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Mickey Mouse[]

Brief Introduction[]

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Mickey Mouse is one of the, if not the most important cartoon characters to have ever been drawn onto a sheet of paper. People often lose sight of the character's great nature amazing cartoons and movies, and other great things because of their over-exposure to the character from Disney's over-exploitation of his image and the ever piling collection of useless merchandise. However, these video games serve to remind us what makes Mickey Mouse so damn awesome, and are also great games to boot. This list has been compiled in honor of Warren Spector's video game Epic Mickey.

  • All games on this list appear in the Wiki on their respective pages.
  • Game descriptions are largely unchanged from their appearance on the console pages, however, some were slightly altered or edited for this page.
  • Any game appearing on this list has to have Mickey playable.
  • Only good games will be here, so no crap like Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse (Which is on Gamecube if you're wondering), or Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, which is just abysmal.

The List[]

Box Art Title Genre Description System of Choice Year
Castle of illusion Mickey mouse.jpg Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Platformer

A simple and easy, yet undeniably polished and fun platformer. Guide Mickey Mouse through levels and collect the rainbow gems to save Minnie Mouse from the evil witch, Mizrabel. Just give it a shot, even if you never played it before, chances are you'll still get a shot of nostalgia. Its "little brother" on the Master System is different in many ways (most notably in that instead of picking up ammo, you have to carry and throw blocks that are lying about in the stage instead), but also very much worth a look.

Has recently been completely remade for current generation systems, with reimagined levels, added features and rearranged soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope.

Genesis/Mega Drive 1990
Mickey Donald Magical 3.jpg Disney's Mickey To Donald Magical Adventure 3 Platformer The third and final game in the Magical Quest series (see: The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse below). Pete's still up to no good, and this time, he's gotten his grubby pedo hands on Huey, Duey and Louie, so it's up to Mickey and Donald to save them. Includes the delicious co-op gameplay from the sequel, except even better. This time you play as Mickey and Donald, and they aren't just palette swaps, both have a different set of powers that help on different occasions. Only released on the Super Famicom in Japan until the Gameboy Advance version was released over here as Disney's Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey & Donald. Super Famicom/SNES 1995
1558201-epic mickey box super.jpg Epic Mickey 3D Platformer So Disney walked up to Warren Spector, the guy who helped make such games as System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, and told him "Hey, we want to make Mickey Mouse relevant to gaming again". So, he did just that. What we have is an awesome 3D platformer reminiscent of platformers from the days of PS1 and N64, like Banjo Kazooie or Spyro. All the levels are huge and beg you to explore them to find all kinds of secrets and collectibles, the art style and music is great, there's a surprising amount of replayability due to moral choices, alternate endings, and collectibles, and the story is surprisingly decent. The only issues with the game is that sometimes the camera freaks out on you, and there's a lot of fetch quests.

A great pick if you miss the openness of 3D platformers from days gone by.

Wii 2010
PowerOfIllusion.jpg Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Platformer

Epic Mickey spin off and sequel to the Castle of Illusion Mickey Mouse games on Genesis and plays very similarly, it's just a really fun 2D platformer with fucking gorgeous pixel art, amazing music and tight controls. Plus it has a shit ton of Disney characters and a whole lot of charm. The painting mechanic can get a little tiresome but not enough to seriously bother you, and it's short (So short i got it on Christmas morning and am writing this on Christmas night having beaten the game). I'd wait until the price drops a little due to the length, but this is a seriously awesome underrated gem, i just wish it was longer.

Nintendo 3DS 2012
KingdomHearts2.png Kingdom Hearts 2 RPG/Action

The sequel to Kingdom Hearts. More of the same, but with more of a focus on combat with the new Drive system that "fuses" with your party members. The game flows a lot better overall, with combat feeling faster and more fluid. The addition of quicktime events for every type of heartless/nobody also allows for simple and fun kills on every enemy. The story took a hit however, being really convoluted and uninteresting. The shmup/rail shooter sequences are back, although this time, they actually play much better and are even enjoyable. While the main character in this game is clearly Sora, Mickey plays a vital role in the story, and there are segments where he is playable.

