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Multiplayer games best played with a small group of like-minded people you can kick in the balls after losing.

The List[]

Picture Title Genre Year Released Description
Homm3boxart.jpg Heroes of Might and Magic III TBS 1999

For extensive sessions. Scenarios can and will take hours, which just makes winning more rewarding. The game has aged pretty well.

BloodOneUnitWholeBlood.jpg Blood (One Unit Whole Blood) FPS 1997 A quick-paced multi-player fragfest populated entirely by snarky undead 90's antiheroes using insane weapons like Tesla Cannons and Voodoo Dolls on each other. Comes in regular and Capture the flag variations. Goes great with cold beer and 90's movies. Works on Wine for the Linux inclined.
Starcraft cover.jpg Starcraft RTS 1999 Make sure to keep the South Korean exchange student away while you're playing.
WarcraftIII.jpg Warcraft III RTS 2002

Best game in the Warcraft series, 4 races to choose from, quite micro intensive. Heroes and creeping are everything in Warcraft. Now go pwn some undead ass.

Fun or Scenario maps such as Tower Defense and Footman Wars are also fun.

Teamfortress2.jpg Team Fortress 2 FPS 2007 Not too hard to pick up, but has lots of tactical depth. The team-based gameplay is involving to everyone around. Now free to play.
WormsArmageddonCoverArt.jpg Worms Armageddon Artillery Game 1999

A bunch of worms and a wide arsenal of weapons equals guaranteed fun. The amusing blunders will teach you schadenfreude but also not to laugh too soon.

Worms World Party has some new minor features (namely the "Worm Pot") but Worms Armageddon is strongly recommended as it is STILL being patched, with cool features like replays, custom resolution, and Windows 7 support. See http://wormsarmageddon.team17.com/main.html?page=home&area=welc

Diablo II Coverart.png Diablo II Action RPG 2000

PvP over LAN works well if you're the same level, and co-op makes grinding WAY more interesting.

System-shock-2-box-art-1-.jpg System Shock 2 FPS/RPG 1999 Remember how fucking scary the singleplayer was? Well, multiplayer is a bit different this time. Now each player can specialize in one particular sector, and you help each other out. Great fun.
Myth-ii.jpg Myth II RTS 1997 Physics based RTS, big learning curve, lots of mods/addons.
Doom.jpg Doom FPS 1993 Pretty much invented LAN gaming.
Kf box art cover.1253154760.jpg Killing Floor FPS 2009 Team up with up to five others against waves of zombie-ish enemies.
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/10/Armagetron_Advanced.png Armagetron Advanced Arcade 2001 Tron clone in 3D. Cycles (bikes) try to core dump each other to win, other game modes include fort defense, sumo etc..Has some popularity today and development hasn't stopped
Q3.jpg Quake III Arena FPS 1999 Great and simple FPS that should work flawlessly on any machine. It's fast and fun
Swat-4-7beff.jpg SWAT 4 FPS 2005 Awesome tactical FPS, featuring various multiplayer modes.

Barricaded suspects: A team deathmatch, the team gains points for killing/arresting guys from the other team.

VIP Escort: Everybody loves escort missions, especially for their awesome AI. This time hge can be stupid on purpose because one of the SWAT team members is chosen to be a VIP, the team has to escort the VIP to the extraction point, while the suspects try to arrest the VIP and hold him for 2 mins before executing him.

Rapid deployment: OMG JC A BOMB THREE TO FIVE BOMBS!! SWAT team has to find them and deactivate them, if they don't the bombs explode and suspects win.

Co-op: Remember that awesome single player campaign? Yeah, now it's time to bro-op with friends through it.

There's an expansion which adds more shit like being able to play on custom levels and having 10-men-two-team co-operation missions.

Soldat Action Most recent version 2012

Soldat means soldier in german. The very first link you get on google is not the german wiki page but this game, even on the german google. That has to count for SOMETHING. Anyway you play as a soldier equipped with hoverboots, a primary gun, a secondary gun and grenades of various flavors. You goal is to gib the other soldiers as much as possible. Or capture the flag or some other kind of gamemode. Rambomode is cool to. One gets a bow and arrow that instakills and everyone is trying to get him. Has fun gunphysics and 10 different guns, including an AK47, a Barret-M82A1 sniper, a M79 and a Minigun. Also featuring badass metal soundtrack.

I recommend that one of you plugs in external speakers and blasts the background music. Really gets you going. I can only speak for my group but we wasted close to 5 hours per LAN with this game alone. Not in one go mind you...

