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"There's an app for that."

Apple's iOS (formerly "iPhone OS") is the operating system that powers their iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It is derived from OS X, but not compatible (you can use the iOS Simulator to run iOS apps on a Mac). iOS is much more locked down than rival Android, and its app store is much more restrictive (emulators are a huge no-no). You can only run unofficial apps if you "jailbreak" your device. Or save yourself the hassle and just get an Android device instead!

Screenshot Title Genre Description
100 Rogues 100 Rogues Roguelike Although lacking somewhat in content, an excellent and accessible roguelike for the iPhone that has noticeably attractive graphics for its genre. Too easy and simple for roguelike veterans.
100602-avadon-1 Avadon: The Black Fortress WRPG Oldschool Isometric RPG. Think Baldurs Gate for Ipad. The story, setting and lore is extensively crafted and immersive. The main story and most side quests have multiple outcomes that impact each other and drastically change the story's progression. incredibly high re-playability. Combat manages to be deeper than most offerings in RPG's today but that's relatively weak. There is a large amount of text for dialogue but nothing unskippable. Sound does the job. This game is an RPG for RPG lovers, definitely worth it. (Also available on Steam!)
Ace Combat Xi Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion Flight / Action Gets the gameplay of the Ace Combat series down pat, but is severely lacking in content, with a measly five missions total.
Anotherworld Another World Platform/Adventure A port of the classic platform-adventure game that inspired Hideo Kojima. Comes with both updated HD and original graphics.
Assassins-creed-2-discovery-int-1 Assassin's Creed 2: Discovery Fighting / Platformer / Stealth An iPhone version of the successful Assassin's Creed 2. Better then the first iPhone AC game. It's got fighting, treasure hunting, stealth missions, chase missions, stealth missions, walljumping, stealth missions and poster-ripping. Did I mention stealth missions? Another cool thing, during the game you will find "Wanted" posters you can rip off. You can set your own photo to be on the poster.
Baseball slugger Baseball Slugger Sports Homerun derby, online, and with leveling up.
Wesnoth Battle for Wesnoth Turn-based Strategy Absurdly expansive fantasy turn-based strategy game that offers 200+ hours worth of gameplay in its campaign. Port of a popular free PC game. Unique strategy gameplay that is reminiscent of SRPGs like Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem but maintains its own identity.
Mzl.alfquuql.320x480-75 Beat Sneak Bandit Puzzle/Platformer/Stealth/Rhythm Creative puzzle game where you collect clocks and avoid detection. The catch: you can only move to the beat of the music. Requires careful planning and a sense of a beat, white boys beware. Also has catchy music and cute visuals.
Beneath a steel sky Beneath a Steel Sky Adventure Port of the classic PC adventure game with voice acting fully intact, as well as new cutscenes. Excellent, intuitive touch controls.
Bejeweled2iphone Bejeweled 2 Puzzle It's Bejeweled, what do you expect.
Blades-of-fury-screenshot-iphone Blades of Fury Fighting Essentially the iPhone/iPod Touch equivalent of Soul Calibur. 10 characters, surprisingly good graphics, some interesting control methods, and wireless fights make this game worth checking out.
Brokenswordremakeiphone Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars Adventure Another remake of a classic point-and-click adventure game, now with revamped graphics. Practically identical to the Wii and DS versions.
Carnivores Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter FPS Dinosaur hunting simulation game. Surprisingly deep. Despite the ridiculous premise, takes the "hunting" aspect rather seriously. One of the more hardcore games on the iPhone.
Chaos Rings Chaos Rings RPG Square Enix (which mean it's going to be pricey) RPG developed exclusively for the iPhone. Production values through the roof. No exploration to speak of - gameplay largely consists of running through dungeons. Decent battle system that has customization which is reminiscent of FFV's job system. Story isn't brilliant, but is compelling enough. Lasts a good 20+ hours.
CivilizationiPhone Civilization Revolution Turn-based Strategy / Civilization It's Civilization. Do you need a description? The controls can be a bit cumbersome, but it's totally playable.
CrimsonGemSaga Crimson Gem Saga RPG Port of a PSP JRPG. The best and most fleshed out traditional JRPG on the iPhone, albeit with wonky controls.

