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There are times where you want to play alone, and there are times where it is more enjoyable and (potentially) more fun to play with another. This an article for those times in the latter category. These are not the only games worth recommending. Just some to get you started. Armed with multiple systems and the knowledge of fun games to play with others, you too, can be a real "Multiplaya".

  • One specific note about this page is that it is very broad, and provides more of an overview on the games over in-depth descriptions. It also assumes that you have an internet connection for certain games. In addition, it covers both consoles and PCs (and sometimes Mac and Linux, but mostly only by association). Finally, the games covered here fall under categories of co-operative and(/or) competitive.

If you want to narrow down your selections more, check out these other pages:

  • LAN Games is nice for LAN parties or just get-togethers with your pals, and also both co-op and competitive.
  • MMO Games is for the massive multiplayer-loving crowd, and goes into depth about each game (most of which are mostly co-op with some exceptions, as games and also in-game) and even noting any groups you might want to join.
  • Co-Op Games are about purely co-operative games, so don't expect to smash your buddy's face in there (at least not often), applies to consoles and PCs. These apply
    • Online Co-op games are played via the internet, commonly through services like Xbox Live. Each [player has their own screen and can be anywhere in the world at the time of playing.
    • Local Co-Op Games comes to the rescue if you're stuck offline, as these games are meant to be played on a single screen with one input (i.e. PC and/or Console) and multiple controllers (when needed), just like the olden days.

Note that Co-Optimus is a good database to look at as well. However, there are/were a few errors on it here and there. But they seem to be pretty good about fixing those from what I can tell. Feel free to check it out.

How to Do It[]

Name and Info Summary More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Name of game, system game is likely most played on (if not all of its released systems or the original), # of players Brief summary of the game and gameplay Any additional info and non-gameplay, but helpful, links here. If a retro-game was re-released on modern consoles, post a note here. Post LINKS to gameplay videos here, like so. Posting videos like on blogs seems to cause sizing problems with formatting.


Action or otherwise. For Editors: If there's a few RPG elements, but they aren't essential or the primary focus, they may be put here. Otherwise, they may better for RPG or Unknown/Misc.

Name and Info Summary More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords(series) Gamecube/3DS(/DSi) 2-4 players Zelda gets kidnapped, Link gets split into four. Through teamwork, they travel through Hyrule. GC version utilizes & heavily relies on Game Boy Advance connectivity. 4 player co-op is ideal, but 2-3 ain't bad either. Note: Beware of that one dick who fucks everyone else over for money. It may be YOU. GC DSi/3DS
Arcus Odyssey Genesis 2 players Fast-paced, isometric, Gauntlet-esque action-adventure, with some nice exploration as well. Has 4 different characters with different magic and weapons. FAQ and Characters No matter who you pick, the game still offers a nice challenge. Genesis Single player video
Herc's Adventures Sega Saturn/Playstation 1 2 players Pick between 3 heroes, Herc, Atlanta, or Jason and comically tear thru Ancient Greece to save Persephone from Hades in a mix of Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Zelda. More Info and screenshots Note: Herc starts able to lift heavy stuff, but the others need to pump up their strength first. Playstation
Toejam and Earl Genesis 2 players An overhead puzzle-adventure/platformer with roguelike elements. Collect parts for your ship to return home. Features trippy locales and a funkadelic soundtrack Also on: Wii; T+J2 is a side-scrolling platformer sans the puzzle and roguelike elements of the first, but it still has many secrets. Genesis
Dungeon Explorer TurboGrafx-16 2-5 players Up to 5 players, 8 classes to choose from, Gauntlet-like action-adventure. Challenging, but fun. Be sure to share post-boss bonuses! Items and Characters; Also on: Wii and PS3, (Note for Wii: P5 needs a Gamecube controller to play. P5 on PS3 might use the PS3 cable). Note: DE2 on Turbo CD is superior, but can be very hard to find cheap. TG-16
Legend of Valkyrie Playstation 1/Arcade 2 players An overhead run-'n-gun/platformer hybrid that features shops, dungeons, and non-linear stages. Concentrates on adventure and battle. Also has some huge bosses. Also on: Namco Museum Volume 5 (PS1), and translated. You might need an FAQ for one small quiz section, but that's about it. Arcade
Spiral Knights PC 2-4 players Compared to a mix of Zelda Four Swords, Phantasy Star, and a pinch of Diablo. Features lots of armor and weapons (melee and ranged) and in-dungeon puzzles and power-ups. You are allotted energy daily and the limit on using elevators(reason for crystal packs) has since been removed, allowing for much longer dungeon-romping. F2P but very playable without cash. PC trailer
Monster Hunter(series) Wii 2-4 players "Find it, stab it, and make it into a nice hat!" Easier said than done! A variety of weapons and armor to make with their various attributes needing different play-styles. Has its own wiki, and you'll need it! Note: Most players prefer online, though split-screen co-op is on Wii. PSP/tutorial Wii
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GameCube 2-4 players An action-adventure with lush rustic beauty. Similar to Echoes of Time below, but plays differently. Utilizes and heavily relies on Game Boy Advance connectivity. FF Wiki page Check the links at the bottom of its page for more info. GameCube Alternate Setup
DeathSpank(trilogy) PS3/360/PC 2 Players Plays akin to Diablo with laughs akin to Monkey Island. DeathSpank uses weapons, while Sparkles uses magic. There's a few RPG stats, but loot and gear are more important. Later entries are superior with lots of extras. But the original is referenced quite a few times, so play that one first, if story concerns you. 360 Co-op trailer


Beat 'Em Up[]

Not sure of any non-3rd-person multiplayer beat 'em ups, but if they have the same spirit and play similarly, then by all means. For Editors: Most beat 'em ups with other elements contain very few within them, therefore, unless said elements are a major focus, you can just put them here.

Name and Info Summary More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Streets of Rage Remake v5 PC 2 players The ultimate SoR experience, combining bosses, stages, music, and characters from all three games, and even adds new factors to all of them... and more! Official Website Do note that the game itself was taken down, but mirrors can easily be found with a bit of searching. PC
TMNT IV: Turtles in Time SNES/Arcade SNES- 2 players; Arcade- 2-4 players The Statue of Liberty has been stolen, and the four Ninja Turtles must tear through time to reclaim it. Each have different stats and a special ability. Releases and differences SNES Arcade
Golden Axe Arcade/Genesis 2 players Three warriors must defeat Death Adder, who have captured a king, princess, and the mighty Golden Axe. Use your attacks, magic and commandeer beasts to defeat the enemies. Release versions and ports(Note: Videos shows the full game, so just cut off when you feel like it.) Genesis Arcade
Dynamite Cop Arcade/Dreamcast 2 players Cops fight terrorists using hand-to-hand skills, along with whatever forms of weaponry they come across. Quick time events allow for a potential heads up on enemies. Info on the more well-known prequel, Die Hard Arcade, which is also good. Dreamcast
Battletoads and Double Dragon NES/SNES/Genesis 2 players The 'Toads and Lee Brothers team up to face the union of their respective enemies. Plays like Battletoads, but is more accessible than earlier entries in the series. Releases and differences SNES
Double Dragon 2 NES 2 players Sequel to the arcade hit. Features improvements to the great beat 'em up action of the first and a nifty back-attack that becomes quite handy when mastered. Releases and differences NES
Captain America & The Avengers Arcade 2-4 players Features heroes and villains from Marvel's Avengers series. A bit on the basic side, but has a nice comic book flair and is as hard as it is unintentionally hilarious. The Genesis version is a good substitute for two, being developed directly by Data East. But the other versions were half-assed by some douchebags nobody cares about. Arcade
Guardian Heroes Saturn 2-4 players Legendary beat'em up notable for its multiple paths and endings, Has some light RPG stat boosting, tri-planar fighting grounds, and much, MUCH more. FAQ and Character Guide, Also, coming to 360 marketplace soon. Saturn
Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun - Kunio Tachi No Banka SNES 2 players This linear sequel to River City Ransom lacks RPG elements, and exploration, but you get a fuckton of attacks from the first school boss on, so the loss is minimal. Info on Kunio, and his other games SNES
Final Fight 3 SNES 2 players The third Final Fight gives players more characters, more attacks, more weapons, more enemy types, and best of all, more Haggar. The second is also good, but only has 3 characters. The first is pretty basic, but available on alot of platforms. SNES
The Punisher Arcade 2 players The Punisher and Nick Fury lay the smack-down on crooks. In addition to beat 'em up action, you can use a number of firearms, giving some 3rd person shooter elements. More info Also on: Genesis as a nice alternative, but is honestly inferior to arcade version. Arcade Genesis
Pirates Plundarr

