and increase his stats by pimping his lamp with exotic luxuries. The visuals are impressive for its hardware, and the desert-themed soundtrack is catchy. If you're up for the challenge, try it out. Note: Despite the name, this is not related to the Beyond Oasis series. This is called "Shadam Crusader" in Japan and features no definite connections.
Desertstrikegg.jpg Desert Strike Shoot 'em up This version is really well done and preferable OVER the SMS version due to being better sound, crisper graphics, nicely done speed, and a superior interface. On top of that, it controls really well, especially the guns being separated versus overlapping buttons. Hell, this version even beats out the later strike entries on Sega's 8-bit machines. Suit up, and lift off.
Devilish gg.jpg Devilish Arcade/Puzzle Imagine if Devil's Crush and Breakout had a baby from the abyss. That's pretty much this. Guide a magic ball via your magic flippers as you tear through demonic locals, fight boss monsters, and try to solve a story nobody cares about. The neat thing is that your flippers can change formation, which is handy, because stages go all sorts of directions, not just vertically. The time limits can be a bit tough, but luckily you can find power-ups to help you out. It takes fast thumbs and a true eye to match wits with these devilish stages (hurr). There's a sequel on Genesis/MD, which is a bit cooler looking, and a spiritual successor on the DS, which has mixed responses.
Earthwormjim gg.jpg Earthworm Jim Platformer "Portable Jim? No way, man. The Gameboy games were bad enough." Well, Gene-I mean, Game Gear does what Nintendon't in this case (the colors and depth make a huge difference versus monochrome). This is a pretty damn good conversion of the 16-bit classic, and the best portable version (at least on a retro handheld). In addition to being a solid conversion, it's neat to see how they worked some of the effects and music within 8-bit limitations. Worm whip yourself a copy and have a blast. Groovy!
Ecco dolphin gg.jpg Ecco the Dolphin Puzzle Play as a fucking dolphin while doing flips and shit. Save your Dolphins friends from aliens! Also, puzzles. And dying! Oh God, the dying! If you're a chickenshit like me, you might prefer this version, since it isn't as scary as the others. You'd think it'd be worse as 8-bit, but nope, not quite as creepy. The action's still solid, though there's no way to pause, since Start activates your echo-song. So, yeah. Hope you don't have to take a shit. No worries though, because there's still passwords.
Ecco tides gg.jpg Ecco: The Tides of Time Puzzle More of the original. Looks and sounds a little better, but runs on the same engine (so don't play this right after you eat). You pretty much do the same stuff as the original. You can also transform into other creatures during certain stages, and occasionally must jump through literal hoops in mini-stages. If you liked the original, you'll like this as well. And yeah, there's still passwords. Strangely, you don't get a life or air bar until a few stages in, so don't think your game's busted. It's not.
Eternal legend.jpg Eternal Legend: Eien no Denetsu Action-RPG A Japan only Game Gear exclusive that's a traditional RPG in the vein of Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Sadly, it still lacks a translation, but evidently has a pretty good FAQ. Still, it's a bit hard to enjoy an RPG without grasping the story and atmosphere, right? It's rather wordy, so a translation patch might not come about too soon either.
Fatal fury special gg.jpg Fatal Fury Special Fighting I know what you're thinking: "OH FUCK NO. A HANDHELD PORT OF FIGHTING GAME BY TAKARA." Well, get this: It's actually GOOD. It doesn't really resemble the Nettou games on Game Boy at all. The action is as good as the consoles of the time, the music is pretty nice too. The sounds are a bit weird, and the roster's slim, but when all 9 characters included have every move from the arcade, and their arenas, who gives a shit? Grab 6 AAs and get bustin'.
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball.jpg Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Sports Damn, look at that cover. That's as cool as this game is. Not only does it look, sound, and play great, it gives you a LOT of options in menus. I mean, you can check your opponents, your players, and so much more, MID-GAME, AT DAMN NEAR ANY TIME. Now, this may sound a bit odd, but when you consider that Baseball is all about the stats, you can really get a feel for how deep a single game can be. I would go so far as to say this rivals some major console releases, even now! Definitely go for this, fan or not.
