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Halloween Games[]

Brief Introduction[]



Everyone loves Halloween (except hardcore Christians). For a lot of kids, Halloween meant a lot of different things- costumes, candy, spooky movies and, you guessed it, spooky video games! Today we've worked on a list of games to satiate your Halloween filled week.

  • All games on this list appear in the Wiki on their respective pages.
  • Game descriptions are largely unchanged from their appearance on the console pages, however, some were slightly altered or edited for this page.
  • A game doesn't have to be survival horror or horror/Halloween themed, necessarily, if it's spooky in atmosphere (like Metroid), but if a game just has a Halloween level (like Sonic Adventure 2), it doesn't qualify.

Due to this list being fucking HUGE it is now arranged by primary game type for ease of use. Some games may fall into more than one category (ex: Horror Survival/Puzzle, FPS/Action), so they were put under the category that fits them the best.


Box Art Title Description System of Choice
952338 110523 front.jpg Batman: Arkham Asylum You play as the Goddamn Batman. That's reason enough to play it. Besides, it's fucking awesome. It's so awesome that it's already got an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records (no, srsly, go look it up.) PS3
Bloodrayne small.jpg BloodRayne Play as an unrealistically huge-breasted female half-human,half-vampire, who somehow got lost in the plot of every Wolfenstein game. Boobs, insane amounts of gibbing and some cool gameplay ideas make up for rather unimaginative level design, muddy graphics at points and frustrating and unclear semi-puzzle elements. PC
Castlevania CoD.jpg Castlevania: Curse of Darkness A black sheep in the Castlevania family, this oft-overlooked 3D action/RPG hybrid is a product of controversy. On the one hand, the level designs are very disappointing and repetitive; on the other hand, EVERYTHING else about the game is so much damn fun. From the solid combat system to the surprisingly fun Innocent Devil system (raise your own monster that evolves to fit how you fight), this game excels in both fantastic boss fights and one of the best soundtracks in the series. Plus, the villain is so FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS! PS2
Dark Arms - Beast Busters Coverart.png Dark Arms: Beast Buster A curious arcade-esque action-RPG. Your character never once levels up, but can collect power-ups in stages. What does level up are your weapons. Capture enemy souls, feed them to your weapons, and evolve them into a variety of cool and twisted things, including, but not limited to: a machine gun that covers your body in steel, tentacle arms, laser cannons, and exploding dolls. You can also change your weapon's affinity, which affects damage done to elemental foes. The day/night cycle also affects your exploration, opening and closing different paths. It's only flaw is it's short. Definitely give it a shot though. Neo Geo Pocket Color
516x5vAb4fL. SL500 .jpg Dead Head Fred You're a PI who lost his head getting too close to a big scoop, literally. Now you need to get your real head back (as a zombie!), but in the mean time, you bloodily rip off other zombies and monsters heads, using their powers as your own.
Fred's voiced by Perry from Scrubs, so that about that when your playing, and shit'll be awesome, yo.
DevilMayCry.png Devil May Cry Demon asskicking 101: Be stylish, baby! A hard action game based around killing demons in multiple fun and stylish ways. PS2
DevilMayCry3 SE.png Devil May Cry 3 - Dante's Awakening: Special Edition Returning to the badass style of the first game, Devil May Cry 3 essentially gave fans exactly what they wanted: none of the bad bullshit moaning and whining and tears or horrid gameplay from Devil May Cry 2 and all the fun-loving, jerkoff antics and great gameplay from Devil May Cry; now with over-the-top ABSOLUTELY CAAAAARRAAAAZY kung-fu style action. This special edition lowered the insane difficulty and added a special mode where you play as Vergil. PS2
DevilMayCry4-1-.jpg Devil May Cry 4 It's DMC, but now you play as new protagonist Nero as well as everyone's favourite smartass demon hunter Dante. A solid combat system that can be used to rack up frankly insane combos (if you're good enough), hilariously cheesy cutscenes and dialogue (as is apparently standard in DMC) and a fair bit of replayability make this one to consider. Worldwide. Available on PS3 and PC. Xbox 360
Gp.jpg Ghoul Patrol Flesh-eating plants, ninja spirits, and ghosts that jump out of garbage cans vs. plasma guns, plunger arrows, squirt guns. Sequel to Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but for all of the newer additions, the game feels less fun overall. Still not too bad if you've got another player. SNES
Nightmare Creatures.jpg Nightmare Creatures Battle various classic horror monsters across gas-light era London, on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Lead one of two different characters as you attempt to stop Jack from opening a portal to hell. Also on N64. Playstation
Shadow-man-n64.jpg Shadow Man Shadowman is an action-adventure game (based on a comic) where you play as Mike LeRoi, a voodoo warrior that transverses both the living and the dead worlds. As Mike you have to stop Legion from collecting dark souls and harnessing their immortal energies as well as the five serial killers that are helping Legion to bring his immortal army into the world of the living. As you progress through your adventure your shadow gun becomes more powerful with more dark souls, gaining new weapons to set enemies ablaze, and gain tattoo markings to touch fire, walk on coals, and eventually jump into lava itself. Also available for the PS1, and was later updated for Dreamcast and for PC (which has more content). N64
Majoras-mask box.jpg The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask A more dark and surreal entry to the Zelda series. Save the world of Termina within a 3 day time frame which the player can speed up, slow down, or restart at will. Very short main quest compared to Ocarina of Time, but a slew of very fleshed out and emotional side quests. A must play for Zelda fans. Considered by many (including /v/) to be the best of the series and one of the best games ever. N64
83b7a3586e1842cc86a345ed33097b7d-Tim Burton s The Nightmare Before Christmas.jpg Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge Can't believe no one has mentioned it on the list of fucking HALLOWEEN games!


oh, the description?

It's Capcom. You run and slash all the shit that comes into your way

62791 front.png LEGO Star Wars:The VideoGame Can't believe no one has mentioned it on the list of fucking HALLOWEEN games!


oh, the description?