Wii 4 players

Think Castle Crashers, but instead of knights, there are pirates. Good humor and tons of levels and weapons. Play multiplayer only. Singleplayer the game gets boring FAST. Wii


Arena, one-on-one, tag-team, fatal, friendly and so forth. For Editors: Although some fighters may be more realistic and others more "party-like", for the sake of simplicity, both will be put here.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Super Smash Bros for Wii U Wii U 2-8 Players SETTLE IT IN SMASH!! Nintendo's most famous 2.5d Party fighter gives you the biggest Roster in the franchise with over 50 characters including DLC characters spread around from the most famous Nintendo and 3rd party franchises. The Wii U version features 8 player smash, which up to 8 PLAYERS can smash it out in specific stages that support 8 players. Can use almost any controller including 3DS and Gamecube controllers via an adapter(good luck finding it). Best game in the franchise and a must have for Wii U owners and people looking for a multiplayer fighter that's not 1 on 1. Seriously 8 players in one screen is just a fun time. Playable with Wii U Gamepad, Wii Remote, Wii Remote and Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U Pro Controller, GameCube controller through GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and the Nintendo 3DS systems (using either a copy of the 3DS version, or a Smash Controller app released on June 14, 2015). Also on 3DS. This Version is just as good if you're looking for a great portable fighter, but only up to 4 instead of 8. 8 Player Smash
Arms Switch 2-4 Players Nintendo's newest IP, Basically if Punch-Out was a legit fighter and characters to select with strengths and weaknesses. Featuring a colorful cast of unique characters, each fitted with their own form of stretchable arms (and occasionally hair). Take on your opponent in a variety of modes, such as 1v1, 2v2, hoops, volleyball, and target smashing. Very fun, simple experience that anyone can pick up, play and master. Can use motion control with the joycons or just standard controllers. Up to four players are able to play in a single match, either in a three or four-way free-for-all, or in a 2v2 mode in which teammates are tethered together. 4 player free for all
SNK/Marvel/Tatsunoko vs Capcom Multi-console 2 players Characters from different franchise team up and face off against each other. One of the best and most fun fighting series for beginners to get into. More info on each game MvC MvC2TvC
Mega Man Power Battles & Power Fighters Arcade 2 players Mega Man without the stages and only the bosses. In addition to being stronger, both sides have a number of new tricks up their sleeves. Even more so in the second. Also on: Mega Man Anniversary Collection, which is on Gamecube, PS2, and XBox (original) Arcade
Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters Genesis 2-4 players Features characters from the Yu Yu Hakusho series. Uses elements of Fatal Fury and Street Fighter series as well as some rather unique ideas that all mesh brilliantly. More info and move list Genesis A bit noisy, you might want to turn the volume down.
Touhou Hisoutensoku (Standalone expansion pack to Scarlet Weather Rhapsody) PC 2 players Another game featuring those Touhou characters. While a traditional fighter at its core, spell-cards and weather can greatly affect the tides of battle. Wiki and More Info Explanation of the game PC, SWR Spell Card Exhibition of SWR and Hisoutensoku
Power Stone 2 Dreamcast 2-4 players Similar to Smash Bros., but allows much more free-roaming movement. Stages are highly interactive and also have multiple items and superpower granting Power Stones. FAQ and Move List Also on: Power Stone Collection for PSP which also has the original and extras Dreamcast
Gundam Battle Assault 2 Playstation 1 2 players Crossover battle between multiple Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam Wing and G-Gundam. Plays mostly traditionally, but has ammo and thruster gauge factors to consider. FAQ and Move List PS1
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Arcade, DC, Xbox, PS2 2 players Legendary entry in the SF series that's still loved and played today often. Incorporates a parry system and a Super Art system that changes gauges with your choice. Picture based Move List Quite popular among the emulation scene. There almost always rooms filled with players on GGPO and Supercade. Also getting an Online remix soon if you feel like playing from your TV. Multi-console You might want to mute the volume
Power Instinct Matrimelee Arcade 2 players One of the weirdest fighting games you will ever play that's actually good. Also features a few characters from Rage of the Dragons, a Double Dragon homage. FAQ and Move List Arcade
King of Fighters 2002 2K2: multi-console, Unlimited Match: PS2 and 360 2 players Dream match among KoF characters old and new. Features many characters with many styles of play. Unlimited Match has 66 characters and MANY extras as well. FAQ and Move List, Character Info Multi-console Unlimited Match HDSM Exhibition part 1
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Arcade/Dreamcast (2 players) Fabulously fashionable and ripped-to-hell heroes and villains duke it out hand to hand and Stand to Stand. Based on Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders aka Heritage for the Future). Any real life copyrights resembles are "purely coincidental". FAQ and Move List Also on: Playstation 1, but Dreamcast is preferred. Arcade/DC Story mode, but the gameplay's mostly the same (different characters have different stands and specialties.)
Guilty Gear(series) & BlazBlue(series) Multi-console (2 players) Rocks as hard and fast as it hits. Lightning-pace combos, cancels, etc. BlazBlue's similar, but a bit different, so you'll likely enjoy either or both. Newer entries of both tend to be better. XXAC Move List Wiki BBCS move list and guide XXAC+ XX DESTROYED archive BBCS2

Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 

PS2 and Wii

Loads and loads of chars (160 in total). PS2 version has sharper controls, but the Wii one makes you do the motions. It is a good thing that it controls badly here. Use DP matches for "balancing" Tutorial ingame is very informative. Take half an hour and learn it. It pays off! Multiplayer footage of PS2

First Person Shooter[]

All action takes place primarily within the first person perspective. If a very small number of scenarios involve 3rd or even 2nd person, they can still qualify here. For Editors: I'm not too sure how many games there are like this, but if a game doesn't use guns or similar weaponry, but still acts and plays like an FPS, it can go here.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Team Fortress 2 PC, 360 and PS3 2-24 players (up to 32 on some servers) (Online only) Animated characters of different specialties help their team to defeat each the other side in a variety of maps. PC is the preferred version, but the others are "okay". Note: Best bought with The Orange Box. Also, it's fucking free on Steam now. More Info and wiki Early Gameplay Current Gameplay
Quake (series) PC 2-8/10/? Varies per map, but usually within that range (Online only) Quake is a classic series still much-loved. Fast-paced and easy to learn, tough to master gameplay and arenas make this great for anyone, regardless of FPS experience. Quake Live's a nice alternative. QL Wiki Quake Wiki PC (Quake Live)
Goldeneye 007 Nintendo 64/Wii 2-4 Players split-screen, 2-8 online (Online is Wii only, obviously) Classic fun with James Bond and pals, as long as no asshat and picks Oddjob. Wii version is better for multiplayer, but the original is still plenty of fun. Info on both on its Wiki. Also check out its spiritual successors Perfect Dark and Timesplitters. N64 Wii (Split-Screen) Wii (Online)
Water Warfare Wii 2-4 players split-screen, 2-8 players online "Family-friendly" FPS with water guns and beach toys replacing bullets and gear. Plays pretty smoothly, though you may want to setup an online meet-up ahead of playing. Official Site with more info Wii (Split-Screen + Online)
Onslaught Wii 2-4 players (Online only) Competitive and co-operative thru Wi-Fi. Fun "in an odd, disjointed, Earth Defense Force kind of way". No versus modes to kill each other, but still not bad despite that. Official Site with more info Wii
The Conduit 2 Wii 2-4 players split-screen, 2-12 players online Conduit 2 seeks to fill the FPS gap on Wii and does so quite well. Maybe not the greatest FPS, but it is pretty fun and the online tends to be smooth more often than not. More Info and Wiki Wii (Split-Screen + Online)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC 2-32 players (Online only) Class-based shooter, with 4 classes using certain weapons/gear meant for specific roles. Some weapons can be used by all 4, but above all, cooperation is key to victory. More Info and Wiki PC
Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch PC 2-32 players (Online only) Megaman meets doom with a ton of weapons for use from his 8-bit days (and a few from later). Not only that, but a number of stage-inspired maps to play on as well. Wiki and History Main Site PC
Left 4 Dead (1 or 2) PC 2-4 players traditional, 2-8 players as survivors vs infected (Online only) Kill "zombies", stay alive, and try to get the fuck out the area. The number of other modes depends on the game (1 or 2). More info and Wiki PC (L4D1) PC (L4D2)
Killing Floor PC 2-6 players (Online only) Kill "zombies" for LOADS OF MONEY. The 7 "Perks" are like classes, using and specializing certain weapons/gear, but gain different bonuses and even level up to an extent. More info and Wiki PC
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC and Console 2-18 players Very easy to pick up FPS with a low skill curve. Maintains a good mix of classic CoD gun-on-gun gameplay with more emphasis on killstreaks than previous titles. Addictive and fun, especially with friends. More casual than most other FPS games, but good enough nonetheless. More info and Wiki PC
Timesplitters Console and emulator 2-4 players (up to 16 players with System Link) Very fun classic. Splitscreen co-op and multiplayer with bots. Has map editor. Has chimps. One of the best party shooters. Tons of gamemodes. Xbox versions has System link with up 16 players over 4 systems. PS2 has system link for the second, but only up to 4 players. Future Perfect allows up to 16 players. Virus, pseudo-zombie mode
PAYDAY: The Heist PC, PS3 2-4 players (Online, Single-player with Bots) You know in "Heat" when Robert DeNiro and Val Kilmer are in that huge shoot-out with the police on a crowded L.A. Street after robbing a bank for 12 million dollars? Ever wanted to do that in a video game? PAYDAY is like Left 4 Dead with its specials, a bit of Killing Floor's waves, all wrapped up in a delicious Heisting package, paying homage to pretty much every great heist movie. Co-op only, but the heists are pretty varied, and one of them is a Left 4 Dead crossover. Get the PC version over PS3, for extra content. More info and Wiki PC