(Does not run properly on any handset using iOS 5.0 or above, intermittent crashes, sound de-syncing etc).

Cube-Runner-3 Cube Runner Action Simple looking game much like the kind you played in class on your TI-83, except now in 3D. Game is controlled by tilting, level packs range from easy to ridiculously hard, and it can be played in portrait or landscape modes.
Cut-The-Rope-2 Cut the Rope Puzzle Another physics-based puzzle game by the makers of Angry Birds. Just as well-designed and addictive.
Dead space Dead Space TPS/Horror NOT a port or demake or the original Dead Space, but a side story that happens in the same universe. You play as somebody that is mislead to unleash a bunch of necromorphs into a space station and now has to get the fuck out. The plot is decent for an iOS game and the lack of cutscenes is somewhat compensated by adequate voice acting. The controls adapt better than expected to the touch interface and the graphics are quite beautiful, although they don't measure up to the other versions, obviously.
Deus Ex iOS screenshot Deus Ex: The Fall FPS/RPG An augmented mercenary finds he was tricked into joining the bad guys, and must uncover a global conspiracy in order to survive. A side-story to Human Revolution, with the same flexible gameplay: you can be sneaky or go all guns blazing, manipulate people and hack into systems.
The deep The Deep Platformer / Adventure Plays like a combination of Metroidvania and Ecco the Dolphin, with minor RPG elements. A solid game, although not very long.
Dodonpachi-daifukkatsu ss3 DoDonPachi Resurrection Shoot 'em Up Cave-developed port of the acclaimed bullet hell shooter Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu. Silky smooth touch controls. Contains the original arcade mode and an iPhone mode developed exclusively for the platform, with a remixed scoring system.
Dungeon-hunter Dungeon Hunter/Dungeon Hunter 2/Dungeon Hunter 3 Action RPG Gameloft's take on Diablo, with requisite loot whoring and dungeon crawling. Like other Gameloft games, it's a competent imitator of its "inspiration" and will scratch your itch for Diablo on your iPhone. The sequel improves pretty much everything, and adds multiplayer.
Edgeiphone Edge Puzzle You control a box which you move around a map to reach the goal. It's not that simple. There are moving platforms, other blocks pushing you forward, and other obstacles which turns this game into a game of solving puzzles just to reach your goal. It is an extremely addicting game.
Eliss Eliss Puzzle Possibly the best puzzler on the iPhone. Attractive, minimalistic design. Makes ingenious use of the touch controls, requiring you to use both hands at once to keep up with the frantic pace of the gameplay. Very difficult at later levels.
Envirobear Enviro-Bear Driving / Being a Bear-dass GOAT
EspgaludaII Espgaluda II Shoot 'em Up Another arcade perfect port of a Cave bullet hell game, with slick controls and an exclusive iPhone mode. The premier iPhone bullet hell experience, along with DoDonPachi.
Fieldrunners Fieldrunners Tower Defense A build-your-own maze tower defense game.
Ffdimensions battle Final Fantasy Dimensions RPG Homage/spiritual successor to classic FF with Crystals, Jobs, Abilities, and new "Fusion-Abilities". FAs unlock unique attacks, skills, and spells which any job can use, but no job learns without fusion. You must level 2 jobs to get skills needed for FAs (hints: Poison+Poisona=Magic Missile; Bash+Pickpocket=Nab Gil). Think ahead for party types (fighting-based? magic? mixed?) and FAs to learn. There's many more skills than FF5 had, and many have their own menus. Ex: FF5 Monk had "Kick" as a command, but FFD Monk has "Martial Arts" as a command, which has Kick, Chakra, etc. Many jobs learn new stuff too. Ex: Red Mage's "Sword Magic" (like FF5 spellblade, but as single attacks, not element/ailment-buffs) and "Attune Blade" (FF6 Runic). The story isn't hot, and some characters are lame, and the graphics are really fucking awful (think shitty RPG maker quality), but shit does get real and other charas are pimp.
As this IS pricey: If you really like this stuff (especially FF5), check it out. If you don't particularly enjoy anything before FF6, then probably not. If you're on the fence, try the demo and if you find it alright, buy the first chapter, since that's the one you can actually start using Jobs and FAs. If you can't get into it past that 1st chapter and enjoy it, then it may not be for you.
Flick kick football Flick Kick Football Sports Crazy addictive football/soccer free-kick game with openfeint.
Frogatto5a Frogatto Platformer / Metroidvania Think Cave Story + Yoshi's Island. An unemployed, quixotic frog searches for a job and ends up saving his town from the Big Bad Milgram. Better than it sounds.
Galaxy On Fire 2 Galaxy On Fire 2 Space Sim Full-fledged space simulator a la Wing Commander. Accessible enough to appeal to newbies while having a deeper trading system than games like Freelancer or Darkstar One. Impressive production values.
Gamedevstory Game Dev Story Time Management Time management game where you create and manage your own video game company. The most addictive game on the iPhone. Guaranteed to suck your life away.
Geodefense geoDefense / geoDefense Swarm Tower Defense The best tower defense games on the App Store, requiring more thought as they are much more difficult than most other tower defense games. geoDefense is a fairly straightforward tower defense game, while geoDefense Swarm makes many changes to the formula and is ludicrously difficult.
Gangstar Miami Vindication Gangstar: Miami Vindication Sandbox / Action Gameloft's attempt at Grand Theft Auto. A fairly decent GTA-clone with gameplay that is closest in the series to GTA III. Game length is around 10-15 hours.
Ghosttrick Ghost Trick:  Phantom Detective Adventure / Puzzle A port of the popular Nintendo DS, puzzle game, Ghost Trick. The game begins with the main character, Sissel's, death. Work your way through an interesting adventure as your own spirit in an attempt to find out who murdered you. Runs a bit slower than the DS version, but not too much. Also now has minigames after completing!
Giana Sisters iOS screenshot Giana Sisters Platformer Remake/reboot/reimagining/rewhatever of the fondly remembered German Super Mario ripoff. A solid, very charming old-school platformer. Also for OS X.
GTA iPhone Screen Grab Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Sandbox / Action The Grand Theft Auto game that started on the DS with all the touch-screen features of the DS and the slightly better graphics of the PSP version. Controls surprisingly well and is pretty cheap at 10 bucks, considering the ones on the other portable systems are around 30 bucks. GTA 3 is now on IOS, so check that out, and Max Payne got a full port.
Gridrunner screenshot Android Gridrunner Shooter A trippy shooter from the king of trippy shooters, Jeff Minter. At first it looks like a clone of Centipede with sprites ripped from Galaga and the sound effects from Robotron, but other than the arthropod-ish enemies coming down, there are also cannons trying to zap you from above and from the side. Then the enemies start to fly in bizarre formations, you get some crazy power-ups, and suddenly you can't see shit because the screen is absolutely swamped with color-flashing bullets errywhere! The touch control is a bit clumsy, but it's still something worth seeing.