It's Lego. You run and slash all the shit that comes into your way

Gamecube and others probably


Box Art Title Description System of Choice
Badmojo.jpg Bad Mojo A gritty, eerie top down adventure game where you play a man who has turned into a cockroach and must travese over a seedy apartment building to find a way to change back into a man. Really clever puzzles and nice creepy atmos makes Bad Mojo one of the best surrealistic games ever made. Windows
BeyondShadowgate.png Beyond Shadowgate If you've never played Shadowgate on the NES or early Mac, then go back and play that first. Done? Okay, now onto Beyond Shadowgate. Great adventure game in the style of early PC titles like King's Quest, except you can legitimately attack. Interesting sequel with plenty of cool scenarios. The series had a third game on N64, called Shadowgate 64. Turbo CD
Brain Dead 13.jpg Brain Dead 13 Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking. "FMV? Fuck you, guy." But this isn't FMV like, Night Trap FMV, this is more like Dragon's Lair. A really funny and exciting adventure where you play Lance, basically a 90's /v/irgin who works for a computer store. He is sent out on a call to fix the computer of a mad scientist in a haunted castle! Feels like a Dragon's Lair to a big swig from the Halloween goblet. This game's a bit easier on people who aren't so good at these types of games since you have unlimited continues (Lance get's resurrected by someone in the castle). Also on PC, Playstation, Saturn, and Jaguar, but all those version are known to have problems. A must have for the 3DO. 3DO
Heart of the Alien.jpg Heart of the Alien Contains Out Of This World (aka Another World) and it's sequel (Heart of the Alien), all on one glorious disc. If you haven't played these classics, then get off this wiki and play them already. Sega CD
Hdcover.jpg Hotel Dusk: Room 215 A Point 'n Click Adventure in which you explore the eerie Hotel Dusk while unraveling the mystery behind it. Fantastic atmosphere, great characters and a nice art style make this a must play. DS
Ib.png Ib You are the little girl visiting an art gallery with your parents but decided to check out paintings by yourself. Strange things begin to happen and now you're stuck in some eldritch place looking for a way out. You found a rose but be careful, if the rose gets hurt, so will you. Very enjoyable game, albeit short. Can be completed in an hour or two. RPGMaker Get it here
Legacyofkainblood.jpg Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen A more story-focused 2D Zelda-clone. You play as Kain, a knight turned into a vampire, and travel the lands of Nosgoth in search for vengeance. Great storyline, and the first in the Legacy of Kain series. Playstation
Legacyofkainsoul.jpg Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver The next chapter in the Legacy of Kain saga. This time you play as Raziel, one of Kain's followers who is betrayed by his master. It's also in full 3D now. As usual, great storyline and voice acting. Playstation
ManiacMansion NES box.jpg Maniac Mansion Hilarious and somewhat spooky point and click adventure game with a stellar reputation for all the right reasons. After playing through the game, you'll definitely feel rewarded, it's that good. Also available on the PC. NES
Midnight Mutants 7800 Cover.jpg Midnight Mutants Excellent adventure game where you must send a witch back to her grave and save Al Lewis your grandpa who's been trapped by her in a pumpkin. Atari 7800
Sanitarium Coverart.png Sanitarium A point and click adventure game about a man who wakes up in an asylum, and must figure out what around him is real, and what exists only in his mind. PC
Shadowgate box art.jpg Shadowgate A classic point and click game originally on Mac with tons of fucking tough puzzles, plenty of exploring, some great humor, great tunes, and fantastic atmosphere. Spawned two sequels. NES
Shadowgate64.jpg Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers Classic style adventure game with great, medieval horror atmosphere and lots of puzzles to solve, and plenty of secrets to uncover. The last in a series (the first is on NES, and the second is on the Turbografx). N64
Yume Nikki Dream Diary by godsavant.jpg Yume Nikki Wander around a little girl's dreams (most of which are extremely disturbing) while collecting abilities, most of which don't do squat. The gameplay is mainly about exploration, as you are not given any specific goal nor given any clue about where to go, and the places availble can sometimes be very large. The game heavily relies on atmosphere. Definitely an interesting experience, nonetheless, give it a try. PC (Freeware)

Horror / Survival[]

Box Art Title Description System of Choice
Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-Cover-Art.png Amnesia: The Dark Descent The next game from Frictional Games, makers of the Penumbra series. Prepare your anus. Heavy stealth and puzzles make this a horror game we just won't spoil! PC
Blue stinger.jpg Blue Stinger This game was strangely, of all things, released before the Dreamcast itself actually came out (by nine days!). You're a guy living by an island. The island is the location where the meteor crashed that killed the Dinosaurs. Now horrific Dino-things and zombies are resurrected, and you're out to see what the fucks up. Any questions?

Sega's answer to Resident Evil, essentially.

515R3376J3L. AA280 .jpg Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth A fucking scary as fuck FPS game that takes place in the Lovecraftian universe. You better rely on logic and sanity to get through this game, because you're going to be doing a lot more detective work and running than shooting (you don't even get a gun till' around the second half of the game). The story is almost entirely based on Shadow Over Innsmouth, but takes inspiration and story-bits from many of Lovecraft's works. Also on PC. Xbox


