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Inglorious Basterds and the rise of the Alt-Right got you in the mood for some Nazi killin'? Check these games out. WARNING: Not safe for /pol/

  • NOTE: This page is still under construction, there are more games to be added.

The List[]

Box Art Title Genre Description Platform(s)
World-at-war-cover-art-1-.png Call of Duty: World at War FPS

Typical Call of Duty. Very first-person person. Featuring the famous Nazi Zombies mode.

360, PS3, Wii, DS, PC
Official Saboteur Game Cover Art-1-.jpg The Saboteur Third Person/Sandbox Bring the color back to Paris by killing some Nazis. Think Just Cause 2: WWII Style. PC, 360, PS3
Wolfenstein 3DO.jpg Wolfenstein 3D FPS Imagine this: classic Wolfenstein 3D, except there's a version of the game even better than the original PC version. Can't be true, right? WRONG. Wolfenstein 3D for the 3DO is actually the best version of the game; it plays exactly as good as the PC version but has even better graphics. AWESOME! Now go shoot some FECKIN NATZEES. 3DO and PC versions only, feggits. The SNES/32x versions are unacceptable, and any other release is too mediocre. (Emulated versions of the PC version are fine too, such as the Xbox Live release). 3DO, PC
Great escape c64 inlay-1-.png The Great Escape Arcade Adventure You play as a POW, and you have to escape from a German prison. ZX, C64, DOS
Brothers in arms hells highway-1-.jpg Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Strategic FPS Squad-based Nazi shootan. If you like actual storylines, instead of just killin' Nahtzees, this is the game for you (playing the first 2 BiA would make more senses if you care). Avoid the multiplayer like the plague. PC, PS3, 360
256px-Call of Duty 2 Box-1-.jpg Call of Duty 2 FPS Would be the best game in the Call of Duty series if not for WaW's Nazi Zombies. This has better multiplayer, though, and a fuckawesome campaign. 360, PC, Mac
915000 front-1-.jpg Axis & Allies RTS Pretty normal RTS. Choose a side and go. (Allies > Axis) PC
Hidden Et Dangerous Pal-1-.jpg Hidden & Dangerous FPS Your team has been shot down in enemy territory, get out. Dreamcast, PS1, PC
BF1942box-1-.jpg Battlefield 1942 Tactical FPS Team based shooter. Hold control points. It's also free on Origin, so there's no reason not to try it. PC, Mac
Bionic commando.jpg Bionic Commando Platformer/Run 'N Gun Fantastic platformer in which you are unable to jump and must instead rely on your TOTALLY AWESOME BIONIC ARM to navigate levels. It's like an entire game of using a really primitive Worms grappling hook. Basic level up system, multiple weapons, kill Nazis, etc. Has an infamous cutscene where Adolf Hitler's Master D's head fucking explodes. Bionic Commando Rearmed is a fucking epic remake for most modern consoles and PC, and totally channels the original in fantastic new HD graphics, great 3D models, and balls to the walls attitude. However, playing the original is always suggested before taking on the remake, just to see the evolution. NES
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines-1-.jpg Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines RTS

"Was ist das? Ein verletzte!"

{C Seven sneaky soldiers severely sodomize some sucka... snazi's. This awesome topdown view game has it all: timeless hand drawn graphics, challenging tactical/stealth gameplay and of course: some kick ass Nazi stabbin' action. Curious fact is that the game sold best in Germany. You'll enjoy touring the World War 2 fronts sabotaging ze german infrastructure and silently eliminating tons of krauts before escaping with a bang. After that, you'll want to play the expansion pack which is even more difficult. And then, on to part 2! The sequel is not as hard but it's pretty much a fuckin' better game. You'll replay it if only for that warm feeling inside from setting up awesome ambushes for the Nazi scum. The third game is meh.

PC, MegaDrive

Metro 2033

FPS FPS with survival horror elements. Takes place in post-apocalyptic Moskow's metro system. You fight against communists, nazis and abominations caused by radiation. PC, Xbox 360
Wolfenstein: The New Order FPS

After one final suicide mission by the Allies in 1946 goes horribly wrong, the Nazis win World War II, beginning their path of complete global domination (and even beyond). We pick up from 1960, with B.J. Blazkowicz awakening from a vegetative state in a mental asylum in Poland just in time to kill him some Nazis.

Lead the resistance, the Kreisau Circle, as you take on the Nazis in London, Poland, hundreds of meters underwater, and even on the fuckin' Moon. Comes with a variety of satisfying weapons, nearly all of them dual-wieldable, catering to both stealthy and excessively violent playstyles. Also, an interesting take on how the world might have looked had the Nazis won.

PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4