An unique trick is that holding the device in portrait position gives you the modern game, while holding it in landscape gives the unchanged 8-bit version from 1982.

Hector Badge of Carnage Hector: Badge of Carnage Adventure Point-and-click adventure game developed exclusively for the iPhone. Very nice production values, with fully animated FMVs, full voice acting, and crisp, attractive art. Clever puzzles and a crude sense of humor. First episode is free, the rest are paid.
Helsing Helsing's Fire Puzzle Inventive puzzle game with a nice Gothic aesthetic that involves lighting torches to exterminate enemies. A bit short and easy.
Heroofsparta Hero of Sparta / Hero of Sparta II Action God of War style action games for the iPod Touch/iPhone. Good graphics, decent controls, and the cyclops-decapitating QTE's that we've all come to know and love. Also a PSP Mini. The sequel is significantly better than the original.
Hook champ Hook Champ / Super Quickhook Platformer Lots of grapplan, coin collectan, and hat purchasan. Bionic Commando but with a heavier emphasis on swinging through levels at mach speed. The leaderboards, excellent controls, retro graphics and sound will keep you 'hooked'. Super Quickhook, the sequel, is expanded and even better.
Iblast-moki iBlast Moki/iBlast Moki 2 Puzzle Physics-based puzzle game where you must use bombs and other devices to propel your "Mokis" to level exits. Excellent level design. Has the same appeal as World of Goo in terms of deceptively accessible yet difficult gameplay.
Isotope Isotope: A Space Shooter Arena Shooter / Survival Not your typical dual-stick shooter, in that it has a lengthy campaign mode with significant RPG elements that gives it far more value than your average bare-bones survival dual-stick shooter. The level design and enemy variety is also well above most other games of its ilk.
Jet-car-stunts Jet Car Stunts Racing A cool racer that resembles Trackmania. It's got heavy car physics, excellent controls, a great drift mechanic, crazy track designs and lots of opportunity for huge, satisfying hang time. The lack of a multiplayer mode is unfortunate, but the single-player affair will keep you busy for weeks.
Junk Jack iOS screenshot Junk Jack Terraria clone Similar to Terraria, though it doesn't have the emphasis on combat. Controls/menus can be difficult if you have sausage fingers.
Jukebeat-ipad-1 Jukebeat/Jubeat Rhythm iPad strongly recommended for large-ass screen. Addictive Japanese arcade-based rhythm game involving touching blocks on a 4x4 screen in sync with the game. App and a few songs are free but the rest is DLC out the ass. Also check out the Japanese app Jubeat (English friendly) for an almost strictly superior song list
Kingdomrush Kingdom Rush Tower Defense The best tower defense game on the iPhone, port of the flash game. If you don't have this, get it.
King of Dragon Pass iOS screenshot King of Dragon Pass Strategy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure RPG Book Simulation Guide your clan through a vaguely medieval world with filled magic in your quest to become, well, king.

Gameplay consists mostly of reading and making decisions in various scenes, which are randomly chosen from a couple hundred, which means that every playthrough is, at bare minimum, different, and it's cool to see decisions you've made come back to bite you in the ass a few years later. It's ported from a PC game, which is available from GOG, and it's actually a really good game regardless of version so torrent it and give it a try if you're even slightly interested.