Clocktower1.jpg Clock Tower: The First Fear Point and Click horror adventure game, you play the little girl running from a killer in a mansion.Only available in Japan on the Super Famicom and Playstation. Not to be confused with the US PlayStation "Clock Tower", which is a sequel to this game. There is an English patch for the SNES ROM image. SNES, Playstation
PAL-Xbox 360-Condemned Criminal Origins-1-.jpg   Condemned   An action-packed horror game with a strong focus on brutal melee combat. Hard to fault, even if the story falls apart later on. NA, EU.   Xbox 360  
PAL-Xbox 360-Condemned 2 Bloodshot-1-.jpg   Condemned 2   Inferior to its predecessor, it keeps some of the good, but loses lots of it in favor of a horrible story choice. Still OK if you need your horror fix. NA, EU.   Xbox 360  
Deadrising cover-1-.jpg Dead Rising A zombie kill-'em-dead, remembered for its various murder techniques. Somewhat repetitive later on. DLC. Worldwide. He's covered wars, you know. Xbox 360
DeadSpace PC boxart.jpg Dead Space A well-made third-person shooter set in space (of all places) fighting space zombies (of all things). Notable for its dismemberment mechanic, where to kill an enemy, you have to cut their limbs off. Also, it has no HUD, instead displaying all relevant information inside the game. Uses some good scare tactics, but misses out on some opportunities it had. Also on 360 and PS3. PC
Dementium.jpg Dementium: The Ward A survival horror game for the Nintendo DS. Surprisingly scary if you wear headphones and don't mind mediocre graphics. DS
Eternal darkness box.jpg Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem This game is just one giant mindfuck. As you progress through the game and lose sanity, all hell breaks loose. If you're not hearing voices, seeing things that aren't there, you're being prompted to reset your Gamecube in an attempt to inflict real life panic. If you're a fan of survival horrors and innovation, pick up Eternal Darkness. Gamecube
Fatal Frame.jpg Fatal Frame A surprisingly frightening survival horror game where you play as a young Japanese girl trapped in a mansion, searching for her brother, full of unhappy spirits. The only way to save yourself is to use the Camera Obscura, a mystical camera that can damage and capture the roaming life-force of the dead. The Xbox version has improved visuals and extras over the PS2, and is thus recommended. Xbox
Fatal Frame II.jpg Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Same good gameplay as the first, new character and scarier story. The Xbox version has improved visuals and extras over the PS2, and is thus recommended. Xbox
Haunting ground ps2.jpg Haunting Ground Explore a mansion with your canine companion in typical survival-horror fashion. Haunting Ground features a lot of bizarre sexual innuendo, vampires, and potential rape by Quasimodo. This actually started in development as Clock Tower 4. PS2
250px-Ju-on The Grudge game logo.jpg Ju-On: The Grudge A very underrated Survival Horror for the Wii. While short, it's also one of the scariest games this generation (and it costs very little). It is divided in several chapters in which you must solve simple item-based puzzles to find the exit, while trying not to get killed by ghosts. You don't have any weapons. You use the Wiimote as a flashlight. This game isn't for everybody; most people will probably find it as dull as the critics have. Recommended for horror fanatics, or if you're looking for a game that will scare casuals, as the game is so simple that anybody can play it. Wii
Luigis Mansion.jpg Luigi's Mansion A goofy, ghostbusters-esque adventure starring Mario's brother.  THink "cute survival horror with puzzles" and you get the picture. Launch title for the GC. Gamecube
Luigis mansion dark moon box art.png Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Luigi is back to save his brother from the spooky mansion full of restless spirits! A little heavier on horror than the first game with some genuinely spooky moments, but still rather light and enjoyable overall. 3Ds
Minecraft1.jpg Minecraft You try to survive in a massive, randomly generated, almost literally infinite map that's composed entirely of cubes. From there you dig and create tools in an attempt to build a shelter by nightfall, when the monsters attack. Hugely popular title with online options. Chances are you know all about it. PC, Xbox 360
Parasiteeve2.jpg Parasite Eve 2 The sequel to Parasite Eve, now a bit more leaning towards survival horror with minor RPG elements thrown in to customize your play style. Playstation
Pathologic.jpg Pathologic You play as one of three doctors, each with their own morals and practices, and each trying to find the cure for a virus infecting a small town. Unlike most games, there is a heavy emphasis on survival, and the choices you make can have long-reaching effects. Each time you play the game things might happen completely differently based on what you do. PC
Penumbra2-win-cover.jpg Penumbra: Black Plague Continuing the story, you can expect more of the same mindfucking and puzzles, except now there's no combat, fuckers. Best be learning how to run. PC
Resident-evil-1-ps1-box-art.jpg Resident Evil The first game to coin the term "Survival Horror" (even though Sweet Home and Haunted House were the first in the genre) this game is a little dated but still a worthy play for history's sake. Has a superior (and actually scary) remake on GC, recently re-released on the Wii with new control options. Playstation
Residentevil2.jpg Resident Evil 2 The sequel to RE. More of the same awesomeness as the first. Considered to be one of the strongest entries to the series. A must play if you've played or are going to play RE4, since Leon's origins are in this game. Playstation
Resident evil 3.jpg Resident Evil 3: Nemesis A side story of RE2. Plays just like 2, but with new features such as dodging and 180 degree turning (later used in future RE games). Also features everybody's favorite mutant, Nemesis. S.T.A.R.S., motherfucker, S.T.A.R.S! You encounter Nemesis multiple times unexpectedly, making RE3 a true survival horror game. Playstation
Resident Evil 4.jpg Resident Evil 4 The epic retooling! Resident Evil 4 popularized the over-the-shoulder view that many action games utilize today. And there's a good reason -- the angle works incredibly well with the series' infamous "tank-like" controls. Although it feels more like an action movie than a horror flick now, RE4 was still one of the best games of its generation. Gamecube
RECV boxart.jpg Resident Evil: Code Veronica In some ways, this is the real Resident Evil 3. Classic RE at it's finest, Code Veronica follows Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside uncovering the mysteries on Rockfort Island, an island lab in the Arctic owned by the Umbrella Corporation. Dreamcast
Rezerobox.jpg Resident Evil Zero Takes place before the first game, play as Rebecca Chambers and escaped convict Billy Coen as they discovers what's going on this damned mansion. Has a 'partner swapping' system where you can switch the characters on the fly. Gamecube
Rule of Rose.jpg Rule of Rose Rule of Rose is a 3rd person survival horror adventure. The main character finds herself transported to a mysterious orphnage ruled by a group of children called the "Rose Society". While simultaneously trying to unravel and obey the "Rose Society", you also do battle with strange ghost-like creatures and solve puzzles. A canine follower aids you in combat by stunning enemies with his bark, giving you the edge against foes that often outnumber you. PS2
Silent hill frontcover large GEC5ncgudtvuEdy.jpg Silent Hill One of the scariest games ever, even if the PSX graphics kinda sucks compared to today's standards, this game will scare you shitless. Must play for survival horror fans. The (direct) sequel to this game is Silent Hill 3 on the PS2 and PC, another incredibly scary game. Playstation
Silent Hill 2.jpg Silent Hill 2 Fuck yeah. Silent Hill 2! Essentially similar to Silent Hill 1, but with improved graphics and controls! Must have for any horror fan! Considered by /v/ as the most mind-fucking game in the series, as well as on par "scary" with 3. Like in the first, theres multiple ending, along with that "special" ending that everyone loves. An extra mode, "Born From a Wish" can be found on the Platinum re-release and on the Xbox and PC versions. It shows what happened to Maria before she met James. PS2
Sh3 boxart.jpg Silent Hill 3 FUCK YES YOU WANT THIS. This is "proper" sequal to the first game, where you play as Heather all grown up! Weird shit starts happening and you need to find out what the fuck is going on, as well as escape all those scary monsters!Some also consider this to be the final "story" in this series, as it is now getting a silly reboot/rehash on the Wii. PS2
Silent Hill 4 box.jpg Silent Hill 4: The Room In this Silent Hill, you play as Henry Townshend, you get stuck in your apartment and weird shit starts happening! (recurring theme much?). Along the journey, other people from the apartment building get dragged into this nightmare, their fates unknown.It was originally planned to be unrelated to the Silent Hill series, and now has a hugely different gameplay style than the other games, but also makes the game a little more interesting from that fact alone. PS2
8228.jpg Silent Hill Origins A prequel to the Silent Hill series. Surprisingly scary if you play it with headphones, and the lighting effects are stunning for a portable game. PSP
Boxart eu siren-blood-curse.jpg Siren Blood Curse Re-imagining of the original Siren/Forbidden Siren game for PS3. Horror story roughly in the style of Silent Hill. Contains elements of stealth and bashing zombies ("shibito" in the game) and is structured in tv-style episodes. The backstory and environment are pretty interesting, although the atmosphere isn't as scary as SH. Also the camera is kind of shit, but if you're into that kind of game it's okay. Not recommended if you don't like horrorgames à la SH. PS3