Essentially games that literally need other players to play, such as board games, parlor games, gambling, and such (or simply, games you'd play at a party). For Editors: Can't really think of much to say here, other than make sure it's fun.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64 2-4 players Dice-centered board game featuring various stages, events, and mini-games. Generally considered to be one of the best Party entries, due to no control stick blisters. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console More Info Pirate Land Western Land
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Games! Gamecube 2-4 players A psuedo-port of the first Warioware, as it features the same games and simple controls, but each player does the games, competing against and trolling the other players. Modes info Games info Survival Fever, Outta My Way Card e-Cards
42 All-Time Classics for PAL territories, Clubhouse Games in North America DS 2-8 players (depends on the game) Local and Online A nice selection of games, from Chess to Texas Hold'em, board games, and some mini-games like finger bowling and billiards. You can customize the rules of some games. Overview Breakdown of nearly every game Overview 1 Overview 2
Dokapon Kingdom Wii / PS2 2-4 players A board game with RPG elements and lots of backstabbing. You seek to make loads of money. However, the game gives MANY chances for players to fuck each other over. Official site Dokapon Journey for DS uses the same principles, but is harder to multiplayer properly Trailer "Dokapon Rage" Journey, DS
Uno Wii (Wiiware)/ PS3 / 360 2-4 players It's Uno with a couple of variations. The 360 LIVE Vision Camera comes with this game, so beware of "wacky antics" online. Unless you get the other versions. Rules and how to play

Official Site

Trailer 360 confirmed for NOT FAMILY-FRIENDLY
Boom Blox: Bash Party Wii 2-4 players Keep structures made of blocks from being knocked down or to knock them over by various means. Understanding the physics involving angle and speed are key to success. Official Site Trailer
Buzz! Quiz TV PS3 2-4 players Game-show inspired quiz game with about 4000 questions already on the disc, plus DLC that adds more based on varieties of subjects. Official site Also on: PS2 and PSP in different packs and releases. PS3 PSP
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe XBox 2-4 players The main mode mixes puzzle, steering, and racing with monkeys in balls to reach a goal. Oddly, the mini-games are quite popular. This has those and stages from SMB 1&2. Wiki Also on: PS2, and both SMB 1&2 are on GameCube. The newer games are "okay"(-ish), but these are best. Normal Mode Monkey Golf
Bomberman Land Touch! 2 DS 2-4 players (mini-games, local only), 2-8 online (classic Bomberman mode, local or online) Silly little party games with Bomberman. Some are surprisingly fun. If you want a break from those, Bomberman's well-known Battle Mode is also on here as well. Official Site Just for note: All Bomberman Land titles are different games, but this is agreed to be one of, if not the, best. UK Trailer US Trailer
Wii Play DS 2 players Some mostly good mini-games like Laser Hockey, Billiards, and a sort of Duck Hunt remake, but also the kickass 100-level Tanks! Hell, this is worth it for Tanks alone. Official Site More Info The sequel, Wii Play Motion, sucks. Don't bother. Overview Trailer Tanks! (sound is a bit weird for this one)


Typically side-scrolling or 3D-free motion hopping on platform action. For Editors: Not sure how many multiplayer non-3rd person platformers there are, but if you find some good ones, by all means, put them here.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Top Hunter: Roddy and Cathy Neo-Geo 2 players A platformer that has plane switching, fighting game input attacks, and stretching arms to hit, grab, and throw stuff. The order of the first 4 worlds is chosen by you. Also on: SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 on Wii, PS2 (PSP version can be a little laggy), Wii's Virtual Console Neo-Geo
Rolling Thunder 2 Arcade/Genesis 2 players Stylish spy-ish arcade platformer with elements of Shinobi and Elevator Action. Limited ammo means stealth and survival take priority over shooting everything. More Info Also on: Wii's Virtual Console (Genesis version) The Gen/MD port is superior due to more content and a hard mode Genesis Arcade
Metal Slug (series) Neo Geo (1-5)/Multi-console (1-7/XX) 2 players Animated platformer series with mobile tanks, subs, airplanes, aliens, mummies, zombies, etc. Has many weapons, among them the "rawkit lawnchair." 3 is arguably the best. More Info Also on: Metal Slug Anthology (Wii, PS2 (PSP is laggy)) Wii's Virtual Console (1, 2), PSN (1, X) Arcade, 3 PS1, X XX, PSP
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror GBA 2-4 players A non-linear platformer, letting you unlock alot of paths and treasures. Cooperation and exploration aspects make this a stand out among Kirby games in general. More Info GBA
Disney's Magical Quest 3 SNES 2 Players Mickey and Donald use magic costumes (with different abilities between the two characters) to find a way out of a colorful and vibrant storybook world. The original is Japanese, but the ROM has a translation patch.. Also on: Game Boy Advance in English, but requires link cables SNES, Boss Demo GBA (a little laggy)
Contra (series) OH SO MANY 2 Players Contra soldiers face off against aliens, mutants, and other sorts of freaky and nasty creatures. Has a variety of weaponry to match with the tough difficulty. More Info Contra Wiki NES, Contra Genesis, Hard Corps (bit laggy) SNES, 3 PS2, Shattered Soldier DS, 4 Wii, Rebirth 360/PSN, Uprising
Gunstar Heroes Genesis 2 players Mix and match weapons to create different shot combinations. The first four worlds are user-chosen. The last worlds are colossal though. More Info Also on: PS3, 360, Wii's Virtual Console, and Gametap Genesis Playstation
World of Illusion Genesis 2 players Mickey and Donald must use magic, capes, and cooperative teamwork to survive another strange and beautiful world that they have stumbled into. More Info Genesis
Shadow of the Ninja NES 2 players Ninjas must stop some bad dudes from doing evil. Between power-ups and life refills, you'll do quite alot of sharing (and stealing) to test your cooperation. More Info Also on: Wii's Virtual Console NES
The Great Battle V SNES 2 players Play as 2 of 4 different characters in a mix of Magical Quest and MegaMan X platforming along with Wild Guns-like "Shooting Battle Stages". Passwords The prequels are a mixed genres, but 4 is also a good platformer, though different than this. Shooting Battle Stage/SNES Normal Stage/SNES
Goemon's Great Adventure N64 2 players (up to 4 with a trick) A platformer in a steampunk mock-up of feudal Japan, featuring one of the wildest casts of heroes and villains. There are also first person view giant robot battles. More info N64
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair 360/PS3 downloadable 2-6 players online (2-4 local on PS3) In this mishmash of the Castlevania timeline, you pick a character and run through huge levels built mostly like Metroidvania areas, each with a boss at the end which you have 30 minutes to defeat. There's no level grinding, so you only get stronger when you power up your subweapons, or when you get new equipment. Gets hard as hell really fast, so teamwork is vital. Both versions have DLC (characters, levels and music packs), but the PS3 version comes with 2 characters and one stage which you had to buy in the 360 version.


