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This is a page about hentai novels only. A novel in this page must have hentai/eroge-related content in it: if you are looking for other good novels (like Clannad, Ever 17 or Umineko no naku koro ni) try our Visual Novel Games page. This section is eroge only.

There are no free novels in this list (except Katawa Shoujo), so if you want to play them you'll have to search for yourself (can't post those links on a wiki). If you want free adult reading and don't care if it's Japanese, we have an Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) section.

All the hentai games that have different game play (including sim-dating) are here. That list include some DOS games (like Three Sister's Story or True Love), which are more sim-date oriented. If you want no reading, try the Zone Games Listing.

Game Screen Title Description English?
[[]] Atlach=Nacha A shape-shifting spider demon is recovering from an attack by a monk who wants her dead. She chooses a high school as her nesting ground in order to feed on students or turn them into thralls.

An unexpectedly popular VN due to its amazing soundtrack and incredibly grim plot that toys with your moral compass. Those that were able to read it describe it as a monster movie where you are the monster.

Bible Black.jpg Bible Black One of the classic hentai novels. The game takes place in a high school rumored to have been the base of operations for a coven twelve years prior to the premier installment. This "Witchcraft Club" practiced black magic in a storage room deep within the basement of the institute. Both teachers and students practice an occult religion involving incantations. A must-play. Yes
Canvas2.jpg Canvas 2 Standard dating sim, probably the best in the franchise if Erogamescape score is anything to go by. Anyway, it has a whooping number of heroines: 8! So to save your time: Mami and Tomoko routes are the most well-written. The rest are pretty standard, sweet, cute and all, but probably nothing you haven't seen before. Yes
Come see me tonight.jpg Come See Me Tonight The story is about a boy whose parents took off after leaving him ten thousand dollars and with no home. His aunt Chidori takes him in and tells him to choose one of her girls to marry. The game gives you the option of choosing either Chidori, Hina who is there to learn how to manage her own family's restaurant, or Chidori's three daughters. Nothing too special, but it's not bad too. Yes
Crescendo28.jpg Crescendo Crescendo tells us the story of Ryo Sasaki through the five days leading up to his high school graduation. The game shift often to other character's point of view and use various famous songs. Yes
Cross channel XXX.png Cross Channel /v/ might be more familiar with the flash game Nanaka Crash. Well, this is its source material. Basically: Groundhog Day in a week-long loop, and without the characters being aware of it. Very in-depth character study for the most part, while also maintaining a sense of entrapment and high claustrophobia. Hard to read, but widely well-received. Yes
Critical Point.jpg Critical Point Science fictions and tits. There are 25 different endings based on your choices, so if you want to play something for a long time you found it. Yes
Dacapo2.jpg Da Capo II You should've heard of this dating sim franchise by now. The first game was yawn-inducing, this one has more careful pacing and wittier humour. Worth playing just for Anzu route alone - which toward the end, incorporates Memento's plot into a romance. Stay away from Koko like a cancer, though. Her route mirrors a shitty rom-com called Something Borrowed. The rest of the routes range from above-average to fairly good. Yes
Dark blue.jpg Dark Blue Gore novel. No

Guy quits violin after a scandal in Germany, returns to Japan, finds new passion with rock and starts playing in his new band DearDrops. Has a good deal of suspenseful drama as well as struggling beats of a music band story (think Beck). What made this stands out from the crowd are lots and lots of fleshed out male characters, especially the protagonist. Despite the fact that only Riho and Kanade routes are worthwhile, you don't have to be a music lover or even a J-rock lover to enjoy this.

Also, awesome loli.