Box Art Title Description System of Choice
AkumajouRondo.png Akumajōu Dracula X Chi no Rondo This is the prequel to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Yes, it's a Japanese ONLY game, but that shouldn't stop you from getting it. Why? Because it's amazing. It's really that good. Plus, the CD add-on could play Japanese games without a converter or modification. You really owe it to yourself to get this game if you have a Turbo/Super CD. It was ported to the PSP (in English) WITH Symphony of the Night as Dracula X Chronicles, so check that version out if you're lazy. Turbo CD
Boku Dracula Kun boxart.jpg Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun Did you ever want to play Alucard, from Castlevania, as a bratty, snotty little toddler? Well now you can! An extremely fun platformer goofing off on the Castlevania franchise, you play as Dracula-kun aka Alucard in a classic platforming romp. Feels sort of Megaman-ish. Famicom
Castlevania boxart.jpg Castlevania The first in a line of many, many games has you, Simon Belmont, take on Dracula to fulfill your legacy. Whippan gaems. NES
Castlevania Bloodlines.jpg Castlevania: Bloodlines / The New Generation Another fantastic entry in the series. This one takes place after the actual Dracula novel, starring the son of one of the characters in the book. Noted for its fantastic graphics, gameplay, and music (composed for the first time by a then-unknown Michiru Yamane). Genesis
Castlevania-aria-of-sorrow.440979.jpg Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow AoS is a multi-headed beast; fantastic music, smooth 2D graphics, and an awesome gameplay hook: you can absorb the soul of ANY monster in the game. This means that your options in terms of weaponry are vast indeed.  Fans will eat up the plot, and everyone will love playing as a special secret character... GBA
Castlevania-circle-of-the-moon-gba-cover-front.jpg Castlevania: Circle of the Moon The first of the Gameboy Advance castleroids, CotM is indeed a fabulous game. Combining the joy of exploring a huge castle with challenging levels and boss fights is a genius idea, and this game pulls it off with gusto. The game may feel a bit dated, but the enjoyable card system and awesome music help give this bad boy some fangs. GBA
Alice 1.jpg American Mcgee's Alice Remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, take that, and run it through the mind of psychotic killer on a bad acid trip, and you've got American McGee's "Alice". Lots of dark, weird, twisted imagery and good Action Platformer gameplay, with surprisingly enjoyable twists on all your favourite characters from the classic story. PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Alice Madness returns box.jpg Alice: Madness Returns Apparently going through a trippy hell world won't help your sanity. Who knew, right? Join an older Alice as she returns to Wonderland one more time in hopes of putting her shattered mind back together. Heavier Platforming than the first game, so be prepared! PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Castlevania-dawn.jpg Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow The first DS Castlevania. Introduces the somewhat annoying animu style, but keeps the great Castlevania feeling. DS
Castlevania-harmony-of-dissonance-gba.451466.jpg Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance The black sheep of the GBA trio; some hate it, some love it. But if wandering a vast castle, fighting an enormous cast of bosses, uncovering secrets, and listening to a hauntingly moody soundtrack sound like your cup of tea, you'll want to sink your teeth into this one. Come for the solid gameplay, stay for the decorating. GBA
Castlevania-box-0-0806-dsf.jpg Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Konami's latest Metroidvania. Ditches the dual character system from Portrait of Ruin for a glyph system. As expected, there's lots to do and explore. Play as a STUPID DISCIPLE! DS
3ae3e65ff286545579f8a61dfbc4ff13-Castlevania Portrait of Ruin.jpg Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin This game is-- CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! CHARLOTTE! JONATHAN! (Translation: not bad at all. Features a concentration on teamwork and team-up skills. You also have a lot of extra characters and a balls-to-the-wall hard mode. Protip: NEVER SELL ANYTHING unless you can get more of it.) DS
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PAL).jpg Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Some would say this game perfected the Metroidvania/Castleroid style of gameplay. Something's up in Dracula's Castle and it's up to his son Alucard to investigate. Very fun but it gets laughably easy towards the end. Be aware there are a ton of RPG elements in this one and all of them are required to beat the game. Playstation
Castlevania3 box.jpg Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse An overall improvement on the first game. Multiple paths and multiple characters, as well as some seriously experimental music. NES
Decapattack.jpg Decap Attack A cool as fuck horror themed platformer where you play a headless mummy. One of your power-ups is getting a skull in place of a head and flinging it at enemies boomerang style. Controls are good and graphics are great. Fuck yeah. Genesis
Demonscrest.jpg Demon's Crest A spin off to the Ghosts 'n Goblins series by Capcom starring Firebrand, a demon on a quest to rule the world. A unique but extremely difficult and dark exploration-platformer with multiple endings. SNES