Fray.jpg Fray in Magical Adventure Shoot 'Em Up Whimsical little shmup spinoff of the Xak series, which was fairly prominent on MSX. This is actually a different version than the home computer version, which is more of an adventure game. Still, it ain't too shabby. Nice graphics, music, and gameplay. The neat thing about this is that you can jump, which makes dodging a little easier and lets game design add some platfoming in the mix. You can also use different charge shot spells as well. Japanese only, but, it's not like this story's that important.
Fred couples golf gg.jpg Fred Couples Golf Sports Well, it's golf game, but it's a damn good one. Very easy to control, but several factors considered with each and every stroke to help determine the exact distance, curve, etc. Even allows topography-viewing! Choose 4 different golfers with different stats. Allows to play with friends (which is at least a neat feature). Also has a tournament mode with saving/loading, but it sadly uses passwords.
G-loc gg.jpg G-LOC: Air Battle Shoot 'Em Up/FPS? One of those first person jet fighting games that sound awesome in practice, but bad in execution. Except this one is actually WELL DONE! Surprisingly, it's even better than the Master System version. You have various missions with different targets to take down. However, in-between segments, you can repair and upgrade your jet and arsenal in a shop (It even has the Fantasy Zone shop theme!). It's about as close to portable After Burner as one might get. There's a Genesis version, too, but that one kinda sucks, since it was supposedly done by Probe. That said, the arcade version happens to be pretty damn cool.
Godzilla Kaijuu no Daishingeki.jpg Godzilla: Kaijuu no Daishingeki Strategy/Fighting This website explains the game better than I could. A very strange mix of strategy and fighting games. It requires excess luck and skill in the fighting scenes and strategy in your unit placement to win. More so if you're the fucking G-Force. That's right. You can choose to play as Godzilla and his monster buds, or the humans out to protect their cities. It's a solid game, but it's not too easy to get into unless you're a big strategy or Godziller buff. Each map is based on a different movie. There's only 4, yet they're all really long. But! If you manage to get a medal in all 4 maps...
Gh.jpg Gunstar Heroes Run 'N Gun A slightly different version of the 16-bit original. There's no multiplayer and Black's stage is absent, but you use a giant robot instead of the ship-flying section. That said, everything else's more or less the same, but in 8-bit form: Gun combos, stage design, bosses, even the goddamn Seven Force kicks your ass in 8-bit. It's almost as good as the 16-bit version, as it's a damn fine port, but it's also a bit harder at times, due to invincibility frames not being as long.
Halley wars gg.jpg Halley Wars Shoot 'Em Up A classic-styled vertical shmup in the vein of Star Soldier. You control a ship that starts weak, but can upgrade numerous times in weapon power (in strength and spread), speed+control, and options (up to four, each of which fire along with you and each can be shot forward to act as full-screen bombs). Pretty standard, not as good as the Aleste series, but still kinda fun. Protip: At the Title Screen press Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, then start to unlock extra settings.
Head buster gg.jpg Head Buster Strategy RPG? A real oddball, as it's not quite an RPG, and not pure strategy. Plays similar to Super Robot Wars but with customizable nameless units. Essentially, you fight against enemies in an arena, but also make money to buy more robots and upgrade different aspects of their parts, giving them new abilities and so forth. Has a dedicated English page and translation patch for the Japanese ROM found HERE.
Jurassic gg.jpg Jurassic Park Platformer A pretty good movie tie-in. Has dual sections in each of the stages you can choose. The first half has you protecting your vehicle by shooting at attacking dinos. Strangely, the life upgrades you get (fuel tanks) transfer into the second half of the stage. The second half is much cooler. You go on foot to take out the boss dino and any others in your way with three different guns on hand, each with different effects. You can also crawl to hidden areas and grapple-climb across certain ceilings like a ninja. The action stage design and boss challenges are surprisingly well done. This game's worth hunting down, but its GG sequel, "The Lost World", isn't. Stick with this.