Labyrinthiphone Labyrinth/Labyrinth 2 Ball Rollan Games Tilt all around to move the ball around the maze and reach the goal. Just like the real game that consists of a box, a maze, holes, and mad tilting skills.
Ss-02-1- League of Evil/League of Evil 2 Platformer Pretty much the best platformer you'll find for your iPhone. You have two directional buttons, an A button to jump and a B button to kick evil scientist ass with. Gets very hard if you go for the 100% completion and has a LOT of levels.
LoveMochi Love Mochi Puzzle A iOS port of a PC puzzle game made by the Irisu Syndrome guy. It plays like Yoshi's Cookie and despite the cute look, a dark plot twist reveals itself after you play 13 times. Score high enough and you'll be able to defy it.
Lumines iOS screenshot Lumines Puzzle Yep, it's real. Controls are fine, although a bit inferior to the PSP/PC versions. The main issue is the lack of content; there's only one skin pack consisting of about 5 skins, and you have to purchase the other pack. It wouldn't be such a problem if the default pack weren't so darn easy. But hey, if you've gotta have Lumines and for some reason aren't carrying around another portable device, this works.
Ipad 31 500 Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint Puzzle Despite the name, it plays more like an anti-billiard game. You rack up points by bouncing, grazing and forming clusters of balls rather than clearing the table quickly. There's a lot of content with a nice difficulty curve; the only downsides are the high (for an iOS puzzle game) price of $6.99 for all content and the creepy game icon.
Mecho-Wars Mecho Wars Turn-based strategy A turn-based strategy game with gameplay that is nearly an exact clone of Famicom Wars/Advance Wars. Its surreal visual design by artist Luc Bernard gives it extra appeal.
Large2 Military Madness: Neo Nectaris Turn-based strategy A port of Hudson's Neo Nectaris for the obscure PC Engine CD, somewhat optimized for the iPhone hardware. The original was Japan-only making it even more obscure. That fact alone makes this port notable, as the game is now available to iPhone wielding, English-reading masses. This port itself is not particularly good however, as the scaled up sprites are not very impressive in 2010 and it is a bit sluggish, with even a bit of load times. A great game for fans of turn based tactical games a la Advance Wars (but with hexagons!) nonetheless.
Minigore-1 Minigore Arena Shooter / Survival A quirky little top down shooter where you have to fight more and more horrid little creatures called Furries. The highers your score and the more furries you kill, the more difficulties and characters you unlock. Some of the characters you can unlock are cameos from other iPhone games, including the bear from Envirobear. He wields a shotgun. It's got some pretty funny voice acting, too.
Photo-41 Mirror's Edge Platformer A more complex clone of Canabalt. Still plays fairly similarly to the 3D PC version, and has a slightly better plot. Also, Mayor Callaghan is apparently an FTM transsexual.
Modern combat 2 2 Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus FPS Gameloft's imitation of Modern Warfare 2. Actually has quite the enjoyable campaign (albeit more reminiscent of early Medal of Honor games than CoD), and the online multiplayer is the best on the iPhone, containing the same level perk system as MW2.
Moonlight Moonlights Puzzle / World of Goo-ish Think World of Goo.
MushBugPanic Mushihimesama: Bug Panic Arena Shooter A two-stick shooter (kinda like Smash TV) made by Cave, featuring the characters from Mushihime-sama. Pretty fun, even if it's not Cave's usual genre.
NBA Jam iOS screenshot NBA Jam Arcade/Sports Let's JAM! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!1
Necro rising Necromancer Rising RPG A huge dungeon crawler with nice graphics and good combat. Also really addicting loot based gameplay.
Mzl.zsvfxsdv.320x480-75 Noiz2sa Shoot 'em Up Another port of a PC bullet hell, Noiz2sa features 10 stages and several more endless stages of bullet hell goodness. IMPORTANT: The paid version of Noiz2sa is a bucket of donkey dicks, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
Nova-iphone-3gs N.O.V.A. FPS A very blatant ripoff of Halo and fellow Halo clone The Conduit, this was the first decent FPS on the iOS. Even though the single-player story mode is filled with cliches and hammy voice acting, the graphics are some of the best on the iPhone, and the controls work great. Also sports 4 person online multiplayer. Later games in the series improve the graphics and multiplayer even further and take the singleplayer in a CoD direction.
