Multiplayer games best played with a small group of like-minded people you can kick in the balls after losing.

The List

Picture Title Genre Year Released Description
Homm3boxart Heroes of Might and Magic III TBS 1999

For extensive sessions. Scenarios can and will take hours, which just makes winning more rewarding. The game has aged pretty well.

Starcraft cover Starcraft RTS 1999 Make sure to keep the South Korean exchange student away while you're playing.
Warcraft III RTS Best game in the Warcraft series, 4 races to choose from, quite micro intensive. Heroes and creeping are everything in Warcraft. Now go pwn some undead ass.
Teamfortress2 Team Fortress 2 FPS 2007 Not too hard to pick up, but has lots of tactical depth. The team-based gameplay is involving to everyone around.
WormsArmageddonCoverArt Worms Armageddon Artillery Game 1999 A bunch of worms and a wide arsenal of weapons equals guaranteed fun. The amusing blunders will teach you schadenfreude but also not to laugh too soon.
Diablo II Coverart Diablo II Action RPG 2000

PvP over LAN works well if you're the same level, and co-op makes grinding WAY more interesting.

System-shock-2-box-art-1- System Shock 2 FPS/RPG 1999 Remember how fucking scary the singleplayer was? Well, multiplayer is a bit different this time. Now each player can specialize in one particular sector, and you help each other out. Great fun.
Myth II RTS 1997 Physics based RTS, big learning curve, lots of mods/addons.
Doom FPS Pretty much invented LAN gaming.
Kf box art cover.1253154760
Killing Floor FPS Team up with up to five others against waves of zombie-ish enemies.

Armagetron Advanced


2000 Tron clone in 3D. Cycles (bikes) try to core dump each other to win, other game modes include fort defense, sumo etc..Has some popularity today and development hasn't stopped
Quake III Arena FPS 1999 Great and simple FPS that should work flawlessly on any machine. It's fast and fun
SWAT 4 FPS 2005

Awsome tactical FPS, featuring various multiplayer modes

Barricaded suspects: A team deathmatch, the team gains points for killing/arreesting guys from the other team

VIP Escort: Everybody loves escort missions, especially for the awesome ai they AI. This time hge can be stupid on purpose because one of the SWAT team memmbers is chosen to be a VIP, the team has to escort the VIP to the extraction point, while the suspects try to arrest the VIP and hold him for 2 mins before executing him.

Rapid deployment: OMG JC A BOMB THREEE TO FIVE BOMBS!! SWAT team has to find them and deactivate them, if they dont the bombs explode and suspects win.

co-op: Remember that awesome single player campaign? Yeah, now it's time to bro-op with friends through it

There's an expansion which adds more shit like being able to play on custom levels and having 10-men-two-team co-operation missions.

FlatOut 2




Racing game, both offroad and onroad tracks, comes with crashes.

has a destruction derby mode, where players try to wreck each other.

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