Eversion coverart.png Eversion A good old classic platformer, but with a twist. I won't spoil it to you, play it to get what all the fuss is about. PC (Freeware)
Ghoulsghosts.jpg Ghouls 'n Ghosts The infamously hard platformer series returns! Prin-Prin is captured by that damn Firebrand/Red Arremer once again, and Arthur has to fight his way through plenty of medieval horror themed levels to save her! Easier than Ghosts 'n Goblins, but tougher than Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Consider checking out the Master System version if you're still having trouble. It has a number of cool additions that allow for an easier game experience. Genesis
Ghosts n goblins NES boxart.jpg Ghosts 'n Goblins One of the hardest games ever made. You are Arthur, noble knight trying to save the princess Prin-Prin from Satan. You are very slow, all the enemies are very fast. 2 hits and you die. You must complete the game twice to get the true ending. Ha ha ha, fuckers. NES
Heart-of-darkness-playstation-front.jpg Heart of Darkness Fantastic cinematic platformer by Eric Chahi, creator of Another World/Out Of This World. You can expect similar gameplay in this one, with treacherous and unfair deaths waiting around every corner. The story is much less grave than Another World, centering around some happy-go-lucky kid whose homemade transportation device takes him to another dimension or some shit. You do still get to watch him die in many grisly and beautifully animated ways, though. Playstation
Maximo1.png Maximo: Ghosts to Glory The newest cast of characters and series of adventures in the Ghosts 'n' Goblins universe, Maximo follows tradition by being damn hard. The game is funny and has that certain 'taste' to it that definitely reminds you of the older Ghost 'n' Goblins games. Very underrated, this was an early release on the PS2... and yes, you do lose armor until there's nothing left but boxer shorts. PS2
Maximo2.png Maximo vs. the Army of Zin The sequel to Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, this game continues Maximo's unfortunate adventures into the realms of life and death and the escapades required in saving that goddamn princess. Considerably easier than the first game, Army of Zin is also much more polished. It's semi-rare because it did not sell well in it's initial release, due to stiff competition from Devil May Cry (another Capcom game!) and Ninja Gaiden. This pretty much offed then third game, which they were in the progress of making. PS2
Medievil.jpg MediEvil 3D platformer where you play as a skeleton, it's really good, the art style is nice too. Check out the sequel too, both are awesome games. Playstation
0690.jpg Metroid Fusion After eight years of franchise hibernation, Nintendo releases the sequel to the hit SNES game, Super Metroid. Fusion was released alongside the first Metroid Prime and signifies a change in the series' formula: Although exploration is still a factor, because of the setting and the focus on story the game feels much more linear than other Metroid games. Whether a change in pace appeals to you or not, Fusion was a hit and a must-try for any fan of the series. Little-known fact: Metroid: Fusion runs on a heavily modified Warioland 4 engine! GBA
522877-metroid zero mission super.jpg Metroid Zero Mission A retelling and re-imagining of the classic Metroid on NES! Zero Mission introduces newer franchise staples like ducking and ledge-grabbing to the first Metroid's setting, as well as retconning a bit of the classic story. Dramatic changes were also made to bosses and the world map itself. Because it introduces a sort of objective-type progression system, the same among you who disliked Fusion may not like this one much either. But for diehard fans, again, there's no choice but to try! GBA
Monster Party Box.jpg Monster Party Your name is Mark. You're on your way home from a little league baseball game when you are convinced to save a planet of monster people by a creepy gargoyle named Bert. The game starts off as a typical platformer but quickly goes into full mindfuck mode. This is one of the best platformers on the system, and is often overlooked. Easy to come by and cheap, there's no reason not to own this game. Considered too disturbing for Japan and was never released there, despite this the US publishers only censored the title screen and a couple of moments that really didn't need censoring. NES
Prinny.jpg Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Nigh-masochistic platformer (odds are you'll use nearly every life you get, and that's if you're GOOD at it). Features those penguin critters from Disgaea. PSP
Rusty01.png Rusty Shameless Castlevania clone (not a bad thing) but has features such as multiple whip directions which were absent after Castlevania IV. Protagonist is a sexy whip-wielding dominatrix tasked on ridding the world of the vampire lord Dracula Monte Carlo, who has been menacing a local village. Originally for a computer that has long been obsolete but you can find a rom and emulator for it. PC-98
GhoulsSNES boxart.jpg Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts An infamously difficult platformer by Capcom. SNES
SuperMetroidboite.png Super Metroid The third installment in the Metroid series. It is still widely considered the best in the series by fans. SNES
Ultimate-ghosts-n-goblins.jpg Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins A very nice remake (no, it's the final sequel believe it or not) that keeps the core gameplay intact while adding new RPG-like items and fetches, all the while injecting gorgeous new eyecandy. PSP