Orbital Orbital Puzzle Shoot balls, make orbs, don't cross the line. Requires a bit of thinking.
Oregon-trail-ipodtouch-1 Oregon Trail Edutainment / Oregon Trail You know that amazing "educational" game we all played in the computer labs back when we were kids? Yeah, this is like that, only with quirky 2D graphics and touch-controls. Arguably the best remake of Oregon Trail yet. Also on DSiware. Don't confuse TOT:American Settler which is a freemium town buildan' game.
Osmos Osmos Puzzle Port of a PC game, and now one of the best puzzle games on the iPhone. The gameplay involves manipulating physics to get your orb to consume other orbs, with brilliant level design that slowly ramps up in difficulty. Supported by beautiful presentation that creates an inviting aura of ambiance.
Stan Parachute Stan Action A fun game from Conker's Bad Fur Day creator Chris Seavor. Use motion controls to guide Stan as he tries to escape an evil Baron and his minions while falling through the air.
Parking Mania Parking Mania Driving/Maze/Puzzle (sort of a jumble of all three) Top-down game where you need to navigate a vehicle into a parking space. Comes with 110 levels with different types of vehicles ranging from small minis to large trucks. Speed is controlled via a slider on the side, while the steering is done by rotating the device like a steering wheel, but that can be changed to an on-screen control in the options. iPad HD version available which looks quite good even with the cartoony graphics.
Peggleiphone Peggle Puzzle Same shit, different platform.
Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Adventure/Visual Novel That's right... Phoenix Wright, on your iPhone! The controls aren't quite as perfect as they were on the DS, but the writing is still compelling as it ever was. Edit: NOW AVAILABLE IN AN HD TRILOGY (WITH JFA AND T&T) FOR $20 TOTAL
Pix39n-love-rush 5 Pix'n Love Rush/DX Platformer A stripped-down platformer with an interesting art style. Consists of runnan, jumpan and shootan in order to get the highest score in 5 minutes. Based off the game Pixel! on XBLA.
Plantsios Plants vs Zombies Tower Defence Defend your house from Zombies using a large array of cute Plants. Seriously. Easy to learn, hard to master, and really fun. Works wonders with the touch screen.
Pockettanks Pocket Tanks Deluxe Turn-based Strategy / Artillery Scorched Earth clone.
Ravensword Ravensword RPG A WRPG that attempts to reach the heights of Morrowind, although it falls short in most key areas. Nevertheless, still a compelling RPG with an abundance of quests and game world to explore.
Realracing Real Racing Racing No other racer right now combines this title's stunning visuals, smart AI, and excellent community features. The game handles very well -- better than any other iPhone racer out there. The tilt steering is fantastic. If you love racing games, there is zero reason to not download this game.
Red-Conquest Red Conquest RTS The most original and intuitive RTS on the iPhone, with online multiplayer and a lengthy campaign mode. Innovative gameplay which isn't particularly reminiscent of any big-name RTS.
003 Reflecbeat Rhythm iPad strongly recommended. Japanese arcade-based Bemani music game by the makers of Jukebeat/Jubeat, you tap dots on the screen in sync to music against an AI opponent. Addictive as hell and good music but DLC out the ass so maybe find a way to get the DLC for *cheaper* if you know what I mean. Also Sakura Sunrise. WOOOOOOO
Rimelands-Hammer-of-Thor Rimelands RPG Although not very lengthy, a solid dungeon crawler with addictive D&D-esque gameplay and an intriguing steampunk aesthetic and story.
Riven iOS screenshot Riven Adventure It's Riven. Myst is also available. Controls are difficult to work with due to lack of context sensitive cursor, which makes interacting with things a lot harder.
Rolando screen b Rolando / Rolando 2 Puzzle / Platformer A LocoRoco-esque platformer that uses the tilt controls of the iPod Touch/iPhone to roll around series of little circles with faces on them through obstacles towards the goal. Really cute graphics. Rolando 2 is lengthier than the original and one of the definitive games on the iPhone.
Rogue Planet Rogue Planet Turn-based Strategy Another Advance Wars clone, this time by Gameloft. Most similar to Days of Ruin. Has very high production values and a looong campaign, as well as online multiplayer.
