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==='''Similar Games'''===
==='''Similar Games'''===
<s>wake up timmy is time for school</s>
wake up timmy is time for school
I dunno, man, I'd play it. And aside from the ludicrous addition of a Demon Souls multiplayer I could see it being a thing. (no zelda title should ever be multiplayer unless its made exclusively for coordinated teamwork puzzles like four swords. Otherwise people could carry you through a bossfight while you stood in the back and hid. Or tell you all the answers to a puzzle.) Zelda titles already have a major theme of swapping between multiple worlds or versions of worlds. Would be really cool if it changed music tone and artstyle between timelines. Probably won't be as autistic about "fixing" the timeline as little timmy here wants it to be though. In fact I could easily see it ignoring that concept entirely, or if the split timeline going critical ''is'' the Inciting Incident, I can see it ending up causing more questions and loose ends than it solves.
So the first order of business here is, do we want the same Link doing things "Channel Chasers" style, or swapping between multiple Links that you unlock as the story progresses, each with their own inventory and special tools and abilities like Ocarina of Time or KH:DDD sort of did, and if the latter, does it possibly culminate in a situation where we become ALL the Link at once, or have one main Link and the rest all jump in to help deliver the final blow?
== Mega Man Legends 3 ==
== Mega Man Legends 3 ==
[[File:MegaManLegends3-02-426x320.jpg|200px|right]] Fuck you, Capcom. Seriously, fuck you.
[[File:MegaManLegends3-02-426x320.jpg|200px|right]] Fuck you, Capcom. Seriously, fuck you.
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