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The Microvision is a early handheld console made by Milton Bradley, notable for being the very first handheld to use cartridges. The cartridges were actually the frontal part of the console, and each one came with it's own LCD screen, processor and set of buttons. Unfortunately it didn't receive much support and was prone to failures, so despite a relative success it died fast, just before the Great Crash. Only twelve games were ever made for it.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Baseball1.jpg Baseball Sports Simple baseball simulator, great fun with a friend!
Blockbuster1.jpg Block Buster Breakout The Microvision's pack-in game, Block Buster is a simple but nice Breakout clone.
Bowlingim2.png Bowling Bowling Surprisingly addictive, the ball moves along the bottom and you must hit the button in the right time to throw the ball and hit the pins.
Mindbuster cover.jpg Mind Buster Puzzle This game has two modes, Rings and Light's Out. On Rings you have to surround the black squares, while on Light's Out you have to eliminate them. Try doing these in the fewest moves possible.
Seaduelcover.jpg Sea Duel Turn-Based Strategy Would you believe it, a strategy game for such an early handheld? You choose between a ship or sub and must destroy your opponent by plotting the firing and movement patterns.


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