Monkeyisland The Secret of Monkey Island / The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Graphic Adventure Remakes of the classic LucasArts point-and-click adventure games, now with revamped graphics. Monkey Island has unwieldy, cumbersome controls, but Monkey Island 2's control scheme is simple and intuitive.
Scribblenauts iOS screenshot Scribblenauts Remix Puzzle / Platformer It's a port of the Nintendo DS version but it's much better.
Shift Shift Puzzle / Platformer This game is a lot like a 2D Portal, except instead of using portals you press a "shift" button that inverts the colors of the level and flips your character across the color boundary. Unique gameplay and controls. Also, jazzy music. Should you need even more Shift, you can find the 4 flash games that spawned the series on your favorite flash games site.
Url Six-Guns Action / Adventure Pretty crazy title. It's wild west meets vampires meets steapunk. Actually this is Gameloft's attempt to copypaste Red Dead Redemption Undead nightmare, but not bad attempt. It's f2p for some reason. 
Songsummoner Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes SRPG A strategy RPG where the troops that you use in battle are created from the music in your song library. You can even power up your troopers by listening to the music that created them. The character design is top notch, while the in-game graphics are pretty close to Final Fantasy Tactics. The story seems pretty standard, but is really fun to play through due to the fact that all the names of the characters, places, and attacks are song references. Such as the archer attack, "Shot Through The Heart". Really good. Port of the Ipod Classic "Click Wheel" Game. You'll never find the original.
Soosiz-6 Soosiz Platformer Super Mario Galaxy in 2D. Seriously. Music sucks, but gameplay is awesome.
Spaceinvadersinfinitygene5 Space Invaders: Infinity Gene Shoot 'em Up It starts out like a regular Space Invaders game, but quickly evolves as you play it. It has fucking awesome music and graphics, perfect controls, and it lets you play to music off of your iPhone/iPod Touch. Fuck year.
Space-Miner-1 Space Miner Shooter / RPG One of the most fleshed out games on the iPhone. Offers an involving story, and a compelling mix of Asteroids-esque shooter gameplay and traditional RPG elements.
Spider-the-secret-of-bryce-manor Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor Puzzle / Platformer Possibly the most well designed game on the iPhone. Hits it out of the park in every department - innovative gameplay, slick presentation and a tantalizing story. As good as XBLA's Braid or Limbo.
Soniciphone Sonic the Hedgehog / Sonic the Hedgehog 2 / Sonic the Hedgehog CD Platformer Some true Sega classics, ported and upgraded with widescreen support and other extra coolness.
20839s4 360 z1a3 001 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Platforming Very short (like every 2D Sonic HERP DERP), but REALLY FUN. The fans were right for once. Same fun 2D gameplay that even the couple of changes, such as lock-on, doesn't ruin it. A (finally) great Sonic game for what it is worth.Also on XBLA, WiiWare, PSN and Windows.
Stardefense StarDefense Tower Defense Nice tower defense game with leaderboards.
Hexagons Super Hexagon Action/Puzzle Fast paced action-puzzler where you have to guide a triangle (which you circle around a stationary hexagon) through incoming waves of walls. Very fun, addictive and challenging. Features an awesome chiptune soundtrack. Also on PC/Mac/Android/Blackberry.
Swords-n-poker Sword and Poker 2 Card Game / RPG A unique and cute game where you play as a heroine, who has to travel to four dungeons to get four keys in order to enter an ancient tower containing a sacred artifact. Gameplay consists of adding two cards to the board in order to make a poker hand, damaging the opponent and creating various combos. The damage is based on the equipment you are wearing, and you can upgrade your coin purse which is your health bar. There are also magic skills, status effects, etc. You can listen to your own music while playing, and it is very addictive.
Sword of fargoal Sword of Fargoal Roguelike The premier roguelike for the iPhone, with a huge amount of content and a creative control scheme that makes full use of the iPhone's touch screen.
Tetrisiphone Tetris Puzzle Tetris with touch controls, you get used to it quickly.
Duskb Texting of the Bread Texting Game Imagine, Typing of the Dead, with Gingerbread man and Internet Meme sentences, like ROFLMAO and Allyourbasebelongtous. Pretty fun.
Twewysoloremix The World Ends With you Solo Remix RPG An improved port of the DS game.
Thequest The Quest WRPG

