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A guide to Harvest Moon / Bokujō Monogatari[ ]==

1996: Harvest Moon The very first game that started it all. Has aged alright, the biggest thing to get used to is having no rucksack. The night lasts forever so if you want to marry Eve who works at the bar, you can woe here in one single night. Any Harvest Moon fan should play this at least once. Ellen from this game appears in 64.

  • 1997: Harvest Moon GB/GBC

The second release ever, got a color re-release the next year. It's quite primitive, there's no town map or much to do at all, not nesseracly recommended but try it if you want to play every HM that ever came out.

  • 1999: Harvest Moon 64

Considered the very best of the series by many, partly because it's fucking awesome and partly because of the nostalgia factor, either way, you really owe yourself to play this one. The characters in this one really feel alive. The graphics weren't really demanding even for the 64, but it works and still looks great. There's no shortcut to take things out of the rucksack (as far as I know) so that's annoying when coming back from BTN and on, but really, play this. Mainly the same cast as BTN/FOMT but with different families.

Harvest Moon 2 GBC

Let's you play as a girl but doesn't have marriage though. Interesting features for the time, like unlocking new fields and such. There's not much interacting or relationships to be had with the villagers, but it's an interesting game worth trying.

Back to Nature/For Girl/Boys and Girl

Another one that's possibly the very best of Harvest Moon, takes the cast of 64 and a few new faces to Mineral Town with graphics that were arguably more beautiful than 64 and more camera angles. Has loading times though. Introduced the Harvest Sprites and real cooking unlike 64's recipe collecting. It also had a lot of fun festivals with mini-games that felt more exciting than many in the newer games. For Girl was a Japan only release for many years, but it finally got translated and released on PSP and PS Network in 2005 and 2009 respectively. However, the game ends if you get married as a girl.

  • 2000: Harvest Moon 3 GBC
  • 2001: Save the Homeland
  • 2003: Friends of Mineral Town
    More Friends of Mineral Town
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
  • 2004:
  • Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life
  • 2005: Magical Melody

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