Dividead.jpg DiviDead Horror novel about a guy that must solve a supernatural mystery. Several endings, sex scenes and disturbing, scary images are the ingredients for one of the most loved novel ever. Someone re-created the entire game in flash version. The translation does get a little rough every now and then, though, and there's quite a few non-intuitive elements here too (Relevant choices aren't presented in the conventional prompt format at times and even when they are, there's pretty much no telling what will be their consequences. There are moments that you basically have to browse through all the locations available to you until you find where you're supposed to go in order to advance the plot). Yes
A Fairy Tale of the Two.jpg ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two It's actually 2 games containing 5 overarching stories in Pulp Fiction structure. All 5 chapters deal with familiar angsty themes, but skillfully written. The developer, Minori, is known for creating highly cinematic graphics, and this is their most exceptional example. Their sister company Comix Wave provides a brilliant score by composer Tenmon (aka the Clint Mansell of Japan) and fantastic montages by director Makoto Shinkai. That's a powerful staff behind a single franchise right there. Yes
Eternal Sky.jpg Eternal Sky ~Yuukyuu no Sora no Kanata~ Kei is just an average student. One day, he sees numerous paper planes flying all over the sky. He wants know who flies these paper planes and rushes out of his classroom. When he gets to the rooftop of the school building, there is a girl with long and black hair. She looks at him and says, "Do you believe in a legend that paper planes deliver your love?" (She wants to fuck) No
Euphoria.jpg Euphoria Guro, violence, rape, torture, abuse and much more. The art is very monochromatic but together with the sound track it creates a great setting. Lots of extras and things you can customize. Yes
Kazoku-keikaku-009.jpg Family Project (Kazoku Keikaku) Divisive game, some like it for the rapid-fire comedy, some dislike it for bad sex scenes. But fuck all that, the reason it has a place here is Aoba's route. Everybody agrees: winning over the biggest bitch of the whole game feels triumphant. Not much to say once you're done with her, although get drunk first before playing Jun's route. Yes
1335358338323.png Kamidori Alchemy Meister Dungeon crawler game, but heavily scripted and pretty easy, so it can be considered as a vn. Also don't expect too much porn until you get past chapter 2, but overall a high quality game. Yes
Kana little sister.jpg Kana: Little Sister Not exactly the kind of novel you play for the porn: it's one of those novel full of tragic events and meant to be emotionally moving for the player. Incestuous sex scenes are just the cherry on the top. Yes
Kara no shoujo.jpg Kara no Shoujo You play as a private detective trying to solve the mysteries behind several dismemberment cases and a strange request of a schoolgirl. Very well-made characters and a lot of endings.

Many (but not all) sex scenes lead directly to very sobby/violent endings, though, so be careful with that. A sequel is out, Fully translated.

Kanon Standard Edition 0101.jpg Kanon One of the most famous eroge novel ever, about the 17-years old high school student Yuichi Aizawa and... well, just him hanging out with those five different girls. It's available for PC, Dreamcast, PS2 and PSP. There is also a manga and two anime adaptation. Yes
Katawa-shoujo-act-1-05.jpg Katawa Shoujo The New Year of 2007 was bound to be business as usual for the /a/ board of 4chan until on 4th of January, Anonymous posted an omake page from the doujin Schuppen Harnische by RAITA of doujin circle Zettai Shoujo, detailing character art for a dating sim he dubbed “Katawa Shoujo.” For reasons we will never know, someone's genius idea of actually realizing RAITA's idea of the game caught on like wildfire and soon suggestions ranging from tender love stories to depraved sex fantasies were running amok in the thread. The insane idea of creating an actual original game, based on nothing but a single picture and the sparse ideas RAITA had written in the margins titillated the imaginations of Anonymous so much that people became truly serious about the fledgling project.

Soon, there were development forums and for the next months, ideas and suggestions were flying around, with people trying to flesh out their ideas, drawing sample art, writing sample text, trying to control the chaos of dozens of people arguing and bickering about the direction of the game. From there, the most active people began the actual game development as a working group named Four Leaf Studios and the project truly took off in the summer '07 - From the website. Basically, this game is awesome and free. Yes, free, and that doesn't mean half-assed work in any way: Except for the lack of voice acting, this one easily surpass many games made by "professional" companies in writing, theme and, surprisingly, art, including short, but really well done fully animated scenes. If you want to, there's an option to hide adult content too, and the skip function works well when replaying.

Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer.jpg Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer Ghost in the Shell mixed with Hong Kong martial art in a Blade Runner settings... with tits (and probably some heavy crack). It's a fucking shame this is a novel and not a game, because you can tell from the premise that this is the greatest game /v/ will never get. Still, what we got here still kicks major asses. Don't forget tits! Yes
Lets meow meow.jpg Let's Meow Meow! A guy decide he want a catgirl and then, all of a sudden, he get a catgirl via mail. Sounds stupid, but that's because it is. They somehow made an entire, enjoyable sim-dating game out of it. Yes
Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!

The game that made everybody paid attention to Minato Soft. So what is it about?

A gang of 7 childhood friends invites 2 transfer girls to join them. Among them is Yamato, the smartass protagonist and the brain of the gang (that alone is worth going gay for), living in the city where everybody is obsessed with martial art, including the girls around him. Being highly self-aware of itself, the game goes out of its way to make a lot of genre-savvy jokes and subversions that somehow still nailed the formula. Most of the humor works due to a great sense of camaraderie and the attention to detail in each character. The most fascinating parts of the game however, are whenever the protagonist outwits another character and comes out acting like a boss in the end.

Moon. original screenshot.jpg Moon.

/v/ always has room for more fucked up shit. So here it is.