Playstation 2 2005
KingdomHearts 358over2.jpg Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days RPG/Action An extension of the Kingdom Hearts series on the Nintendo DS. Takes a few concepts from Chain of Memories, but makes them much more accessible and lets them flow better with the traditional KH formula. Also features a mission mode that lets you play with a number of different characters, including Donald, Goofy, and Mickey.. Mickey Mouse is playable in the Mission Mode. Nintendo DS 2009
Land of Illusion SMS.png Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Platformer The sequel to the Sega Master System version of Castle of Illusion, this game is notably harder and longer. There are also magical items which let you get to normally inaccessible areas as well. You can also return to previous areas. It's suped-up difficulty makes it tough for beginners to get into, but it's perfect for anyone with prior gaming experience or those who finished its prequel. Master System 1992
Mickey legend illusion.jpg Legend of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Platformer This game has one fault: It's too easy. That said, it does some AMAZING things both graphically and musically for hardware from 1985. The morning daybreak over Castle Goofstein, the shimmering of the Crystal Forest, and others are a splash of color on the eyes. Even without many sound channels or the FM chip, songs like the Forest and Gardens of Illusion replicate the sensation of having more with clever use of techniques, pitch, and dynamics. It runs on a slightly improved Illusion engine, and now Mickey can throw magic balls to damage foes in place of his hip drop, and can store food to revive when his life bar hits zero. A lovely conclusion to a magical trilogy. Game Gear 1995
Mickey Mania Sega CD.jpg Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Platformer The best version of Mickey Mania there is, which itself is a solid platformer that romps through different ages of Mickey cartoons and adventures, giving one hell of a nostalgia trip. If you can't can't get your hands on this version, either go for the core Genesis version (missing a few extras) or the retitled European Playstation version (Mickey's Wild Adventure). The Playstation version has some issues though, and the SNES version is usually considered the worst version of the bunch, but is acceptable if you simply have no other means. Sega CD 1994
MickeyMousecapade.jpg Mickey Mousecapade Platformer In this NES romp you play as Mickey and Minnie, traversing through a Funhouse-world to save Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) who just so happens to have been captured by Pete (what a douche). Minnie follows you around and cannot be hurt (like Ice Climbers in Smash Bros.) and is invincible to physical attacks. However, if she falls off a ledge you lose a life, and if she gets kidnapped you have to rescue her, which makes for an interesting experience. Overall a great title. NES 1987
Mickey mouse magic wands.jpg Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! Puzzle/Action A simple puzzle game. Nothing stunning, but it's definitely worth getting if you can find it cheap. A good time waster. Part of the Crazy Castle series, but seems to bypass the annoying puzzle syndrome of previous titles. Game Boy 1993
Mickeys Speedway USA.jpg Mickey's Speedway USA Racing A Disney kart-racer made by Rare with a modified Diddy Kong Racing engine. Pretty fun overall. Also notable for Rare taking their time to make sure his ears are at a front angle at all times like in the cartoons. Nintendo 64 2000
MickeysTokyoDisneylandDaiboukenJPBoxShotSNES.jpg Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibōken Platformer Beautiful Super Nintendo platformer published by Tomy. This is another example of a game that American and European audiences totally would've played, but never left Japan (like Mickey To Donald). Some prefer this to the Capcom series, but you be the judge. Super Famicom/SNES 1994
The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie.jpg The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie Platformer A sequel to The Magical Quest, this time play as both Mickey and Minnie to stop Pete from being an asshole, like usual. Same essential gameplay, but now features co-op (though there is no difference between Mickey and Minnie, aesthetic differences aside). Also released on Genesis (though it's inferior), and ported to the GBA, but same deal as last time (save feature, downgraded graphics). SNES 1994
Magical Quest Mickey Mouse SNES.jpg The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse Platformer If there was ever a game that was proof that Capcom does beautiful things with the Disney license, then this is it. Play as Mickey Mouse on an awesome quest to save Pluto from the evil Emperor Pete. While the core gameplay is more Super Mario Bros. 2-ish, you get suits with different abilities akin to Megaman. Very awesome. There is a Game Boy Advance port with an included save feature (the original uses passwords), but it's not really necessary, plus, the amazing graphics take a hit. SNES 1992
World Of Illusion box art.jpg World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Platformer Similar to Castle of Illusion, but with bigger levels, the ability to play as Donald Duck, as well as simultaneous Co-Op mode for two players. When playing solo, Mickey or Donald play the levels in different order, with altered layouts. When playing together, both players must cooperate in order to get past certain obstacles. Genesis/Mega Drive 1992

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