Last bible gg.jpg Last Bible: Megami Tensei Gaiden RPG Here more as a curiosity more than anything.  That said, it controls smoother and faster than the GBC version. This also has RUNNING in both towns and the overworld (!) and slightly alters a few story events. The graphics look damn cool compared to the GBC. The music took a hit, with only a small few songs from the original making it to this, as the soundtrack is more typical NES SMT-fare now. Unless you know Japanese, expect to brute force your way through certain parts of the story and negotiations unless you use an FAQ. Or, you know, just play the GBC game. Note: Last Bible Special is NOT this game, but a first-person game of its own, playing more like the original MT and SMT games. Translation now available.
Mickey legend illusion.jpg Legend of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Platformer This game has one fault: It's too easy. That said, it does some AMAZING things both graphically and musically for hardware from 1985. The morning daybreak over Castle Goofstein, the shimmering of the Crystal Forest, and others are a splash of color on the eyes. Even without many sound channels or the FM chip, songs like the Forest and Gardens of Illusion replicate the sensation of having more with clever use of techniques, pitch, and dynamics. It runs on a slightly improved Illusion engine, and now Mickey can throw magic balls to damage foes in place of his hip drop, and can store food to revive when his life bar hits zero. A lovely conclusion to a magical trilogy.
Lunarws.jpg Lunar: Walking School RPG An episodic spinoff of the Lunar series. Doesn't really resemble Lunar outside of having the Vile Tribe as your enemies. Unlike most RPGs, all of your characters are spellcasters specializing in different fields (mages, healers, magic knights, etc.). A light-hearted adventure that was recently translated (Get the patch here). It can get a bit confusing, so check the complete walkthrough/FAQ here. Remade for Sega Saturn with more Lunar-esque battles and cutscenes, but only this one is translated.
Madou monogatari I.jpg Madou Monogarari I RPG A very strange first-person RPG. There's items, but no equipment, only Magic spells you learn. There's experience points and level ups, but no visible stats. Your only hints as to your status are visual imagery and conversation texts. I'm not sure if this is casual or hardcore because of that. That said, the experience is still solid. You lead young Arle to pass her magic school's final exam by conquering a tower filled with goofy, but dangerous monsters. This has a full English translation patch for the ROM, which is quite helpful. If don't mind brute-forcing, MM III, also on GG, is superior, but lacks a translation. And yeah, this is where Puyo Puyo came from. Surprise! Now MMII and MMIII, and even MM Doki Doki Vacation all have full fan translations.
Mappy gg.jpg Mappy Arcade/Puzzle IT'S MAPPY! You know, "Mappy"? No? Oh well. Bounce on trampolines to recover stolen goods from cat bandits. Open doors to knock them on their asses temporarily. This port is better than Namco's standard Pac-Man copypasta affairs because it has both the arcade original and a newer and larger super mode with all new gigantic levels. (There's also a third mode, which I want to guess is a 2-player mode, but I wouldn't know, since I haven't been able to see it in person and you can't select it normally.)
Power rangers movie gg.jpg Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Fighter Don't give me that look. This is a surprisingly solid fighter. It controls great, and each character has a hefty number of moves. You can play as both heroes and villains, and even the lowly Putty Patrol! 15 characters, various arenas, and pretty groovin' tunes makes this a fan-favorite. One last note: STORY MODE SUCKS. Versus only, unless you want to fight tons of Putty Patrol...
Moldorian.jpg Moldorian RPG Another unfortunately untranslated RPG. That said, this one looks and sounds great. The story seems a bit non-typical as well, but is hard to figure out from just sprites walking and talking. The neat thing about this is the battle system, which has a sort of Active Time Battle system element to it, much like SquareSoft's early SNES Final Fantasy games, so think fast. There's a complete FAQ to salivate over until a translation team picks this up.