Girl with dead mommy comes to some evil megacorp called FARGO to take revenge, then got raped by them mentally (and maybe physically, if you don't play carefully). It plays like a regular visual novel in day-time, but turns into an adventure game in night-time. Combining with an already eerie atmosphere, this is some fine Japanese horror yarn.

5SDff-1-.jpg Morenatsu If human girls aren't your thing or you'll try anything once, Morenatsu is a fun (and free) little kemono slice-of-life in which you basically pick one of your childhood bros to hang out with and eventually fuck. Mainly linear with the few choices being bad-end traps, but as three threads-full of /v/irgins will tell you it's a decent read/fap. And then there's the soundtrack. Morenatsu has been a work-in-progress since 2003, but is being fan-translated as it comes out. Getting the game to work used to be a bit abstract but has since been made easy with this handy installer. Yes
Musumaker.jpg Musumaker Let's just quote the plot of the game: "Itsuki is a university student. One day, his father suddenly dies and he takes over an orphanage his father once ran. There live various girls in difficult circumstances. The orphanage looks normal at first sight, but it is actually a brothel. He needs to train and make them sex slaves to pay off the debt his father left." Probably the most "moe" hentai game ever. Yes
Muv-Luv screen capture .png Muv-Luv You know you are playing a good hentai novel when it start with a guy sleeping in a bed and then all of a sudden he wakes up to find a girl next to him. Play the 2003 PC version, the second one and the Xbox 360 one removed the adult content. After playing through the two main routes, the "Unlimited" option becomes available upon selecting New Game. The Unlimited route is pretty much a whole new novel with a very different setting (Who doesn't like aliens and giant robots?) that branches into even more routes and playing through it is required to understand what happens in... Yes
Muv-Luv Alternative All the buildup and slapstick humor of the original Muv-Luv has been for this. Shit got real serious in the sequel: Takeru got looped back to the beginning of ML Unlimited, with memory of the previous loop intact, he tries to turn the whole war around. Not a straight-forward alien invasion story you might expect, but the tight writing holds everything together: action, grand spectacle, political conflicts, human drama, parallel universe scifi, transhumanism and romance. You will have to forgive the terrible Engrish voices (especially grating coming fron American characters) since it's pretty much âge's signature by now. Otherwise, dig this shit as soon as you can. Yes
My girlfriend is the President.jpg My girlfriend is the President Loli alien crashes into Earth, killing Japanese government, brainwashes the entire planet into thinking that a random girl is their president. Everything about this game contains a high 'What The Fuck' value. Chock full of political satire and (both Western and Eastern) pop-culture references. Play it for the lulz. Yes
Quartett-textbox.png Quartett! A highly stylized game, with classical music, dialogue-driven script instead of narration-driven, bizarre art style that looks like a blend of pencil sketch and oil painting - all of that presented as a motion comicbook. Short and sweet. Yes
Relation sister x sister.jpg Relations. Sister x sister. This is the first game by Aile. Kouhei lost his mother when he was young and now his father who had raised him up has decided to remarry. His new mother brought along two daughters and suddenly he had two new non-blood related sisters: older sister Kaori, who is great at everything and very popular at school, and younger sister Chisato, who is just as pretty as her sister but has a fear of men.