Both Competitive and Cooperative puzzle games can fit here. Whether it involves characters or not is no object. For Editors: Concentration on puzzling is key. If a game only has a few puzzles, then it may be better placed in the proper section.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Baku Baku Animals Arcade, Saturn, PC 2 players Feed food tiles to animal tiles, which can lead to some pretty neat combo effects. Animals only respond to their preferred food (ex: dogs and bones), so beware. More info Saturn
Battle Lode Runner Turbografx-16 2-5 players Involves making pitfalls in front or behind you to trap your enemies. The multiplayer takes some getting used to, but can be a rather unique and fun experience. Gameplay and Multiplayer Modes Also on: Wii's Virtual Console TG-16
Bust-A-Move (series) (a.k.a. Puzzle Bobble) Many systems 2 players (all) 2-4 players (later) 2-8 players (Bash) Bounce bubbles off of walls to clear the descending bubble stacks on top. Follow the line guide well, because one off-angle shot can really screw you over. More info Plus! on Wiiware is a great start if you're new. Wii, Plus (vs CPU) Wii, Bash
Chew Man Fu Turbografx-16 2 players Involves rolling giant balls to their respective slots. You can smack enemies around with your balls, and also slam your balls to the walls to clear pathways. Official Site Also on: Wii's Virtual Console TG-16
Columns III Genesis 2-5 players Match falling colored block columns. One of the few puzzle games to let you clear and chain diagonally. Also has many ways to save yourself and screw over your rival. Features and Multiplayer Also on: Wii's Virtual Console Story Mode 5 player
Dr. Mario Online RX Wii (Wiiware) 2-4 players Pill dropping, virus-busting action. Features a new mode, Virus Buster, which uses the Wii Remote to drag pills around. Also features online play, as the title suggests. More info Official Site Wii
Magical Drop 3 Saturn, Arcade / Neo Geo 2 players  Involves holding and stacking mass numbers of orbs at a time. First Magical Drop title to feature bomb orbs, which clear entire colors from the field. More Info MD2 isn't bad, but 3 is the best. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console Arcade (probably not a good idea to play with young kids)
Puyo Puyo (series) (a.k.a. Puyo Pop) Many consoles! 2 players (all), 2-4 players (later games), 2-8 players (newest) Match 4 or more falling globs of the same color and chain your way to victory. The GBA and 15th editions feature various modes that mix things up on the fields. Fan-page for all things Puyo Gamecube, Fever GBA Saturn, Sun DS, 15th Anniversary Trailer Wii, 7 Genesis, Robotnik
Puzzle League (series) SNES, N64, DS 2 players (all and Planet online), 2-4 players (Planet local) Link 4 or more stationary blocks of the same color and chain your way to victory. Known previously as Panel De Pon in Japan and Tetris Attack in other regions. More Info Planet is the best one to get if you plan on playing a lot, as it has online and local. DS, Planet SNES, Yoshi N64, Pokemon GBA Gamecube, Panepon(JP only)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo Arcade/PSX/PSN/XBL Similar to Baku Baku Animal at heart, only given a degree of polish Capcom of old was capable of. The counter system has been given more weight and rounds of Puzzle Fighter can turn around in an instant or end abruptly with smart play. Oh yeah, it has Street Fighter and Vampire characters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cS6e8Ar-78 Demonstrates the basic mechanics of chaining, counter gems, and block formation.
Yoshi's Cookie NES / SNES 2 players A matching game which involves spinning cookies on a Rubik's Cube-esque field. Notorious for versus effects which screw with the enemy field. Versus Effects More info Also on: Wii's Virtual Console (NES) NES SNES


Racing, regardless of time era, perspective, realism, or level of customization. For Editors: Even if a game is a sport, such as snowboarding, motorcycling, ATV (?), etc. As long as racing is a key point, please place them here.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Mario Kart (series) MANY consoles 2 Players (SNES) 2-4 (N64, GBA, DS online, GameCube, Wii local), 2-8 (DS local, GC LAN), 2-12 (Wii online) Well, it's Mario Kart. If you haven't heard of this, it involves kart racing on tracks full of obstacles and items you can use to take the lead or keep it. More Info Mario Kart Wiki Also on: Arcade, but good luck finding it. SNES N64 GBA (emulated) GameCube Wii
Snowboard Kids 2 Nintendo 64 2-4 players Downhill snowboard racing that has tricks, items, and characters with huge noses. Note: The first is also good, despite having some different physics, but the DS one sucks. SBK2 SBK 1
Rock N' Roll Racing SNES 2 players An isometric racing game with customization and a dash of Mario Kart. Features co-op and versus modes, rockin' music, and an announcer for play-by-play action. SNES plays and sounds best, but Genesis is okay (and has Radar Love exclusively). Also on: Game Boy Advance with multiplayer through link-cable. SNES

Genesis GBA

F-Zero X Nintendo 64 2-4 players Futuristic racing featuring loops, ramps, pipes, spirals, ramming, side-swiping, and high speed boost power. A good start to the F-Zero series for beginners. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console. GX on Gamecube is better, but can be tough for beginners due to higher skill demands. F-Zero Wiki X, N64 GX, Gamecube
Wipeout HD (Fury) Playstation 3 (found on PS3's Playstation Network as well) 2-4 players Arguably began as Sony's answer to F-Zero, but became its own thing over time. Utilize 3 item types as you speed through this psychedelic techno cyberpunk racer. Wipeout Wiki Fury is a 10 dollar add-on, but gives quite the healthy boost of content and even 3 new game modes. Normal Fury
Crash Team Racing Playstation 1 2-4 players Crash takes a chance at Mario Kart-like racing and somehow kicks ass at it. Easily as good as most Mario Kart games, and some say it's even better! Also on: PS3 (PSOne Classic) More Info Wiki with a bit more info Trailer
Modnation Racers PS3 2-4 players (local offline), up to 2 local players + up to 10 others online (online, up to 12 total) Likened to Mario Kart meets Little Big Planet. Close and fun enough! Make and play your own tracks, customize racers and carts, and even use those of other players. Also on: PSP, but with only 6 players in ad-hoc or online. Soon to be on PS Vita! MNR Wiki Official Overview, PS3 Official Overview, PSP
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Wii, 360, PS3 2-4 players (local split-screen), up to 8 online Nostalgic Sega stars decide race in a Mario Kart fashion but this has some unique aspects, too. The biggest being a trump card skill for each racer to bypass/troll others. Also on: DS, but weak compared to consoles, and PC, but with no Online support. More Info Overview Trailer PS3 Wii All-Star Powers
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Wii, 360, PS3 2-4 players (local split-screen), up to 8 online Nostalgic Sega stars decide race in a Mario Kart fashion but this has some unique aspects, too. The biggest being a trump card skill for each racer to bypass/troll others. Also on: DS, but weak compared to consoles, and PC, but with no Online support. More Info Overview Trailer PS3 Wii All-Star Powers
Kirby Air Ride Gamecube 2-4 players (split-screen or LAN play (with broadband adaptors)) 3 different modes each with several courses each. Like in most Kirby games, you can also copy and use the powers of enemies in addition to using vehicle-centric items. More Info and Wiki Broadband Adaptor info Trailer showing powers and modes City Trial Multiplayer
Split/Second PS3 / 360 / PC 2 players (split-screen offline), 2-8 players (online) You can pass cars with skill, OR you can blow up track segments (and even other cars), which alters the track, obstacles, and hazards. "No race is ever the same!" Official Site Also on: PSP, which is slightly altered, and still fun, but limited to 4 player ad-hoc. Normal Split-Screen PSP
Micro-Machines (series) MANY consoles 2-4 players A classic. Micro-Machines V4 (available for PC, PS2, PSP, DS) is the latest one, and also the best thanks to the CRAZY items (hammers glued to toy cars is always fun). INFO Micro-Machines V4 for PC SOMETIMES works on hamachi, so you can also try that with your friends. V4 also has a track editor (not present in PSP and DS versions though). Genesis MM V3 (PSX) MM V4 (PS2)

Rail/Lightgun Shooter[]

