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Incremental Games[]

Poke the bunny.100px.gif

aka Idle Games or Clickers

The most efficient of Skinner Boxes. There's usually zero or one buttons to press, accumulating score, and you occasionally make choices on what to spend your score on to accumulate more score. It's the exception that has a story or exploration, it's all about watching numbers go up.

Incremental games usually feature:

  • an active mode where you gain score by clicking repeatedly and quickly (thus the name "mousebreaker games") (autoclickers are cheating but everyone does it)
  • a passive mode where you just leave the game alone for hours or days to accumulate score for spending. Some games require you to leave it running to accumulate score, other games you can shut off and it uses the system clock to let you "catch up".
  • ascension events, where you discard all the progress you've made to start the game over with ascension-only advantages

jesus christ these things can get addictive.

The thread on /vg/ if there is one


Mostly just web games that have been ported to steam or given proper downloads.

Title Dscription Picture


The most content-packed, time wasting, ball-busting set of bad Rick and Morty Jokes ever seen. Ss d328f1c6b3c204c0fd915de552b59a9731939469.1920x1080.jpg
NGU INDUSTRIES It's like the other one but not. NGU-INDUSTRIES.jpg
Leaf Blower Revolution Turns into CBT when you hit celestial leaves, but still plenty of fun stuffed into evrything before that. Leaf-Blower-Revolution.jpg

Web Games[]

Title Description Picture
AdVenture Capitalist

Also: Apple

Sell stuff to make money to buy stuff to sell to make more money. Eventually go into space to find more stuff to sell.

Requires Unity player.

Adventure capitalist.png
Anti-Idle The Game A smorgasboard of minigames that all include a waiting element.

Requires Java and Flash. Also has a wiki.

Anti Idle the game.png
BoxCar 2D Watch pathetic mutant carts try to run a racecourse, work hard, and improve.

Requires Flash.

Candy Box Start by eating candy. Patience is rewarded with frogs and witches and lollipop farms. Great Halloween clicker.

Note: this game is technically defunct, but still playable on the Wayback Machine. No saving! Uses Java.

Candy box 1.png
Candy Box 2 Ascii-art animation for an idler/adventure mix. For those who thought Candy Box needed some form of actual gameplay. Has a Wiki if you need help.

Note: this game is technically defunct, but still playable on the Wayback Machine. Yes, this one lets you save! Uses Java.

Candy Clicker Basically Coin Clicker only in Unity and with Candy.

Requires Unity player.

Candy clicker.png
City Game Sim City kinda thing. Hire people, build a city strategically, purchase more land and expand. Red tiles are high vale, green tiles are low value. Who you hire will affect build time and prices so choose wisely!

Save/load is manual and can be glitchy. Try saving then refreshing your browser to make sure it works for you.


City clicker.png
Civ Clicker Build a civilization from hunter-gatherer to the stars! You will need more cats and dieties. Always.

HTML5 and Java.

Civ clicker.png
Clicker Heroes Beat on single monsters standing still. Sell their loot. Hire heroes to beat on them for you.

Requires flash.

Clicker heroes.jpg
Clickpocalypse Delve that dungeon. Find more party members to join you. Collect artifacts. Buy/find better gear to equip your dungeon delvers. Runs in real time so pay attention!

Uses Java/HTML5

Clickopalypse 2.png
Cookie Clicker Click the cookie. Enslave grandmothers to make more cookies for you, until they learn secrets grandma wasn't meant to know, and bring about the grandmapocalypse. You;ll need the Wiki for all endings.

Uses Java.

Cookie clicker.jpg
Clicking Bad Drugs are bad m'kay? The Crystal Blue Persuasion cooking simulator clicker. Get your goatee and pork pie hat, suit up, and try to avoid the DEA and the tax man. Will mariachi sing your praises or will you end up in jail?


Clicking Bad.png
A Dark Room

Also: Android

Starts with just a book of matches in a cold dark shack. Turns into an ascii art sandbox adventure game with a surprisingly deep and intricate plot.

Uses Java.

A Dark Room.jpg
Diamond Hunt 2 Dig to get precious stones. Use the stones to get better diggers, to get more precious stones.

It's server side and requires a free account to play.

Diamond hunt 2.png
Gather X Angela Annaconda's diminutive cousin needs you to poke him into doing chores. Has an energy system so autoclickers won't help.

Requires Flash.

Gatherx clicker.jpg
Incremental Zoo Borrow money. Buy animals, at least two of each species. Wait for them to breed. Sell some. Buy other animals.

Uses Java

Incremental zoo.png
Kittens Game You are a kitten in a catnip forest. Progress through higher levels of tech and civilization to where you're mining unobtanium from gas giants and trading liquified unicorn coprses with space whales.

Uses Java.

Kittens clicker.jpg
Learn To Fly Idle Flightless penguins haet walls. Destroy. Rise above.

Requires Flash.

Learn to fly idle.png
Megami Quest Send pixel girls out to automatically fight monsters for XP and gold. Why? Because you are a weeaboo chibi loving fuck, that's why.