Full English Patch is here:


Nba jam te gg.jpg NBA Jam: TE Sports First off: TOURNAMENT EDITION ONLY. NBA Jam Original on Game Gear fucking sucks in comparison. This one is much smoother and not laggy at all. Other than that, it lacks most of the graphic cheats of its console brethren (There are a few cheats to use though), but its still damn fun. Although you can't tell the differences between most players, the graphics are also pretty good too. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any multiplayer, so this is best used for training on the go for any rematches you and your pals might have. Unlike every other portable version of NBA Jam that sucked, this one really stands out.
Pengo.jpg Pengo Puzzle Well, there's stages filled with ice blocks and you shove them at your enemies to kill them. The closest thing I can compare it to is: Pac-Man meets Amazing Penguin with a dash of Sokoban. Also, the Popcorn song. Holy shit. Other than that, there's not much to say about this that isn't obvious as you play it. Also, the Genesis version is alot different, playing like a shoddy arctic version of Bomberman, and it doesn't even have Popcorn! Boo to that.
Psa.jpg Phantasy Star Adventure Adventure Similar to the Phantasy Star II Adventure entries, this is a point-and click adventure game, except with menus. You explore different areas, and find different things to use in said areas. There are also some battles with enemies, except they are done with dice. It's worth a shot if you're a fan of old-school adventures like this.
Psg.jpg Phantasy Star Gaiden RPG A more traditional RPG. This is a sequel of sorts to the first Phantasy Star. Japanese only, but there's a fan-translation of course.
Popils.jpg Popils Puzzle You and a princess are in love, but some buck-tooth asshole puts your sweetheart in a number of puzzling castles. Any normal hero would go into the castles, right? Not the case here. You punch the castle apart in a tile-based manner. But since it's all 2D, and your princess is constantly moving left-to-right, there are a number of interesting and irritating solutions to get to or else the current puzzle becomes unwinnable and you have to start the stage over. Of course, that alone is half the fun.
Aleste2gg.jpg Power Strike II / GG Aleste II Shoot 'em up This is NOT the same as the Master System game. This returns to more traditional Aleste settings. Still, it's Compile, so you know you're in for a good shmup.
Pw.jpg Psychic World Platformer This is sort of like Megaman, except stages are predetermined. You do get a large variety of psychic powers though, each with different effects. ALL of them (except one that is pretty useless) can be upgraded to become more potent, be it in regards to damage or duration. This is one hardass platformer, though. How hard? One of your earliest powers is temporary invincibility, and you will need it VERY often.
Puyo puzlow gg.jpg Puyo Puyo / Puzlow Kids Puzzle Mostly here as a curiosity. Plays damn near the same as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine in essence but with different characters and music (well, this did come first technically). Japan only, but has a strange in-game translation of the entire game to English and renames itself "Puzlow Kids". Sega and Puyo Puyo go hand-in-hand, and there are other games with Arle and crew on the GG. Sadly, they are Japan-only with no translation (except for MM1GG), removing most of the fun for non-Japanese readers.
Ristar.jpg Ristar Platformer 8-bit Version of the 16-bit classic. There are differences in level design, and the graphics aren't as good as the the 16-bit, but the gameplay is spot on. Use your stretchy arms to get a leg up on enemies by swinging, ramming, and rocketing yourself throughout stages and through enemies. Features very surreal worlds and a pleasant soundtrack. Changing the region to Japan lets you play an extra (hard) level and some other minor differences.
Rstone.jpg Royal Stone Tactics RPG Sequel to Crystal Warriors above. This plays about same, so even if you don't know Japanese, it isn't hard to figure out.
Sfg.jpg Shining Force Gaiden Strategy/RPG Side-Story to the original Shining Force and happens 20 years after SF1. Town sections are streamlined into menus, and any exploration must be done mid-battle. The battles are still great and the graphics and music are impressive for 8-bit. This story features the children and relatives of Shining Force 1 and Guardiana's new enemies. Japan-only, but this and SFG2 below are on Shining Force CD, which is English with extra battles and connectivity. Perfect if you hanker for some more Shining Force combat.