Shooters where you concentrate on shooting stuff onscreen versus moving around a character. Doesn't matter if the character moves or is stationary. For Editors: Cabal-like stuff are probably better in the 3rd person shooting area, as your character movements are also important.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
House of the Dead (series) Arcade 2 players Zombies (or sometimes mutants) are running amok all over the place. In this rail shooter series, you must fight the undead and save as many innocents as you can. Wiki Also on: (1) PC/Saturn, (2) DC/Wii/PC/Xbox (in 3), (3) Xbox/Wii, (Overkill) Wii. 4 is arcade only. HotD1 HotD2 HotD3 Overkill
Rambo (2008) Arcade 2 players Fire blazing machine guns in stages based off the movies. Do well enough and for a short time you can get infinite ammo and invincibility by the power of pure rage. Official Site Off-screen
Virtua Cop (series) Arcade 2 players Be a cop and shoot criminals. 3 has additional features such as muliple guns and a "bullet-time" mechanic. Also on: (1) Sega Saturn/PC, (2) Sega Saturn/PC/Dreamcast. 3 is arcade only VC1 (Saturn)

VC2 (Arcade) VC3

Time Crisis (series) Arcade 2 players Namco's classic shooter with neat duck-and-cover mechanics. The first isn't multiplayer. 2 onward are. 3 and 4 have multiple weapons to choose from. More Info Also on: (2) Playstation 2, (3) PS2, (4) Playstation 3 alone or as part of the Time Crisis: Razing Storm. 2, PS2 (linked play) 3, PS2 4/Razing Storm, PS3 Trailer
Elemental Gearbolt PS1 2 players A fantasy steampunk rail shooter with RPG elements?! It exists, and it kicks so much ass. Upgrade your weapons via your end-level score. The GunCon is optional. More Info This is rare, but JP copies sell for less and have English menus. Worth it, either way. Single Player
Point Blank (series) Arcade/Playstation 1 2 players A variety of mini-games involving shooting skill, reaction time, and sometimes memory. The PS1 games often have more content to them, so those versions are preferable. More Info PB1 Arcade PB2 trailer PB3 Arcade
Area 51 Arcade/Playstation 1/Saturn 2 players Horribly cheesy and outdated, but damn is it funny AND fun. More Info The PC version pretty much sucks. The Saturn version is supposedly weaker than PS1, but barely. Arcade PS1 Saturn
Gunblade NY Arcade 2 players Play as side gunners on a helicopter as you tear shit up in New York. Looks pretty polygonal, but it came out in 1996, and the game's fun enough to nullify this issue. A bit more info Also on: Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack (Wii), and good, but LA Machineguns sadly runs kinda slow. Arcade Wii
The Ocean Hunter Arcade 2 players Shoot the ocean in its face! Multiple underwater stages with deep-sea horrors and mythological beasts to blast. "It's even got motherfucking POSEIDON." More Info Stage 1 Offscreen (Not perfect, but pretty good quality)
Jurassic Park Arcade 2 players If you never played this, your life isn't complete. Pretty basic, but if you find a working sit-down cabinet, it becomes a whole different and better experience. Little bit more Info Onscreen Off-screen


Action or Turn-Based; Local, MMO, or otherwise. For Editors: Depending on the amount of RPG elements and gameplay, Beat 'Em Up or Adventure may be better choice to put entries in. Though, let's try to avoid arguments.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Dark Souls (series) PC, PS3, PS4, 360, XB1 2-4 players Spiritual successor to Demon's Souls. Free of charge for online play. Can summon players for Co-Op or PvP matches. Dark Souls 1 Wiki DS2 Wiki DS3 DS1 Debut Trailer
Phantasy Star Zero DS 2-4 players Spiritual successor to Phantasy Star Online. Free of charge for online or local play, and now with more classes than before. Has customization out the wazoo. More Info DS
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time DS 2-4 players Make a character from one of 4 tribes, each with unique skills. Calls for co-op for different circumstances. Has alot of customization. Tribes, Abilities, etc; Also on: Wii, but DS is preferred, and local is better versus going online. DS/Wii Trailer
Shining Soul II GBA 2-4 players Diablo-esque. Journey through a variety of lands and fight many different baddies along the way. 8 distinctive classes and up to 4 players mean alot of variety. More Info Additional Info GBA, off-screen GBA, Boss Characters
Tales of Symphonia Gamecube 2-4 Players A rather expansive RPG with real time battles. Player 1 leads the party, but all players act in battle. Has a decent story, and a neat atmosphere and character cast. Characters and Abilities Boss Battle and Exploration (minor spoilers)
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DS 2 players local and/or online Command an army of different classed soldiers and capture the fort until the end or annihilate the enemy army. Also has cards which can affect allies and/or enemies. Game and Multiplayer Info Point Capture Annihilation
Cross Treasures NDS 2-4 players If Dragon Quest played more like Zelda, it might feel like this. Features roguelike aspects as well. English patch Trailer
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Wii (WiiWare) 2-4 Players (share up to 5 characters) Turn-based RPG sequel to FF4. Story's a bit weak, but as a game it's good. Rely on each other for defending, healing, and co-operative Bands (super attacks/spells). FF Wiki page Battle Gameplay
Phantasy Star Portable 2 PSP 2-4 Players Numerous gameplay elements make it play differently than PS Zero above. Get whichever you prefer (or both), as the two still share many core elements. Site dedicated to online Phantasy Star games Gameplay with altered music
Secret of Mana SNES 2-3 players The first co-op Mana game. An action RPG with 3 characters of different specialties. Lots of Magic, weapons, abilities to find and lots of monsters to fight. Site dedicated to Mana series Also on: Wii's Virtual Console PC emulated gameplay with a little lag
Realm of the Mad God Online Flash (so PC, Mac, and Linux) (2-85 Players per server) Co-op MMORPG shooter with elements of Gauntlet, Roguelikes, and a pinch of Diablo. Permadeath means you and your buddies should rely on each other. Play it Here Official Site Gameplay with no music
Phantasy Star Online DC, GC, Xbox, PC 2-4 Players The original MMO on consoles. Official servers are offline but fan ones are still around. DC and PC versions are single player only, so more for LAN parties than anything else. GC and Xbox versions have splitscreen play. Xbox version is more affordable than the GC ports. The stock game will refuse to boot past the title screen, but with a patched xbe file (google it), it works just fine. Site dedicated to online Phantasy Star games. Gameplay

Rhythm and Music[]

The concentration here is integration of music with gameplay. Some may be Puzzle or Action, but the point is that you must rely on music to succeed. For Editors: Music must be an important element. Otherwise, it may be better off in Unknown/Misc.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)

Rock Band (series) PS2, Xbox 360, PS3 1-9 players (varies by game)

Get together with friends and make music. Having multiple players allows certain challenges to be easier (Ex: Keep star power going as long as possible) and others to be harder (EX: Perfect Note Streak). Allows up to four singers on any game made after Beatles Rock Band plus guitar, base, drums, and key board on Rock Band 3. Avoid Rock band Blitz (it's dumbed down to stupid), but the rest are OK. Chicks dig this game. Seriously. Rock Band Website Toxicity, Full Band. Online Co-op

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Three singers. Local Co-op

Space Channel 5 (series) (both) Dreamcast, (SC5) PS2, (SC5pt2) 360 / PS3 / PC (under Steam) 2 players (for both games)

Jam with rhythm reporter Ulala to report on extra-terrestrial mishaps and maybe save the galaxy. One player does directions, the other does buttons. More Info and Wiki SC5 Dreamcast SC5pt2 PC
Samba de Amigo Dreamcast / Arcade 2 players Shake your maracas to the songs in order to become the king of the Rumba beat. The subtitled "Version 2000" is more of an upgrade than a sequel. More Info SdA page at Sega Wiki The Wii one sucks, as it requires stupid half-ass waggle tilts versus the wild rolls and rattles of Dreamcast, since Wii can't do ultrasonic transmission. Dreamcast Dreamcast off-screen DC vs Wii Controller comparison Wii version for the curious
Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage (series) Arcade and 6th and 7th gen home consoles 2 players usually, 4 players on some, or you can "double" up on 2 player That game that people play with their feet to match arrows on-screen to the beat, and- Seriously. I don't need to tell you about it, because this shit is EVERYWHERE. List of DDR games Arcade, 2 player Arcade, "4 Player Doubles" Competition
We Cheer 2 Wii 2 players (double remote) or 4 players (single remote) It's cheerleading. Shake, swing, and sway your pom poms to music. Sounds easy, right? IT'S NOT (unless you play on easy). Also features other modes. More Info 2 Player 4 Player Hot Balloon The result of playing this game
Donkey Konga (series) GameCube 2-4 players (depending on the mode) Jam out on badass bongo controllers to the beat of songs in different modes. Uses all kinds of music from different genres, some you may like and some you may hate. Song list per game Info on 1 Info on 2 Sadly, DK3 is Only in Japan. Single Player on "Hard" 4 Players offscreen Multiplayer CPUs onscreen (DK3)
Audiosurf PC 2 players A block-matching puzzle-ish game, with levels generated from whatever music tracks you choose. Essentially Fast = quick and hectic stages, slow = easy and chill stages. Official Site Audiosurf Wiki Multiplayer Speedy stage, single player
Chime Super Deluxe