Please note that many games on this list may have RPG elements. These games are RPGs foremost with other stuff taking a back seat in general.

Box Art Title Description System of Choice
Costume Quest The quintessential Halloween game. You play as one of two twins who go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Monsters show up and nab the twin you didn't pick, and it's up to you to save them. In battle you transform into a giant version of whichever costume you're wearing, the turn-based combat allows you to attack, defend, or use a special ability involving a quick time event. Materials can be collected to craft a variety of costumes with different abilities. Perfect game to get you in the Halloween spirit. Has a sequel that is just as good. PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Disgaea.png Disgaea: Hour of Darkness An SRPG designed around grinding, with systems that make it easier. The max level is 9999, and you can go into items and grind in there to make them stronger. An excellent choice if you're wanting hundreds of hours of gameplay. PS2
Disgaea2.png Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Same as Disgaea 1, but with more systems, more characters, more systems to grind. Excellent time waster. PS2
Disgaea 3- Absence of Justice.jpg Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice A strategy RPG with an incredible amount of content.Has a over the top story that makes fun of itself. Maximum level is 9999 so be prepared to spend some time if you want to see everything in this installment of the series. PS3
Folklore.jpg Folklore An action-RPG where you unravel a murder mystery while fighting through various unique worlds alongside numerous monsters that you capture. Features colorful, vibrant graphics and six-axis controls that actually work - and work well. Though you play as two different characters, you go through the same areas as each one, so it can get repetitive. Kind of feels like if you mixed Devil May Cry, Fable, and generic JRPG. Not a bad thing. PS3
Okage.png Okage: Shadow King While the gameplay is very typical RPG flair, this game sets itself apart for having a fantastically gloom and humor atmosphere that feels like a Tim Burton movie animated by a Japanese mangaka. An early release on the PS2, it still stands out as a cult classic. PS2
Parasite eve us-front.jpg Parasite Eve Remember when Square made relatively refreshing RPGs? Well Parasite Eve is one of them, a survival horror styled RPG about mitochondria raging. Also has a sexy lead, Aya Brea. Want Less RPG and more shooting? Try the sequel! Playstation
Planescape.jpg Planescape Torment This is a very dark, story driven game. AD&D rules are present, with a world where good versus evil is replaced with Law versus Chaos. (See Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn and Icewind Dale) The writing in this game is absolute gold. PC
Shadow Hearts.png Shadow Hearts A JRPG where you play as Yuri, a "Harmonixer" who can basically turn into demons, who meets a girl named Alice, contemplates raping her (not even kidding), then decides to protect her. Do NOT play the first sequel, "Shadow Hearts: Covenant", without finishing this game first! PS2
Shadow Hearts Covenant.png Shadow Hearts: Covenant The year is 1915. You're a guy who turns into Lovecraftian hellspawn. You join up with a German army officer, a gay pro wrestling shapeshifting superhero vampire, and Princess Anastasia Romanov (yes, that Anastasia) to go kick Rasputin's ass. While it has a serious story, it's also got a great sense of humor (and a lot of historical in-jokes). PS2
SH From The New World.jpg Shadow Hearts: From the New World A lighter-hearted sequel to Shadow Hearts taking place in the United States in the 1920's/30's (it's hard to tell). The cast of characters is much more zany than the first game, and the plot much less serious, but the creatures are still just as messed up as always. PS2
Devil survivor ds.jpg Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Tokyo has been issued a lock down and strange things have been going on. To make things even more complicated, you have been given a device that tells you who and when they will die! You and your friends have been forwarded mysterious messages that predict future events and if you intervene, your impending deaths seem to be altered depending on your actions. Challenging game with over a hundred demons to recruit into your part. Tons of character customization, but boss battles are ragequit inducing. DS
SMT Digital Devil Saga.png Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Play as a rag-tag group of soldiers, who just so happen to be demons as well. Eat your enemies to get stronger. Kill the other groups of soldiers so you can go to heaven. Yay! PS2
SMT Digital Devil Saga 2.png Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Obviously, the whole heaven thing didn't work out like you thought it would. Now, you eat more people, and want to kill God in the process. PS2
SMT Nocturne.png Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne You play as a demon freshly sent to hell by an apocalypse, and what is your mission? Collect ancient hellish artifacts and kill Lucifer to usurp control. Isn't that bad ass? Dante from Devil May Cry appears in the Japanese special edition (subtitled Maniax Edition) but he auto-comes in the western release. Awesome! PS2
Persona psp.jpg Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Different from recent entries (obviously) , but the translation's been revamped for the better, everything is smoother (in loading and accessibility) and has a number of nice additions such as animated cutscenes and some new music. It's like you're really Japanese. PSP
Persona3FES.png Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3: FES Going to school and dating girls during the day, fighting demons at night, this game will keep you busy and does a great job of balancing both sides of the gameplay. Personaes can be fused to make new, stronger personaes as you go. PS2
Persona4.png Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Persona 4 follows the principles as P3, with improvements having been made both to the battle system and the dating sim aspect of the game. The cast and story are entirely different than 3. The only connections are that it takes place in the same universe and the class trip takes place at the school in 3, so you don't need to play 3 to understand the story in 4. PS2
Sweet Home Box.jpg Sweet Home Not exactly an accessible game (LOTS OF JAPANESE TEXT), Sweet Home for the Famicom is easily one of the best RPGs for the system. Actually a game tie-in for a low-budget horror film, Sweet Home is one of those rare examples where the game is better than the movie (but then again, back in the day Capcom was known for making stellar titles based on licensed film/cartoon properties). Follows many typical RPG formula standards, but has many of it's own interesting elements as well (each member of your party only has ONE ITEM, and you cant take everybody at once, so have to decide which items you'll need at one point). Horror themed obviously, the atmosphere in this game is stellar. This game was the inspiration for Resident Evil. There is a translated ROM available.


Capa-tecmos-deception-invitation-to-darkness-ps1-usa-ps1-isos-org.jpg Tecmo's Deception A first person RPG/Puzzle game in which you try to kill intruders in your castle with traps. Has a very dark and gripping story with a lot of Satanic/gothic references and themes. The games is very "old-school Playstation," in feel, and the load times are atrocious (especially when saving and loading games.) Spawned four more sequels which are equally worth checking out. Playstation
TheDarkSpire.jpg The Dark Spire Extremely difficult first person dungeon crawler with the option to turn on wire frame graphics to make it like an early 80's RPG (awesomeness). Be prepared to do some grinding. Generally goes for around 10$ ($5, if you're lucky), comes with a nice cardboard case and a free soundtrack. DS
Vampire.jpg Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Sort of like Deus Ex with Vampires. Good story, satirical humour throughout. Quite unique, and worth multiple playthroughs. PC

Shooters (Non-Lightgun)[]

Box Art Title Description System of Choice
252px-Aliens vs. Predator 2 Box Cover.jpg Aliens Vs Predator 2 Play as either the aliens, predators or humans, each with very different abilities and tactics. The campaign is very atmospheric, especially the Marine campaign which does a very good job of bringing the feeling from the movies. The radar's filled with white dots closing in, you just have your flashlight spinning in circles hoping to see them before they jump you. They're right on top of you according to the radar. Silence. Then hell breaks loose. PC
Blood small.jpg Blood Old school Build-engine horror FPS, lots of gore and black humour. Multiplayer (deathmatch and co-op) were tremendous fun but hard to get working nowadays. Also tons of snappy one-liners similar to Duke Nukem.

Now available on Good Old Games with the Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage as one package.

