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Am game dev gen

Dreamers gonna dream.

Okay, so you're working on a video game, and you want your bros to know about it in some way/shape/form rather than continuously reposting in 'Amateur game dev threads'.

Here's a list for you bros to post your projects and BRIEFLY discuss what it's about, why you think it'll be neato. Linking to a development page/blog would be nice, but the only true requirement is some sorta screenshot, ya dig? A short gameplay video would be even cooler!

If you are interested in more of this type of thing, check out, they're your bros for this.

The Projects

Project Name Developer Genre Description Project Status Screenshot/Video
Save the Princess



Stealth Puzzle Adventure (made in java)

get it here

Finished Ad1-1-
Jump*Die*Create spotco Hipster Indie Platformer/Online

Hipster Indie Meat Boy Walljump Doublejump Vertical Platformer with Online level creation and database (with community functions!)

play here!

In progress

(playable online)

Berserker Quest VI


RPG/Hack and Slash

Co-op multiplayer RPG with roguelike elements


Beta 0.5



Walking Talking Grliling Bear Studios Sports/Hockey 3v3 Hockey. A lot of goals and hitting. Also they're Blocks. Play up to 2v2 online multiplayer for xbox. In progress Blockeyshot1
Kobold Camp Lagotrope, Pathos, Kaelem Gaen, Lofn, Deon, Chariot, Warlord255 Simulation/Mod

Dwarf Fortress, but you play kobolds. Weak, stupid, primitive but endearing kobolds. Because Dwarf Fortress wasn't hard enough already.

Official Site
Original thread

Finished Kobold camp tileset
Life+ Pastel Metroidvania

You are a cute alien boy in a 2D metroidvania-style game somewhat resminiscent in art style of Cave Story. Your main attack is throwing the floor!

Update Blog

In progress thumb|right|200px

Not your average SHMUP! This game (when finished) will feature a unique SHMUP experience featuring an engaging story and lovable characters.

It's in the pre-alpha stages right now but so far it looks promising (The main dev even says their writer "is no hamburger helper").

Dev Blog

In progress Pre-alpha-1

Shoot Me To the Moon

[Tentative Title]


It's a shmup.

With 4 shades of green.


Info and dl link

In Progress


On Hold


Pneumophagia HELLA JEFF, and two Anonymous Horror Metroidvania

sidescrolling horror game.


In Progress
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