- PS3,
Chime- Xbox360 Arcade

2 players

A surprisingly juxtaposed mix up of calm chill-out music and frantic gameplay. The hard part is keeping your multiplier high and fitting pieces in quickly. The Xbox360 version actually donates 60% of each purchase to charity. Official Site Also on: PC and 360, but both are far weaker. PC does get Still Alive exclusively, but 360 gets nothing extra. PS3 PS3 Trailer PC
Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan (series) DS 2 players People need help with solving various life problems and it's up to you to inspire them through song, dance, and cheer. Tap, spin, and slide to a number of cool songs. The Ouendan games are Japanese, but you can figure out the menus easy enough and get back to groovin'. Off-Screen EBA Ouendan (Ghost player)
Pop'n Music (series) Arcade / Playstation 1/ PS2 / PSP / Dreamcast 2 players Another crazy color-coded rhythm game series. Tough as nuts to solo, because it's intended for couple-play, but has great songs and is challenging. Note: The Wii and Game Boy color games suck. Wiki 1 Wiki 2 More Info Community On-Screen1 On-screen 2 off-screen
Taiko no Tatsujin (series) Arcade / PS2 / PSP / DS / Wii 2-4 players (depending on the game and mode) Drum to the beat of songs from various genres, such as J-pop, Video Game Music, Classical, TV, Pop, and Anime. Higher difficulties are totally brutal. Known as "Taiko DrumMaster" in the American version (which isn't as good as the Japanese ones). Without imports or mods, you're stuck with the sucky USA PS2 game or rare arcade sightings. DS is easiest to buy and play. Community Arcade DS PSP PS2 (USA) Wii (Controller) Wii (Drum Add-on)

Shoot 'Em Up[]

Vertical, horizontal, first person, third person, or otherwise. differs from "Shooters" For Editors: The keys here are constantly moving enemy swarms and stages. Commando-like games will be classified as 3rd Person Shooters versus traditional shmups.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Forgotten Worlds Arcade/Genesis 2 players Play as dudes who fly around and can change their shot direction, and have robots to add extra firepower. Stock up on cash to shop for even more boosts and power-ups. More Info Also on: Capcom Classics Collection Vol.1 (PS2 and Xbox), Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed (PSP) Arcade Genesis
Twinbee (series) NES, SNES, Arcade (ports on Turbografx-16, PS1, Sega Saturn, PSP) 2 players Has a unique bell-power up system, team-up attacks (16-bit games), gorgeous stages, great soundtrack, and despite being cute as a button, these games can get quite tough. More Info Konami Shmup Fanpage Arcade (PS1), Detana Arcade (PS1), Yahoo NES, Stinger SNES, Pop'n TG-16, Detana
Salamander/Life Force (1 and 2) Arcade 2 players A spinoff of Konami's Gradius series. Has a simplified power-up system and has horizontal and vertical stages that both work remarkably well. More Info Also on: (1) NES, Turbografx, Saturn, PS1, PSP (2) Saturn, PS1, PSP Arcade, S1 NES, S1 Arcade, S2
Cotton Boomerang: Magical Night Dreams Arcade/Saturn 2 players Cute girls fly about and shoot creatures in a beautiful and twisted world out to kill them. They can also throw around enemies, shots, and more at enemies and bosses. More Info Saturn (port of Arcade)
Crisis Force NES 2 players Two ships can transform and also combine, creating different attack configurations. Pushes the NES/Famicom limits in aspects of visuals, sounds, control, and action. More Info More Info (at bottom) NES
Sexy Parodius Arcade / Saturn / PSOne / PSP 2 players Plays like Gradius, offering a variety of power-up options, some stranger than others. Despite being a parody, it's still as hard as the real deal. More Info Sega Saturn (Single player video)
Twinkle Star Sprites Arcade/Neo Geo (CD) (2 players) A cast of strange characters compete against each other for the prize of a wish. Combines fixed shooter and puzzle elements for fast-paced competitions between players. More Info Also on: Sega Saturn (with lots of extras), Dreamcast (with only a few extras) Arcade Saturn
Phantasmagoria of Flower View PC 2 players Inspired by Twinkle Star Sprites, but does things differently. Uses those little Touhou characters everyone loves, hates, or knows nothing about so much. More Info PC
Gunbird (series) Arcade 2 players A cast of strange characters collect pieces of a mirror to get a wish. Character combinations affect dialogue and endings in hilarious and sometimes disturbing fashions. More info on 1 More info on 2 Also on: (1) none not in Japanese, so fuck that (2) Dreamcast Arcade, GB1 An Ending DC, GB2
Ikaruga Arcade/DC/GC/Xbox 360/Xbone 2 players Spritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun by Treasure. Constantly change polarities to strike opposite enemies, absorb and evade enemy fire, and counter with powerful lasers. More Info Radiant Silvergun is the "spiritual prequel" to this and, while different, is still great fun. Arcade Gamecube


Baseball, boxing, hockey, and sports in general. Both realistic and over-the-top games belong here. If the demand is high enough, this may be broken up into realistic and over-the-top sections. For Editors: This mostly applies to WWF(or E), Lucha Libre, and other showy stuff: Traditional sports-"fighting" goes here, but stuff like Street Fighter, KoF, Tekken, etc. is best placed in Fighters.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Super Dodge Ball NES 2 players Hit the other team members in the face with a ball. Involves passing, ground and aerial shots, and of-course devastating super shots. Also has another mode, Bean Ball. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console. Super Dodgeball Brawlers on DS is similar but also has items to use and equip. The Neo-Geo version is a remix with fighting game elements. NES (They always blink.) DS Neo-Geo
Tecmo Super Bowl NES 2 players "FOOTBALL!" Select a plan, then take to the action. This is one of the first GOOD football games and still one of the best. Also features "you-know-who." Different versions have been made including a recent revival, Tecmo Bowl Throwback for PS3 and 360, which is argued to not really capture the fun of the original. NES TOUCHDOWN! THURMAN THOMA-NES
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition SNES/Genesis+32x 2 players Two-on-two action involving NBA players of retro years. Famous for its expansive list of cheat codes and hidden characters, such as former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. A new version on Wii, PS3, and 360 is out, playing the same, but with newer players and new extras as well. Slam dunk with Barack Obama! Will Smith/32X Clintons/SNES PS3
Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge NES 2-4 players Track and Field: Hardass Edition. Involves marathon running and swimming, fight contests, building hopping, and hammer toss golf. Hope you've got fast fingers. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console Event Collection(Japanese version) Shopping and hurdles
NHL '98 SNES/Genesis 2 players One of the best hockey games for the 16-bit era. Features spot-on control for movement and passes, clashes, and of course, righteous puck-smacking action. NHL 96 and 97 are pretty much the same save for some roster changes and very minor tweaks. '98 is also on Playstation 1, Saturn and PC, but looks ugly as fuck on those. Genesis SNES
Wii Sports Resort Wii 2-4 players Utilizes Wii Motion Plus to create pretty damn smooth gameplay. Lacks the different training modes of the first, but the large variety of sports makes up for this. Main Site The First Wii Sports is also good (if you have to buy it separately), but the lack of motion plus is kinda weak. Overview Trailer
Baseball Stars 2 Arcade / Neo Geo 2 players It's baseball, but super-animated, super-voiced, super-fast-paced, and super-badass. "POW Bats" and "Super Batters/Pitchers" help mix things up. NOT the NES game. Also On: Wii's Virtual Console, SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 FAQ BS Professional is a nice substitute with co-ed teams. Neo Geo
League Bowling Arcade / Neo Geo 2-4 players One of the first and best "chill" sports games. Easy controls to learn and 3 modes to play. Different ball weights and handiness let you choose your own bowling style. Also on: PS3 and PSP downloadable from Playstation Network. Neo Geo
Everybody's Tennis (Portable) (US: Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip) PSP 2-4 players Fun and fast-paced tennis game. Cute, customizable characters as well. CPU players can also be set up to fill in spots for Doubles matches. Local only, but you can go online with PS3's AdHoc Party (or other methods if you know them). The PS2 game is an okay substitute, but most like this one a bit better. Multiplayer (but half-sized) Single (2x size)
Mario Strikers Charged (Football) Wii 2-4 players The Mario Crew meets Football/Soccer. As expected, they brings alot of twists and tricks. Has a variety of versus modes for players, along with online. The original "Strikers" on Gamecube is fun, but a little lacking versus the extras of Charged More Info and Wiki Wii Online Wii Co-op
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater / Underground VA 2-4 players Fun and fast-paced skateboarding game. Easy to pick up, hard to master. Multiple modes. Create your own levels. Create your own skaters. Do Everything You Can to Pretend You're A Superman. Was released to pretty much every relevant system at the time (PS1, PS2, Xbox, DC, GC, N64). Most versions have only 2 players splitscreen. The Xbox ports of 2 & 3 have 4 player splitscreen. Some versions support 8 players with system link or online.

