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Mega Drive homebrew[]

Box Art Title Genre Description Download
Mega-drive-cave-story.jpg Cave Story Platformer / Action A work in progress port of the indie darling action-exploration platformer. Link
Miniplanets Mega Drive cover.jpg Miniplanets Puzzle A cool homebrew top-down puzzle/platformer. Play as an Opa-Opa wannabe and wander around little labyrinth planets, picking up keys and avoiding water streams. The graphics look very distinctive, as the planets are spherical, and drawn with a trippy pseudo-3D effect. Link
618165 193946 front.jpg Pier Solar and the Great Architects RPG Ambitious and absolutely gorgeous old-school RPG made by a group of regulars of the old Eidolon's Inn forums. Not only it was released as actual cartridges, it included a CD with an enhanced soundtrack to be streamed from the Mega CD, if you have one. Later ported to other platforms with HD visuals. Commercial
Wolfenstein 3D PC cover.jpg Wolfenstein 3D FPS A homebrew port of the MS-DOS classic, it turned out to be a much better port than the super low res SNES version. Genesis really does what Nintendon't! Link

Mega-CD homebrew[]

Box Art Title Genre Description Download
Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix Mega CD cover.png Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix Platformer Perhaps the most ambitious Sonic romhack ever, with a whole set of new levels, original music, and five playable characters, each with his own unique skills. Link