Undyingcover.jpg Clive Barker's Undying Horror FPS about some Irish paranormal investigator investigating occult happenings at an estate of a friend. Features lots of Lovecraftian horror and other typical occult supernatural things. You can use guns and magic. PC
Doom.jpg DOOM While DOOM was not the first FPS, it single-handedly kick-started not only one of the most popular genres of gaming, but also multiplayer gaming. Blasting demons has never been more fun. Also the Doom Guy is only holding one guy, seriously. Look. PC
Doom II small.jpg DOOM II Super-shotgun. PC
Doom 3 Limited Collector s Edition.jpg Doom 3: Limited Collector's Edition The Doom series made a great transition to modern gaming. Actually scary at moments, with plenty of oh shit scenes. Great controls and atmosphere, music is pretty good. The Limited Collector's Edition comes with the original Doom and Doom II. Xbox
Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil-xbox.jpg Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil An expansion to the Doom 3 story with a new, even angrier protagonist. Plenty of fun to be had. Xbox
FEAR DVD box art.jpg F.E.A.R. Scary FPS by the company that made Blood. Good atmosphere and strong AI make the game quite tense and exciting. PC
Geist box.jpg Geist Solid FPS with a twist. You play as a ghost with the ability to possess people, and must find out the mysterious truth about why. Gamecube
Ghostbusters xbox360.jpg Ghostbusters: The Video Game You're the new Ghostbuster. Follow around Spengler, Stantz, Venkman, and Zeddemore as you plow through ghosts old and new in a fantastic third person shooter with plenty of inventive gadgets, awesome atmosphere, and a great script. Like in Dead Space, there is no HUD, you all your health/status information is relevant within the game (mainly as lights on your proton pack). Xbox 360
Harryart.jpg Halloween Harry Halloween Harry is a Duke Nukem-esque side-scroller where you rescue the bitches in that picture from zombies and other shit. Your primary weapon is a flamethrower. PC (Freeware)
Killing-floor-20090320110707120 640w.jpg Killing Floor Co-op zombie killing. Originally a Unreal Tournament 2004 mod. A bit deeper and more challenging than Left 4 Dead. PC
L4dcover.jpg Left 4 Dead Co-operative multiplayer FPS involving zombie hordes and an AI "Director" that creates situations intelligently based on the players' conditions and actions. Headshots are superb, and the game can feel wonderfully epic when the numbers of attacking zombies reaches its peak. Casual, but due to being easily accessible for all gamers, lots of unobtrusive hand-holding and non-competitive gameplay make it a great entry point for getting friends and family away from the Wii and into 'real' gaming. PC
Metroid Prime Trilogy.jpg Metroid Prime Trilogy Entire Metroid Prime Trilogy on a single Wii Game Disc, why not? Obviously includes Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The first two entries are enhanced with Wii controls and EDTV (480p widescreen).Warning: Saves from the non-trilogy version of Prime 3 do NOT transfer to this version. Wii
Onslaught box.jpg Onslaught A well-made WiiWare game that manages to fit a full-fledged FPS into a tiny download due to Nintendo's file size limits. Controls are smooth and effective with some freaky-ass moments in the mix for added fun. WiiWare
98.jpg Painkiller Classic FPS set in fantastical supernatural occult settings varying from citadels and churches to graveyards to gigantic castles and beautiful palaces to dark caves, cold cities, and theatrical auditoriums. A HUGE variety of enemies from the typical occult skeletons to your HP lovecraft monsters and a vast array of unique weapons to fight them. All you really need to know is that there's a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning. PC
Penumbra overture.jpg Penumbra: Overture A FPS set in 2000 where a scientist is led to Greenland in search of his dead father. He falls into a mineshaft where he is only equipped with a flashlight(which runs on batteries) and a glowstick. The game blends a very unique physics element where you must click and drag items to pull them open/closed. Enemies include wolves, giant spiders, giant worms, and humanoid like creatures. Only weapons are a pipe and hammer. Has tons of puzzles. Wolfan gaems. PC
Stalker.jpg S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl A very scary game. Amazing FPS with freedom being the key gameplay element. Explore the forbidden zone scavenging and bartering for weapons and items etc, taking missions, and trying to avoid all the seriously fucked up shit that is going down near Chernobyl. Has some great mods, such as L.U.R.K or Oblivion Lost, that overhaul the game. Hard as balls. PC
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse.jpg Stubbs the Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse A game made with the Halo engine, Stubbs the Zombie is a game where you are the demons zombie. The game has awesome third person gameplay, a great sense of humor, and an interesting story to keep you munchin' on humans long past after your first playthrough. Xbox, PC
System-shock-2-box-art.jpg System Shock 2 Survival Horror FPS. Very scary and atmospheric. Most people will be pretty freaked out if they play this at night, with good speakers/headphones. Those who find this too hard/scary/dated should look to Bioshock. PC
The Suffering.jpg The Suffering The Suffering is a third person shooter in which the main character Torque is sent to a jail for a crime that he doesn't know he committed. He has to escape a jail with a haunted past and fight nightmarish creatures that symbolize the various death treatments of pass victims. There is also a shallow good and evil system that only affects the ending credits, hand full of monsters and weapons but the game always manages to be a very entertaining third person shooter, especially with some unique bosses. Also available for the Xbox, PS2. PC
Zamnbig.jpg Zombies Ate My Neighbors Olf school run and gun in which you shoot a lot zombies with water pistols. Very fun in co-op, but some prefer the Megadrive/Genesis version. SNES

Shooters (Light gun type)[]

These will require specialized hardware or are wii only. Don't try emulating them unless you can also emulate the hardware or you will be disappointed. Those who can get the hardware, however, are in for a good time.

Box Art Title Description System of Choice
DEADRISING PAL WII.jpg Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Don't let the semi-negative reviews fool you. You can't play this game without enjoying yourself. It's a port of the 360 version, with an improved save feature, easier mission access, and creative use of the Resident Evil 4 engine, making it one of the most fun games on the Wii. The story's nonsense, some missions have questionable logic, but the real meat is the zombie slaying. It's fun blasting things in a light-gun style,and using a chainsaw on the Wii has never been more satisfying. The game does have some flaws. Expect some fading when you have five zombies on-screen, and sometimes zombies disappear for no reason. The addition of zombie animals is a bit odd, those zombie parrots suck balls. Wii
DS Extraction.jpg Dead Space: Extraction A rail shooter for the Wii based on Dead Space. Surprisingly effective at freaking you out despite the on-rails action. Has several bugs that can crash your game, but definitely worth playing through. Has amazing graphics rivaling HOTD: Overkill and Resident Evil: UC. Wii
RE Umbrella Chronicles.jpg Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Umbrella Chronicles retells scenes from Resident Evil 1 and 0, but in light gun shooter format! Yay! It tries to remain as faithful to RE as a rail shooter can, and it's competent at doing so. Headshots are hard to get though. Wii
Snatcher.jpg Snatcher An early Hideo Kojima game. A fantastic experience that mixes a great graphic text-adventure with light-gun segments for a truly unique experience. Didn't originally catch much attention and fell at the end of the Sega Cd lifespan thus dooming it rarity and to being VERY FUCKING EXPENSIVE. The iso can also be a bitch to work with sometimes, so good luck. NOTE: The Sega CD plays burned games fine without modification, so that's always a perfectly viable option, but make sure you read a tutorial before attempting this just to be extra sure you don't waste a few discs. Sega CD
HotD2-3.jpg The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Collects the arcade games House of the Dead 2 & 3 in one solid package. Voice acting and story are as awful as ever, and you'll love every second of it as you're blastin' up zombies. Wii
House of the Dead Overkill.jpg The House of the Dead: Overkill House of the Dead takes on a 70's pulp Grindhouse cinema feel. Corny dialogue/acting, lots of MOTHERFUCKIN' swearing and tits, and plenty of blood. A combo system makes scoring high a test of pure skill, and there are a variety of different weapons to splatter zombies with. The best House of the Dead game EVER. Wii

Other Genres[]

This may be split up later if enough games of a certain category appear here. In the meantime, click "genre" so sort by game type.