Click a location to start. From there it runs automatically with minimal clicks. Be sure to hit the save button before closing! Uses Java/HTML5.

Megami Quest.png
The Monolith

Also: Android

Worship the Monolith. Punish the Beast. Advance so you can worship and punish better than ever before. Watch for light bulbb and swords to appear. Click them for a boost!

Runs automatically for the most part once you buy a few units. Minimal clicking.


The monolith.png
OTSM It's basically an RPG where you click on monsters to kill them. Has a stat system, stamina system, skill tree, multiple shops, and a level system.

This game is not compatible with auto-clickers and is very click heavy. HTML5

Parameters A clicker abstracting an rpg delver into boxes. Uses flash. In Japanese, but there is an English switch.
Progress Quest Web version of the do-nothing windows game. Roll up a character in the style od Dungeons and Drgons with fascinating races such as "Trans-kobold" and "Enchanted Motorcycle". Choose your class (Battle-Felon? Pantherburglar?) then watch the loading bar at the bottom to see the story progress. Hey, it's like a cut scene without the graphics! Yay?

Almost no clicking. Just a lot of waiting. HTML5.

Progress quest web.png
Rebuild the Universe Start with the most tiny, basic elements of time and space and build them up into an entire universe! Actually educational: teaches about particle physics and the makeup of the universe. Also sort of short in comparison to other games.

HTML5 (element heavy). Light on clicking. Has music!

Expand the Universe.png
SandCastle Builder An idle game based on an XKCD comic? Has a Wiki because XKCD.


Sand castle builder XKD.png
Space Lich Omega Defeat the Lich! Eventually. If you don't get cursed first...

Very low on clicking, runs light and had Ascii graphics. Java/Jquery.

Space Lich Omega 2.png
Speed Warp Gotta go fast. Faster. And play vidya gaemes but maybe not that fast.

Uses Java.

Warp Clicker.png

Smartphone Games[]

note: we only have this ancient list from an /igg/ thread, but we're working on more.


Title Description Picture
10 Billion Wives Get married! Watch your love grow. It grows so much the love must be shared... with more wives!

Also available in Husband Edition for those who would rather collect guys.

Armory & Machine The machine creates heat. It also builds many things... including an armory.

Has a battle system with stats which can be unlocked through patience and and/or lot of clicking.

Armory machine.jpg
Crazy Money Clicker! Tap coins to earn money. Upgrade those coins and get help. Rake it in. Crazymoneyclicker.jpg
Executioner Your job? Kill prisoners and stop them from escaping. Lop heads to get cash to upgrade your prison and your gear. Has a "Legacy" option for new games. Executioner.jpg
Hack Ex Hack the system. Earn Bitcoins. Upgrade your rig. Hack faster. Hackex.jpg
Idle Oil Tycoon Start with an old oil rig. Invest in new technologies, more wells, oil derivative products and more to see your fortune grow. Leave your estate to an heir to start all over again! Idle oil tycoon.jpg
I Got Worms It's snake hybridized with an idle clicker! Apparently mixing two already addictive games creates virtual crack. You'll get hooked pretty fast on selling, upgrading, and reselling your worms and eventually your entire farm.

Has challenge modes and achievements to keep the fun coming. Also extremely lightweight at only 50MB for the entire game (save files included).

I got worms.png
Magikarp Jump Feed your fish berries so you can make it jump higher. Compete in jumping contests to get more money for upgrades. Upgrade your stuff so the fish grows faster. Retire a fully leveled fish to make all future fish grow faster. Repeat. Magikarp-jump.jpg
Merchant An RPG-Clicker hybrid in which you are a shop keeper. Hire heroes to kill monsters and bring you supplies. Craft the supplies into gear which can be sold or equipped to more heroes. Level up your skills and try not to let everyone die horribly. Merchant.jpg
Money Clicker Tap the screen to generate coins. Invest the coins to gain more money. Watch the number spiral out of control! Money Clicker.jpg
Neko Astume More idle than clicker. Feed your cats. Turn the game OFF. Come back later to take cute kitty photos and get money! Use money to buy more cat food and cat toys. Neko Atsume.png
Time of Exploration Build up your settlement with materials. From there each settlement returns materials. See how fast you can build up each new settlement and shoot for record times. Time of exploration.jpg


Title Description Picture
Armory & Machine The earth has been destroyed. Raise an army of machines to reclaim the planet!

Has a battle system with stats which can be unlocked through patience and and/or lot of clicking.

Armory machine.jpg
Cookie Clicker Collector Drag your finger (because clicking is so Android!) to collect cookies. Upgrade your cookies to new types, invest in cookie technology, and make your cookie empire grow. Cookie Clicker Collector.png

Making Idle Games[]

You'd think it would be damn easy, but it's hard not to make a clone of something already out there. Kongregate and Armor Games are flooded with idle games that aren't even worth your time to read the titles. It's worse than Flappy Bird.