The Earlier games through Underground are classics. YMMV with Underground 2 forward. Stay Away from THPS5, which was rushed out the door because the license was about to expire.

The N64 versions have gimped soundtracks due to being on Cartridges. 3 & 4 on PS1 (and 3 on N64) use the THPS2 engine and are different from their 6th Gen counterparts. THPS4 on the PS1 is probably the worst of the classic games.

THPS Multiplayer


Real-Time or Turn-Based. Can't think of too many that break the mold either way, but if you can, please add them here! For Editors: For games containing a large amount of RPG elements, such as Tactics RPGs, please put those under RPGs.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Herzog Zwei Genesis 2 players Command an army as you fight by their side in a transforming jet-mech. Capture territories to raise funds for stronger units for home defense and to conquer the enemy. Units and Commands Genesis (Not sure what's up with that tapping sound)
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (subtitled "Dark Conflict" in PAL territories)DS 2 players (online) / up to 4 Players (local) Newest entry in the classic Nintendo strategy series. Use different types of vehicles and units to decimate enemy forces. Features TONS of maps to play on. More Info and Wiki The previous game, Dual Strike, is also good, but local only and better for AW veterans. DS
Military Madness TurboGrafx-16 2 Players Hexagonal turn-based strategy in outer space Similar to Advance Wars, but has a few differences here and there, mostly in movement and attack style. More Info, Also On: Wii, PS3 (?); Nectaris: Military Madness is a modern entry available on 360 and PS3. TG-16
Dragon Quest Wars DSi/3DS (DSiWare) 2-4 Players Made by the Advance Wars team, but with a team of 4 chosen from 6 monsters with different skills. Defeat all enemy monsters or capture the enemy's home bases to win. Can sometimes be a bit hard to find others to play with, so set up a meeting on your own ahead of time. DSi (rehashed Japanese Trailer, since someone is too fucking lazy to make an English one)
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3/360 2 Players (Online only) A faster, streamlined variant of traditional Civilization games. Still has the spirit and mechanics, but without the super-lengthy matches. More Info and Wiki, Also On: DS. This version is the weakest, but a decent alternative for on the go. PS3 (?) DS (for the curious)
Worms (series) MANY systems 2-4 Players (depends on the game) Classic strategy series with cartoon worms who want to blow up each other with a variety of explosives and weaponry. More info on the series Worms Wiki 2: Armageddon, PS3/360 Reloaded, PC Open Warfare 2, DS Battle Islands, Wii
Pixeljunk Monsters (Deluxe) PS3/PSP 2 players (PS3: local only, PSP: online, ad-hoc.) Tower defense where you lead two guardians to protect their fellow creatures by building enemy-repelling towers of different properties and weaponry. More info FAQ Deluxe has more stuff, but harder to co-op. PS3 co-op PSP overview
Fat Princess PS3 2-32 players (online) (same screen co-op for up to 4 players supported) Save your princess, stop the enemy from saving theirs. Classes, resources, buildings, and more help both sides accomplish this. There's also alternate modes to play. Official Site Also on: PSP as spinoff/remix, Fistful of Cake PS3 PSP
Battalion Wars 2 Wii 2 players (online only) Advance Wars spinoff. Third person shooter meets real-time strategy. Control and switch units in real time, move and attack strategically to win. Co-op or 2 Versus modes. BW wiki Wars Series Wiki Wii Trailer PSP overview
Swords & Soldiers HD PS3, PC 2 players (online or local split-screen) 2D side-scrolling RTS. 3 factions make units and cast spells to fight for the power of the gods. Also has a number of unlockable bonus modes. Official site with more info PS3 has controller and Move support. Also on: Wii, but non-HD and local multiplayer only. PS3 Controller

PS3 Move PC Wii

Third Person Shooter[]

Concentrates heavily on action and shooting from a 3rd person view point. Sometimes called "Run 'N Gun". Not to be confused with Shoot 'Em Up. For Editors: (1) A few alternate elements, such as minor customization are allowed, but if there's more focus and importance on that, then RPG or Unknown/Misc. may be used. (2) If a game has a significant amount of platforming, then it may be best placed within the platforming section.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors SNES 2 players (called Zombies in PAL regions) Go around maps saving neighbors while killing zombies with water guns, weed whackers, bazookas, and more. If too many neighbors get killed, it's game over, so be quick. Also on: Genesis/Mega Drive and good, but map isn't perma-on, which can be inconvenient in a panic. Weapon Guide SNES
Gain Ground Arcade/Genesis 3/2 players A run-'n-gun with a dose of strategy. Your goal is to reach the stage exits, but you can also save others with their own weapons along the way and add them to your ranks. Also on: Steam and most Genesis collections; Arcade has up to 3 players with superior music and aesthetics. Master System version is the weakest, but not too shabby. Genesis Arcade
The Chaos Engine/Soldiers of Fortune Genesis/SNES/PC 2 players Overhead Run-'n-gun mixed with some slight RPG customization. Each character has different weapons and specialties, and stages are full of power-ups and enemies alike. Official site with additional info Genesis
Wild Guns SNES 2 players A sci-fi western game that uses character movement and gun aiming co-operatively. Features tons of hidden targets and bonuses throughout stages, so shoot everything. Got a remaster called "Wild Guns Reloaded" for PS4/PC/Switch. Includes a lot of extras and 4 player mode! SNES
The Red Star PS2 2 player Has beat'em up and shmup sections in a world loosely based on the comic. Also upgradable characters. It's a bit hard to find, but it usually goes for cheap, thankfully. Also on: PSP, but the PSP version seems to only have 1 Player (I could be wrong) PS2
Gang Garrison PC 2-32 players "8-bit demake" of Team Fortress 2. Weapons and game modes are limited but gameplay uses platformer elements. There's a lot of maps, and some are based on other games. Official game download and more info PC
Pocky and Rocky 1 SNES 2 players Goblins are running amok. A magician and raccoon must put an end to this. Plays similar to Commando but arguably harder. Great music and action. HARD AS FUCK. P+R2 on SNES is also multi-player, but unless you trust P1 not to throw your ass at the boss, don't bother. Online/SNES Normal Speed/SNES
Red Dead Redemption PS3/360 2-24(?) players Considered Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West. Close enough. All sorts of shit to do in the open frontier. In addition to online multiplayer, there's also a co-op mode. Red Dead Wiki Multiplayer Trailer
Earth Defense Force 2017 360 2 players Giant insects invade earth and it's up to a team of goofy looking soldiers to stop them. Weirder, and arguably more hilarious, than it sounds. The sequel, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, is coming out later in July and may replace this entry. Split-Screen Multiplayer
Jackal NES 2 players Weapon mounted vehicles seek to save P.O.W.s from war-camps filled with enemies. Saving many P.O.W.s will upgrade your weapons. Arcade version is a bit different, but good. More Info and Differences (Arcade) Also on: 360's/Windows's "Game Room" NES
Sin and Punishment (series) N64, Wii 2 players While only 1 character is onscreen, the second player: (1) targets and shoots/(2/Star Successor) acts as a second shooting cursor. Helps take the stress off P1 either way. Portal to more info on each Also on: Wii's Virtual Console (S&P 1) N64 2, Trailer 2, Co-op

Gears of War 2/3

360 2-5 players

Defend against fifty waves of "Horde". Both games have a considerable amount of maps, and the Horde mode does take some time to complete. Although the third game is considerably better, because of the ability to buy defenses.   Gears of War 2 Horde mode may be beaten solo on easier difficulties, but the Gears of War 3 boss waves will bitch slap you, so bring some buddies. atch?v=N-RcDZa6dIg Gears of War 2 Horde Gears of War 3 Horde


Unique ideas, hard to place genres, or those with a whole lot of them. For Editors: Unless you can reasonably whittle it down, it may be best to place games you're absolutely unsure of here.