Could compare it to The Elder Scrolls games. Has multiple races and skills you can pick. Pretty fun.

THPS2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Sports / XTREEME Pretty much the original THPS2 on your iPhone.Controls can be a bit iffy at times, but great fun nonetheless.
True-Skate1 True Skate Sports / Skating Remember playing with Tech Deck skateboards as a kid? This game pretty much embodies what you wish playing with Tech Decks was like. Excellent touch controls, easy learning curve, and nearly endless playtime depending on how short of an attention span you have. Downside is there's only one map, but it's a relatively new game, so new maps may be added in the future.
Uniwar Uniwar HD Turn-based Strategy Turn based strategy game. Similar to Advance Wars. Contains the most pure variety out of the Advance Wars clones on the iPhone.
Unoiphone Uno Card Game Uno.
Warpgate-iphone-1 Warpgate Space Sim An absolutely huge top-down space simulation game with a gigantic open world and a meaty, branching campaign where you can choose between warring factions. Action is the weakest point of the game, but everything else in the package makes up for it.
Wolfensteiniphone Wolfenstein 3D FPS FUCKING NAZIS
Wolfenstein-rpg3 Wolfenstein RPG FPS / RPG Wolfenstein plus turn-based combat in fully rendered 3D environments. Battles consist of taking turns shooting or moving, giving the game an almost chess-like feel. 8+ hours of game time.
Wormsiphone3 Worms 2: Armageddon Turn-based Strategy / Artillery Port of Worms 2, has multiplayer and much nicer graphics than the first Worms port.
136286390398951 Year Walk Adventure/NOPE Atmospheric adventure based on Swedish mythology. Controls are Myst-esque. Beautifully creepy, especially as it goes on, but a little pricey for its length. Check out the freee "Year Walk Companion" app that explains all the mythology, adds immersion/creepiness.
Zen Bound 2 comparison Zen Bound / Zen Bound 2 Puzzle A puzzle game involving wrapping rope around wooden objects. Currently one of the most critically-acclaimed iPhone games. A sequel was recently released. Newer devices can run a version with enhanced graphics. The sequel, Zen Bound 2, is bigger and better.
Zombie infection Zombie Infection Action-Adventure / Shooter Gameloft's take on Resident Evil 4/5 that actually manages to be better than Capcom's iPhone version of RE4. A fairly decent story mode which will last a good 5-6 hours.