Yuuwaku no Oujisama~ .jpg Royals ~Itoshi/Yuuwaku no Oujisama~ A novel/sim date-card based game with an entire royal family that keeps raping the heroine... more or less. Yes
Saya2.jpg Saya no Uta One of the most popular horror novel ever, kinda Lovecraftian and inspired by one of the chapters of Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix. Sex scenes are almost negligible in light of the amazing and quite unsettling story-telling and character development. There isn't a whole lot of CG, considering that the game itself is fairly short (6~8 hours), but all of them are well drawn and bound to strike disgust in those with weaker stomachs. All major characters are fully voiced. Almost entirely linear, but excellent all the same. As for the plot itself, it basically revolves around a guy that, after a car accident, can only perceive the world around him as hellish environments covered in guts and rotten meat. Even though he knows nothing actually changed, people are like disgusting monsters to him now, and the only one he can stand is the titular Saya, which seems to be unaffected by his warped perception. Yes
Secret Game CODE Revise.jpg Secret Game Code:Revise In an isolated mountain located at a remote island, fourteen kidnapped teenagers find themselves with a collar bomb strapped to their necks and a PDA, which they must use to receive instructions: Failure to follow said instruction results in their brains getting blown the fuck up. Battle Royale-like game with a few hentai scenes in it. You can find a neat review here. Sadly, there is no on-going translation project as of June/2013. This is actually a sequel to the rather bare-bones Secret Game, but the relations between both are negligible. No
Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-.jpg Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- In a gothic steampunk version of Dark City, you play a self-deprecating healer who acquires a mysterious power to fuck shit up. Deep in style, atmosphere, characters and dialogues. Very mature, very hard to read, and very linear, but since you get to fuck a gothic catgirl and a gothic loli, there shouldn't be any complaints. Also, excellent soundtrack. Yes
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.jpg Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo You play as a child soldier turned war veteran, and is now serving a fucked up Big Brother government in supervising the rehabilitation of 3 girls. Under its bishoujo hood, the game is very cynical upon the subjects it touches, so don't expect a joy ride. Play the fandisc, also. It has a prequel story that's as worth reading as the main game. Yes
Snow Sakura.jpg Snow Sakura This one became legendary among the English-speaking community for its famous wincest Saki route. As a whole game, it's a prime example of how enjoyable familiar dating sim formulas can turn out when penned and paced smoothly. Oh, and it has 15 sex scenes in total. That's a lot of fapping materials for one game. Yes
Stay ever.007.jpg Stay ever... ~Yakusoku Nante Dekinai~ Huge novel with a lot of CG. Hasn't been translated or reviewed yet. No
Suika-as-circus.jpg Suika A.S+ 4 different stories in the same rural town about supernatural shit, told in Pulp Fiction-structure. Slow pace, but if you're patient enough for that, it'll reward you with a twist ending better than any crap Shyamalan has made for a decade. One twist ending for each arc, actually. A modest success of Circus to appeal to Key fanbase. Yes
Tapestry -you will meet yourself-

A powerful tear-jerker about Hajime, a highschool kid being diagnosed with an incurable disease, but decided to hide it from his friends and live positively regardless. The game goes through plenty of comedy during his school life, intersecting with reminders that it won't last. When the tragedy comes, it hit really hard. If a few nudges with Hajime's dad's heart-to-heart talk with his son didn't move you to the verge of tears already, the final push in Hikari's route will surely break your dam. The only dark spot in this one is Harumi's route: dry and apathetic despite the subject matter.

There's also a nice touch with Hajime's mother working in a bakery. That's sure to remind you of something.

Tashika ni Kimi wa Koko ni Ita.png Tashika ni Kimi wa Koko ni Ita -You were certainly here- A hentai novel that has not been translated or reviewed yet. No
The Devil on G-String.jpg The Devil on G-String All the best elements from Death Note, The Dark Knight and Catch Me If You Can rolled into a smart script, which also has one of the greatest villains in the crime drama genre. Make sure you don't see the CG of this game prior to playing (it contains a shocking plot twist). Bonus points for allowing you to become an asshole villain in 2 routes and run the game into bad endings. Yes
RE018397 img main.jpg The Maiden Rape Assault - Violent Semen Inferno Imagine if hentai novels were on Steam. All of a sudden, "Anon is playing The Maiden Rape Assault - Violent Semen Inferno & Knuckles". Yeah, this is one of those novels where the devs said "fuck it" and created a shitload of good CG about a single girl getting raped for shits 'n giggles. Just zoom on the pic: it looks like a fucking parody. Game is short and translation is so-so, anyway. Yes
Thief and Sword.jpg Thief & Sword You play as a warrior girl investigating different cases (set in medieval time, obliviously). Yes
X-change.JPEG X-change One day, while cleaning some shelves in the chemistry room, a guy called Takuya Aihara spills a mysterious chemical on himself. The next thing he knows, he is transformed into a girl. The game has seven different endings; in some Takuya remains a woman, in others he returns to being a man. Also has two sequels and three spin-offs. Yes
Youtouwall04 l.jpg Youtou Jiken Takumi happens to find a stabbed corpse on the backstreet. A sword is stabbed... when he touches it, the sword goes into his palm, and he sees the images that the corpse saw when it just died. Takumi runs away from it. On the next day, there is news about the murder case. Yes, it's a guro game. No
Yukkuri.jpg Yuukuri Panic Escalation A 100% yuri game about a girl in a female academy. There are two game modes: one is the "visual novel" one, which is simply an enjoyable hentai novel. The other one is the "arcade mode", which is a Qix-like game where you have to uncover a hentai picture by making lines. Cool shit. Yes
A Drug That Makes You Dream.jpg Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream Another BIG novel (and one of those "came for the porn, stay for the plot). Kouhei Kagami is a Japanese student with excellent grades and a fairly normal social life, but feels empty and transparent inside. The story revolves a pivotal moment in Kouhei's life where three girls more depressed and lonely than himself get involved with him and make his boring life a roller coaster of emotions. Kouhei must choose one of them or risk losing all of them to their own despair. Yes

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