Name and Info Summary (When necessary) More info/Also on/Etc. Video(s)
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara Arcade 2-4 players One of the greatest "hybrids" of all time. Beat 'em up action sprinkled with RPG classes, gear, spells, level ups, and multiple routes and endings. PLAY THIS. More Info Also, if you can't find this, Tower of Doom, the prequel, is an inferior, but still badass, substitute. Both DND Games were re-released on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN. There's also a port on the Saturn but 2 players only. Arcade
Balloon Fight NES 2 players Similar to Joust, but features a few more obstacles to spice things up. Two players can cooperate or compete with each other. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console. (Video here's a bit laggy, but you get the idea.) NES
King of Monsters Arcade/Neo-Geo 2 players A giant monster battle game that combines fighting and wrestling elements. Use the environment to your advantage for damage and power-ups. Also on: SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1. The sequel is also good though plays a little bit different. Arcade
Bomberman (series) MANY 2-4 players typically, or 2-8 with online/recent systems Blow up the other players before they blow up you. Most stages have items that can help you out, and most also have a neat trick or gimmick that spices up the matches.

Bomberman is on pretty much every console and handheld ever made, though the ones with online ensure more chances for multiplayer. If you need max players for local, the Saturn version has 10 players max.

The best browser clone is Balloono because of good multiplayer

Live/360 & PS3 Blast/Wii 64/N64 SAT 10 Player Switch 8 Player
Legend of the Mystical Ninja, The SNES 2 players Platformer/Adventure hybrid. The 90's translation fucks up naming, but the game still carries a funky off-beat humor about it (not as much as later entries). Also on: Wii's Virtual Console. Wiki SNES
River City Ransom NES (2 players) A beat 'em up/RPG hybrid legend. Learn attacks with books, boost stats with food, and kick real-time ass with anything you can pick up, be it object, foe, or even friend. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console More info. It sometimes lags a little, but just clear out enemies and it'll speed up. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7FpF7PX0nA NES'
Bubble Symphony Arcade/Multi-console 2 players AKA Bubble Bobble 2 (arcade); Features traditional Bubble Bobble action, but stages are based on other Taito games, such as Darius and Space Invaders. Also on: Taito Legends 2, which is on multiple consoles as well. Other BB games are also good, but this is probably the all around best. Attract Mode off-screen Single Player Boss Fight
The Lost Vikings 2 SNES / Norse by Norsewest PC/PS1/SAT 2 players A puzzle-platformer that involves utilizing the abilities of each character in order to get past obstacles, solve puzzles, and get everyone to the exit. Same game, different name. NBN has some extra animated scenes and voice acting though. Also, Lost Vikings 1 is also good, but arguably harder, and on different consoles. LV2 NBN
Goof Troop SNES 2 players A puzzle-adventure game that has Goofy and Max exploring an island, facing off against foes, and solving some various puzzles. Features several tools and items to use. Nothing to report currently SNES
Mendel Palace NES 2 players A puzzle/arena-fighting hybrid that has you uncover power-ups below tiles, while also using said tiles to throw enemies into the walls to defeat them. Nothing to report currently NES
Boogie Wings Arcade 2 players A shmup in the air, a run'n gun on the ground. The plane's hook can throw nearly anything. While on foot, you can ride nearly anything, which also effects your weapon. Note: This is also called "The Great Ragtime Show" in some versions in other areas. Arcade
Quartet Arcade 2-4 players Run-'n-gun that plays a bit like a platforming version of Gauntlet with jetpacks and laser guns. Also on: Master System, but is only 2 players, lags a little when too much is onscreen, and lacks the kickass music. 4 player trailer
Wario's Woods SNES 2 players A puzzle game that involves blowing up monsters with different colored bombs. Chaining explosions is key to victory. Be sure to act fast or else you'll get Thwomp'd. The NES version is a little different, but plays mostly the same. SNES
Gotcha Force Gamecube 2 players Children hold friendly competitions using toys that can cause mass destruction. Slightly resembles Custom Robo with less customization, but more action and strategy. Gotcha Borg list GC
Mystic Heroes Gamecube / PS2 2-4 players A bit like Dynasty Warriors. Based on mythology, you and your team must take down evil forces with might and magic. PS2 version has more characters and modes over GC. Official Site Rune Guide GC
We Love Katamari PS2 2 players Roll on stuff with a ball and it sticks to it. Once you've got stuff stuck to it, it can roll up more stuff. With enough effort, you can roll up all sorts of huge stuff. Has co-op and competitive modes, and some multiplayer exclusive stages. Other entries are pretty good too, but this one is pretty easy to find and goes for cheap. PS2 Co-op
Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game Arcade 2 players A board-game "RPG" that revolves around quiz questions. May be easy as hell or hard as balls depending on your retro know-how and trivia knowledge in general. Note: Some question take some serious pop culture knowledge, but if you were born before 1990, you may be okay. You could always look answers up if you're a cheater. Arcade
Shank PS3/360/PC 2 players A beat 'em up? A platformer? A shooter? Hell, it's all 3! Gory, grindhouse action and music with comic-book style aesthetics and effects. P2 even resembles Danny Trejo! Beat single-player first both for story and unlocking weapons. Best played with another adult, since it's, uh, "graphic" for kids. More Info Trailer
Little Big Planet 2 PS3 2-4 players The first was dedicated to making and playing platforming levels with loads of content. This one lets you do that and much more as you make and play games. Official site LBP Wiki Trailer
Monster Lair Arcade / TurboGrafx-CD 2 players A funny little hybrid with both Adventure Island-like platforming and horizontal shoot 'em up segments throughout stages. Lots of weapons and power-ups to use. Also on: Wii's Virtual Console. The Genesis port is quite lacking due to many issues. Arcade (attract demo) TGCD single player
Lucky and Wild Arcade 2 players A crazy criminal car chase game, similar to Taito's Chase HQ, but with guns and Starsky and Hutch homages. Crazy fun if you can find a working sit-in cabinet. Technically there's different ways to actually play, but the easiest is Player 1 driving while Player 2 shoots. Arcade
Transformice Online Flash (so PC, Mac, and Linux) 2-32 (?) players You play as mice trying to get cheese into their hole. However, stages are hell-bent on killing you. Luckily, the Shaman player will help (i.e. troll) you with magic. English server, many languages have their own. Wiki Accurate depiction, but with additional editing not found in-game
Gauntlet Legends Dreamcast 2-4 players RPG/beat 'em up/shooter hybrid. You play as one of a variety of classes and go out to kick ass, accomplish quests, and NEED FOOD BADLY. Also on: Arcade (though hard to save) and N64 with a few differences. The PS1 version is kinda sucky. Wiki More Info Dreamcast and N64 comparison (both single player sadly)
Pac-Man Google In your browser! 2 players Well, it's Pac-Man. In the Google Logo. And it's free and available pretty much anywhere with internet. And you can play with 2 people. IT'S PAC-MAN! You shouldn't need more info on this. Instead, read up on hilarious antics this game caused. Single-player 2 Players (sped up)
Pac-Man Vs GameCube/DS/Switch 2-4 players It's Pac-Man, except while you munch dots the other three players play as the ghosts. They can't see the whole screen but you can (on your GBA). Catch Pac-Man and you become Pac-Man. Somehow insanely fun. Was given out with 3 Namco GC games (Pac-man World 2, R: Racing Evolution, I-Ninja). Easiest to get with Pacman World 2 since its lists it on the cover. Plus you need a GBA & cable. Also available on Namco Museum DS and Namco Museum for the Switch. Footage showing the GameCube and GBA screens (except they're playing 2-player, which sucks. Need four)
Trauma Center Second Opinion (and New Blood) Wii 2 players Not "technically" multiplayer, but dividing duties between you (such as tool-swapping and surgery) helps reduce the pressure. Kinda like a real doctor and assistant? More Info and Wiki Also, Trauma Team is different, but also a solid entry. Wii / Second Opinion
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One PS3 2-4 players R&C spinoff that plays mostly similarly, but with others simultaneously. Involves mixing attacks for extra oomph, aiding maneuverability, and just plain co-op-ing it up. Gameplay Weapon Explanations
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP, PS3, 360 2-6 Players (online only) Sneak your way through with help from others. Distract guards while someone else takes them down, perform CPR on a fallen comrade and take down Metal Gear as a team. Unfortunately, there are limitations to multiplayer. First, there's no local multiplayer; everyone involved needs their own copy. Also no cross-multiplayer between PS3 and PSP.

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