Flatout2-5-lakh-copies.jpg FlatOut 2 Race/Arcade 2006 Choose from lots of cars from bangers to racing cars and bash them on the roads and off the roads. Comes complete with spectacular crashes, partially destructable environments, crazy nitro boost and tons of multiplayer minigames for up to eight players. Want a school bus destruction derby? No problemo. Want to go car bowling or play darts with rocket powered supercars? Go ahead. Want to race batmobile knockoffs against each other? Everything's possible, and everything's fun as hell, especially late night when most people don't have the power to think anymore.

Call of Duty


It's COWADOODY so I don't have to explain shit. One of the most popular LAN games around, especially the older ones.

The fifth installment, World At War, has a coop campaign which is quite fun with fewer people.

Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings Coverart.png Age of Empires II RTS 1999

Probably THE most known real time strategy game around. Seriously, I do not know a single person who has never played or at least heard of this game. I'm not kidding.


Cossacks European Wars video game box art.jpg Cossacks: European Wars RTS 2001

Pretty similar to Age of Empires or Empire earth but more complex with formations and THOUSANDS of units.

Intense games can last up to several hours.

256px-Borderlandscover.jpg Borderlands FPS/RPG 2009

Sci-Fi-Western themed Shooter/RPG mix with a cool comic-look. The whole storyline can be played in COOP with up to four people. (Which is MUCH more fun than playing it alone)

Each player can choose from four different characters/classes which have their own special abilities and skill trees.

Story has lots of humour and pop-culture references for increased awesomeness.

Borderlands2boxart.jpg Borderlands 2 FPS/RPG 2012

Continuation of the first part with new playable characters.

Better than the first part in some ways. Can be played without knowing the first game, but you'll be missing out on a lot.

Relatively high replay value, terrible humor and atrocious writing by transfaggot Tony Burch.

Did i mention epic memes? :DDDDD

Rainbow Six Raven Shield.jpg Rainbow Six: Raven Shield FPS 2003

The last good Rainbow Six game, before Ubisoft decided to ruin the franchise.

Tactical FPS, pretty similar to the SWAT series. Missions can be meticulously planned before playing so you can tell the bots to OPERATE in a highly tactical manner.

Arma 2.gif ARMA 2 FPS 2009

Very complex military simulator with a focus on realism and tactics. Think of it as Battlefield for autists.

Used to be very bugged and laggy but is very playable now. This game is highly moddable (and has a good Mission editor) which means there are endless mods and community missions available.

Vanilla ARMA 2 is fun with differerent COOP Missions such as VIP Extractions, Vehicle Missions or other OPERATOR Scenarios.

There is a free version available as well called "Arma2Free" with less content and worse graphics.

Vampire slayer.png Vampire Slayer FPS 1999

A mod for HL1.

You play TDM with Vampires against Slayers. Vampires are fast and have some special abilities, while Slayers are able to use guns and wooden stakes.

Turn up your gamma on some maps and be prepared for some NOPE situations, especially at night with few players.

Zombie master.jpg Zombie Master FPS/RTS 2009

A source mod (HL2, CSS, TF2, etc.)

Each round one player is randomly selected to be the Zombie Master. The survivors have to finish a certain number of objectives to clear the map. Weapons and ammo are scarce and need to be conserved.

The Zombie master can control Zombie Units much like an RTS. Different types of Zombie units cost money and have different abilities, ranging from typical cheap slow walkers to heavier, tank-like zombies. The ZM can also trigger events (e.g. a pile of containers collapsing) and do other shenanigans to wipe out the survivors.

This game can be hard as shit with good players. Both as the Zombie Master and the Survivors.

World in conflict.jpg World in Conflict RTS 2007

Combat focused RTS in an alternate Cold War setting where the soviets decide to attack NATO.

There can be up to 8 players on one side, each of which will have to choose out of four different roles (Infantry, Air, Armor, Support). The roles complement each other, so teamwork and coordination is important.

Points can be earned to request napalm strikes, artillary barrages, carpet bombings, airdropped tanks, radar and other Tactical Aides. Yes, you can even drop NUKES on DEM ROOSKIES.

Ace of spades.jpg Ace of Spades FPS

Minecraft with guns.

Play the old 0.54 version. It's free and superior to the new 1.0 version.

Rune hov.jpg Rune: Halls of Valhalla Action 2001


Take a huge axe and cut your enemies arm off, then proceed to pick up that arm and beat him to death with it. Or take a giant hammer and crush his brains. Drink mead and eat lizards to replenish energy.

Uses different key and jumping combinations for different attacks, but noobs (i.e. you) will most likely just randomly mash on the keyboard most of the time.