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"Apple invents the personal computer. Again."

Back in the early 80s, Apple knew that graphical interfaces were the future, so they had a big project for that. The Lisa was very advanced for a personal computer at the time, with modern features like multitasking and protected memory. However, that brought its downfall: it cost a whooping $9,995 (almost $24,000 adjusted for inflation), and it was a sluggish machine because the operating system was too sophisticated for the hardware.

Since the Lisa was a flop, Apple went for their "plan B" the following year: the Macintosh, a simpler machine that they could sell for a fourth of that price.


The Lisa was designed and sold for business use so not many games exist. Most are homebrew games made in the last few years but there were a few unofficial ports from the Macintosh including Lode Runner and Vegas slots which were probably made by rich computer enthusiasts with nothing better to do with their lives.

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