Sfg2.jpg Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya/Shining Force Gaiden 2 Strategy/RPG The only Shining Force Gaiden game that made it to English. The sequel to Shining Force Gaiden. Plays like the first, but a bit more refined. The story is about Guardiana's ally-kingdom, Cypress, and its rescue mission to save Prince Nick from the cultist Iom Kingdom. Pretty decent story, although music is mostly the same. For those seeking a more challenging AI: Tap down rapidly as the SEGA logo forms. This will activate "EXCELENT" mode for a harder new game.
Sfgfc.jpg Shining Force: Final Conflict Strategy/RPG This game fills some plot holes between Shining Force 1 and 2. It plays like the other Shining Force Gaiden games, but features battle locations, music, and a few characters and relatives of characters from Shining Force 1 and 2, such as Adam, Sir Hawel, and your MC, Ian, is related to two very important SF icons. Bosses are pretty much all new though. Only in Japanese, but a FULL translation patch is available for the ROM. Easily the best of the Gaiden games, in more ways than one.
Sgg.jpg (The GG) Shinobi Action/Platformer Red must save his fellow Shinobi, who have been brainwashed by evil. After being saved, you'll find that each has their own weapon, ninjutsu, and skill. These are great for finding extra power-ups in levels. These different skills and the boss set up slightly resembles Megaman X. The last stage is huge, and requires all Shinobi skills.
Sgg2.jpg Shinobi II: The Silent Fury Action/Platformer More of the first, but difficulty has become more balanced. Stages are bigger, and you must also find orbs hidden within stages (which allows you to revisit them). Protip: Some Shinobi have changed since the first entry, so you'll have to get used to their new skills. This also has a huge last stage like the first game had.
Sokoban gg.jpg Sokoban Puzzle Well, it's pretty hard to fuck up Sokoban unless you plain don't give a shit. Thankfully, the company that made this put significant effort into the puzzles. If you've never played a Sokoban type of game, you try to push blocks into certain spots in order to clear the stage. Much easier said than done, because it's quite easy to mess up and get a block stuck to where you can't push it to a stage-clearing spot. These sorts of games have been on numerous platforms, but since you're here, you might as well start with this one if you haven't played one already. Japan-only release, but it's not like you need literacy to push blocks, right?
Sonicdrift2.jpg Sonic Drift 2 Racing You know why overseas never got Sonic Drift 1? Because SD2 blows it the fuck out of the water. It's about as close to portable Mario Kart as one could get back in the day, and it still holds up fairly well today. In addition to picking up items (use up on the control pad), each character also has their own special skill at the cost of 2 rings (use up when not holding an item). Pretty fun and even has a versus mode option, along with a hidden GP selection in single player.
Spinball.jpg Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball Pinball/Platformer A strange mix between platforming stages and pinball. Some love it, some hate it. The stage layouts and a few other factors are a bit different from the 16-bit version. In general, it's a little slower and controls a little bit tighter and the bosses are different. Not as cool as the 16-bit one, but puts up a good fight. It's definitely one of the better Sonic spinoffs to say the least.
Stt.jpg Sonic Triple Trouble Platformer Arguably the best 8-bit Sonic platformer. The game itself almost looks 16-bit! Tails and Sonic have unique power ups, and both can access special stages, which are now 2D and 3D. 2D stages are tough platformer sections and 3D have plane flying to collect rings (similar to 16-bit Sonic 2's special stages) This features Nack/Fang, an adversary you must fight to get Chaos Emeralds, in addition to Robotnik's other bosses at the end of Zones. A fanmade SMS port exists but has a few oddities. Called sonic & Tails 2 in Japan.
StreetsOfRageII-GG-EU-Front.jpg Streets of Rage II Beat 'em Up "Why would I want to play this, when I can play the kickass Mega Drive version?" Well, it's more of an alternate take really, kinda like Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. This version may be 8-bit, lack Max, and not be as rad as the 16-bit version, but it's still a damn good game. It's almost like a mix of SoR 1, 2, and 3. It has the smooth controls, combos, and other content from 2, but it keeps something neat from 1. Charge up the attack button and unleash a powerful one-per-life super-strike that hits the entire screen. Also, like in 3, normal specials don't cost life either. If you can play this with someone else, do so. Even if you can't, it's worth playing alone, especially if you love the 16-bit version and want to try something just a bit different from the norm.Note: Do NOT get the Master System version of this. That one uses the shitty SoR1 Game Gear's engine. This one uses a souped-up version of SoR1 Master System's engine, which worked great, but only supported 1 player. This one allows 2 players AND controls better!
