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First of all, the Jaguar is not the best console of it's time. You might be better off getting a 3DO, N64, or PSX. However, if you do have this, there are some very good games for it, although the library certainly isn't as memorable as some other fifth-generation consoles.

The List

Box Title Genre Description
Tempest 2000-1- Tempest 2000 Fixed Shooter

Probably the best game on the console. First of all, this soundtrack is pure awesome. In fact, the soundtrack was even released as a CD.

You play as a ship, fixed on the edge of a colorful "web" and you shoot incoming shit and get powerups. Very addictive.

Jagavspbp1 Alien vs. Predator FPS

Play as an Alien rescuing the Alien queen, a predator trying to kill the Alien queen, or as a marine trying to get the fuck out of there.

Marine campaign is by far the best, although all three of the campaigns are good.

A must-have for the Jaguar.

Pic01-Cannon-Fodder-1- Cannon Fodder Strategy/Shooter

Basically you control a squad of soldiers, and you have to complete the objective of a mission, divided into phases.

Whoever survives the mission gets a promotion and becomes a bit better.

Missions get pretty complex and require some creative thinking later on.

Also a definite must-have for the Jag.

Sensiblesoccer-1- Sensible Soccer Sports Simple, yet terribly addicting.
B IronSoldier front-1- Iron Soldier FPS Play as a mech in first-person view. Fuck shit up.
B IronSoldier2 Cart front-1- Iron Soldier 2 FPS Overall improvement of the first, but same basic gameplay. Graphics are way better.
B Raiden front-1- Raiden Vertical Shmup

Perhaps the best port of the arcade game. Great graphics, no slowdown, perfect music.

Only annoying thing is that the score panel takes up a fucking third of the screen.

B Rayman front-1- Rayman Platformer

Saturn, PSX, and Jag ports are nearly identical.

Excellent platformer.

DoomBox-1- DOOM FPS Great port, but, for some reason, there's no music. ?
200px-Skyhammer-1- Skyhammer FPS You're in a space ship and you shoot stuff. HUD covers most of the screen, which is annoying, but great fun otherwise. From the same dudes behind AvP.
Super burnout-1- Super Burnout Motorcycle Racing One of the few awesome racing games on the Jag. Great sense of speed.

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