Free apps

Screenshot Title Genre Description
Aurora feint2 Aurora Feint 2: The Arena Puzzle / RPG Think Tetris Attack meets Puzzle Quest, only with online puzzle-fights and in-game text chat. Really cool.

Battle bears royale2

Battle Bears Royale Third Person Shooter/Online Think COWADOOTY, but good, on your iPhone/iPad, F2P (Done (mostly) Right), and with cartoon Bears. It's worth a shot, but only if you can bear the touch controls.
Blimp - The Flying Adventures Blimp: The Flying Adventures Puzzle / Platformer One of the best original platformers on the iPhone, with slick presentation and fresh, tilt-controlled aerial platforming. Game length is short at 2-3 hours.
Frotz Frotz Emulator Z-Machine emulator. Plays old Infocom text adventures such as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Zork, as well as user-created games.
Osu iOS screenshot osu!stream Rhythm Port of a PC indie game inspired by Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan.
Pewpewiphone PewPew Arena Shooter An iPhone owner's Geometry Wars.
Rrootage rRootage Online Shoot 'em Up Port of the PC version. The game is essentially an endless boss rush, and it features 4 different game styles that spice up gameplay, as well as having a fuckton of stages (All you do is pick a game style, and then a stage, and then you play until you die). One of the game modes is basically Ikaruga! It's free, so there's no reason NOT to get it. Paid version is exactly the same, but minus ads.
Simon Tathan's Portable Puzzle Collection TONS OF PUZZLES

A port of 36 types of puzzles, randomly generated and adjustable difficulty. Barebones presentations, but who really needs anything more than the basic graphics given? Bitches, that's who.

It can potentially replace other apps you might have, such as Minesweeper, Picross (Nonograms), and Mastermind. Fuck yes. If you pass this shit for any other game on this page you're a fucking casual.

Temple Run iOS screenshot Temple Run Platform Endless runnan and coins grabban game, everyone loves this and it's become super popular since going free. Play this.
Zenonia Zenonia series RPG Zenonia is like a Genesis or Super Nintendo ARPG which introduces fresh concepts to the genre like the day-night system and the great skill tree for customizing the hero. Highly recommend for both retro gamers and adventure fans. The sequel, Zenonia 2, fixes many small issues with the first game and is generally considered to be superior. "Zenonia 3", has sharper looking graphics, removes the hunger and inventory weight limits, and continues the saga. Each game contains different classes to play around with. And there's also Zenonia 4, and it's free.

Jailbreak apps

Screenshot Title Genre Description
Gpsphone gpSPhone Emulator GBA emulator. Runs most games at decent speed, although it can be rather choppy.
INES-ADX NES.emu Emulator NES emulator. Runs practically everything perfectly. Much more customization than the older emulators.
Psx4all psx4all Emulator PSX emulator. Can run some games well, but tends to have issues with framerate and stability.
SNESADX SNES9x EX Emulator SNES emulator. Runs most games absolutely perfectly. Has iCade and iControlpad support. Much better than the older emulators.
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