Supah columns.jpg Super Columns Puzzle Much like the original except you can turn your columns at 90 degree angles as they fall. There's also bomb blocks which can clear a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, depending on how you align them. There's also Flash and Story modes, but frankly, they're cheap as fuck. The AI pretty much cheats at times in Story, and it feels like you can never get close enough to the target gems in Flash mode unless you're stupid lucky. If you want maximum enjoyment, stick with the Endless mode.
St.jpg Sylvan Tale Action/Adventure A nature themed Zelda-like Action/Adventure that takes some elements from Dragon's Trap (in that you transform into different animals and take advantage of their different traits to progress). Only in Japanese, but a near complete English translation patch is available for the ROM. A must play for any Game Gear owner!
Ta.jpg Tails Adventure Platformer/Action/RPG A platformer/action-RPG hybrid starring Tails from Sonic. You use gadgets (up to 4) to explore areas, fight enemies and bosses, and find more gadgets. You can even find new paths and gadgets in areas you've already been to, giving it some Metroidvania elements. There's no experience points, but you can level up your HP and flight meter by finding hidden Emeralds. This uses passwords, although on some collections you can opt for a "save state". A very unique experience that you should defiantly try!
Taisengata Daisenryaku G.jpg Taisen-gata Daisenryaku G Strategy Part of a LONG running series, and came out 3 years before the original Famicom Wars. Arguably, the GREATEST of all turn-based strategy series. This is one of MANY, but even on an 8-bit portable, it's still got PLENTY of depth to each and every map. Seriously, it's hard enough to bust your brain against the chess-master AI, but to do so in a language you probably can't even read?! Not at all for the feint of heart or mind. That said, the game looks and especially sounds great for GG. If any gameplay elements were lost from the transition from home PCs to GG, you probably wouldn't even be able to tell.
World series baseball 95.jpg World Series Baseball '95 Sports It's no Frank Thomas, but this manages to still be an enjoyable baseball game. The best things about this are how fast and smooth it is. You can probably clear an inning in the time it'd take you to get an out in other games (maybe). There's also some amusing little animations and ditties played as well, keeping it lively. If you're a baseball fan, but want to get things over with quick (especially on a Game Gear), this is the game for you. It may not be the best, but it's still a great alternative.
VirtuaFighterAnimation-GG-EU-Front.jpg Virtua Fighter Animation Fighting Not the best fighter around, but it has its charms. A small 7 person roster makes this seem weak, but each character plays rather differently, with individual specialties. There's a neat option for "pseudo-camera" control to zoom in or out depending on the fighters' locations, making it feel a bit like the arcade. Although versus mode is the main meat, there's also a goofy little story mode, worth a single playthrough. It's kinda cool in that you gain more fighters in your "party" and use one each as continues in the story battles. Overall, this game's pretty solid, considering it's just a curiosity nowadays.
Yuyu hakusho gg.jpg YuYu Hakusho: Horobishi Mono no Gyakushuu Beat 'Em Up Loosely based on the anime, but still good. The levels are weird and have freaky enemies. Kurama is OP thanks to his great jumping and long ass thorn whip. Hiei is less so due to his good sword range, but low defense. Yusuke and Kuwabara are hella strong, but have shit range. There's also Punch Out-like boss fights, but they control like River King. This has one weird continue system. You transfer any amount of vitality from your live pals into the dead one. Live ones must be careful when their stages come up, since you can't heal life outside of found items. Fun(?) Fact: Yusuke can't beat the final stage due to his shit jumping. Though if you want, you can beat the final boss as him by letting someone else beat the stage but die right before the last boss, so he can switch in. The other YYH GG game is a turnbased fighting game which sucks.

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