Box Art Title Genre Description System of Choice
Batman arkham city 360.jpg Batman: Arkham City Stealth / Action You play as the Goddamn Batman. That's reason enough to play it. If Arkham Asylum was too much of a beat-em-up for your Batmanly tastes, try this one where stealth gets you all sorts of bonuses! Play as Catwoman if you are super big on stealth and hate fighting. PS3
1eeef61bb8910d6d828bab6d779444ce-Boktai The Sun Is in Your Hand.jpg Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Stealth / RPG Action, Stealth, and some light RPG elements combine in a fantastic game from the trolltastic mind of Kojima. Use sunlight to battle vampires, traverse fiendish dungeons, and solve tricky puzzles. With tons of gun parts to find and fruit to grow, this is one adventure that has some serious legs. Haunting music and beautiful graphics make this sweet experience even sweeter. TAIYOOOOOOOOO!!! (Keep in mind that actual sunlight is a crucial gameplay element of Boktai. If you live in a region that does not get much sun, you will be better off emulating a cracked ROM of this game.) GBA
920413 front.jpg Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Stealth / RPG This sequel is a whole different breed of animal; the action is beefed up, with greater reliance on close combat and switching elements. Spells are easy to use, and the leveling system is deeper. The same great art direction returns, along with more beautiful music. The boss fights are challenging, and the puzzles and dungeons will test your wits using new weapons. Django will have to fight using Swords, Hammers, and Spears; as well as master an element system granted to him by the gauntlet "Sol de Vice" - and, of course, the power of the sun. After a certain point in the story, Django can forge new weapons to more effectively kick undead ass! There's even a new Dark Django system in store for you to experience, showing up at a crucial point in the plot. GBA
Boktai3sc.jpg Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack Stealth / RPG The third installment in the Boktai series; Japan Only (Although a mostly complete translation has been released). IT HAS A CASKET MOTORCYCLE, THOUGH; A CASKET MOTORCYCLE! IF YOU LOVED BOKTAI 1 AND 2 AND THOUGHT THE SERIES NEEDED MORE MOTORCYCLES, THIS IS YOUR KIND OF GAME! GBA
Haunting.jpg Haunting: Starring Polterguy Stealth / Being a Dick You play Polterguy, following this family around various houses to scare the living crap of them by possessing objects in the house.  Beware of the family dog! Genesis
Darkstalkers-chronicle-the-chaos-tower.jpg Darkstalkers Chroncle: The Chaos Tower Fighting A fighting game developed by Capcom (who else?) that features classic horror monsters like werewolves, vampires, succubi, and Little Red Riding Hood duking it out to... well... it's over-the-top fighting action. Sort of the Capcom version of Guilty Gear (only older than GG). Darkstalkers 3 is available on the PSX, but the recommended version is the PSP version due to having every version of every character. It's a port of the Dreamcast version "Vampire Chronicles" with a new "Tower" mode, so if you don't have a PSP but you do have your Dreamcast get that instead. PSP, Dreamcast
Higups2.jpg Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/When the Cicadas Cry Visual Novel Non-interactive visual novels about a transfer student trying to adjust to living in a quaint village. Things take a turn for the worst when he suspects the village is hiding a dark secret regarding mysterious deaths and begins to distrust his friends. Originally on the PC with a pending fan translation patch in the works, Also has an enhanced version for the PC, PS2 and DS which includes multiple paths, however they are Japanese only. PC, PS2, DS
Lit cover.png Lit Puzzle A WiiWare puzzle-style game that puts you in a haunted school - if you step into the darkness, you are horribly torn apart by... "things". You gotta cross the room by turning on lights to make paths. If too many lights go on, the circuit breaks and EVERYTHING goes dark. Surprisingly effective and creepy, with unique and effective boss battles. WiiWare
LRRHZBBQ.png Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Shoot 'em up It's a fun, typical shump, but bosses are taken from fairy tales and shit, except zombified and horror themed (?). It can be rage inducing hard at times. DS
Nosferatu.jpg Nosferatu Beat 'em up / Puzzle Prince of Persia meets Castlevania. Roam Dracula's castle as a bad-ass beating up monsters with your bare hands and dodging tons of death-traps. SNES
Plantsvszombies.jpg Plants vs. Zombies Tower Defense / Strategy A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door. Each zombie has its own special skills, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. PC
Splatterhouse.png Splatterhouse Beat 'em up What is there to say about Splatterhouse? The series has cult classic status for its great gameplay, horrific atmosphere, and gory visuals. This is a port of the first arcade game, and the only available home-console version. The only real noticeable difference from the arcade is that the 'mask' is red instead of white... The two sequels to follow were ported to the Genesis instead. TurboGrafx-16
Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti box.jpg Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti Beat 'em up A chibi version of Splatterhouse on the Famicom. I shit you not. Just as fun as the other games while being three times more fucking hilarious (because it's still violent/gory despite the cute look), this game is a must-own. I think this is technically a prequel to the first game in arcades/TurboGrafx16. Famicom
Splatterhouse2boxart.jpg Splatterhouse 2 Beat 'em up The gory, horror themed beat 'em up is back! Rick has to go back to the haunted house to beat the shit out of more ghosts, zombies, and aliens in the most gruesome manner to save his girlfriend. Fuck yeah! Genesis
Splatterhouse3-box.jpg Splatterhouse 3 Beat 'em up The third and final chapter in the original Splatterhouse saga. Rick and Jen got married and had a kid, but the damn cursed draws Rick back to the house for one last time. This game makes some gameplay changes that some people like, and some dislike. First, there's a time limit, giving a sense of urgency. Also there is a power-up mode, where if collect enough orbs, the mask turns Rick into a giant zombie hulk that annihilates anything on screen. Genesis
Typing of the Dead.jpg The Typing of the Dead Edutainment / Horror Instead of shooting zombies, you type them to death with the keyboard. Fucking hilarious. Dreamcast
Ohdesire.jpg Umineko no Naku Koro ni / When the Seagulls Cry Visual Novel Spiritual sequel to Higurashi. Series of non-interactive visual novels about the prosperous Ushiromiya family that is squabbling over an inheritance of 20 tons of gold. Things go wrong as a typhoon traps them on a lone island, a mysterious figure only known as "Beatrice" makes a claim over the inheritance and people start dying. The survivors are convinced that the murders are done with supernatural means but Battler Ushiromiya will have none of that shit. The best part of the series is the amazing atmospheric music that ranges from chilly to badass. As of January 2011, the series has officially ended( no, actually it didn't, there's still REI in the works) and a controversy has arise over how the series has ended. It's worth noting that this series is infamous for false or misleading spoilers so use your own judgement. Only available in Japan on PC and PS3 (the latter having much more improved art) but has a fan translation patch for the PC version. PC, PS3