Chances are, you're from /v/, you like DS, you have a flashcart.

So load up with some homebrew, it can be pretty worth while.


Box Art Title Type Description
-4538-Moonshell2 Moonshell Media Player Turns your DS into a media player, supports music in MP3/OGG/MOD/SPC/MDX (no PCM)/GBS/HES/NSF/XM/MIDI/WMA/low bit rate AAC audio. Supports video in DPG format (use dpgenc.exe to make DPG video files) Supports text files and image files too. Comes integrated into some flashcarts like the R4, good for those who are no good with computers. RECENTLY UPDATED TO 2.1!
Dsipodlick101 Licks Media Player Media Player Turns your DS into a working iPod? Sure, why not? Yes you can actually play music on a pseudo-Pod.
Dsorganise DSorganize Organizer application Now your DS can be a handy dandy organizer! A must have for many DS owners. Includes a rudimentary web browser.
Dsreader DS Reader E-book reader Read your E-books and Text files on your Nintendo DS.

Supports custom font files. Make sure to ask /lit/ where to get some good books.

Dslibris-150 DSLibris E-book reader Read books on DS. Have some issues with book conversions and code but still awesome. Uses horizontal screen reading which makes it so good. Supports epub format.
Nesds Nes DS NES Emulator Play most NES games on your DS flawlessly, supports savestates, rewind, fast forward.
Lameboy0 1 Lameboy Gameboy/Color Emulator Play most Gameboy/Color games on your DS flawlessly, supports savestates, scaling (with a filter), speed up (to about 2x), and a ton of options.

You can even use the DS rumble pack with Pokémon Pinball!

NeoDS1 NeoDS Neo Geo Emulator Lets you play Neo Geo games on your DS, surprisingly well!

You'll need to convert your Neo Geo games into a .neo format for the emulator though.

Snemulds smw SNEmulDS SNES Emulator The best SNES emulator for the DS (but that's not saying a lot)

Some games are buggy, some totally unplayable, sound glitches, graphical glitches galore, but you can actually play a few games on this at a good speed with no problems.

Be sure to check the compatibility list over here.

Jenesisds jEnesisDS Genesis Emulator A Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the DS. Plays games very well with limited vertical scaling.

Don't complain about the lack of horizontal scaling, you can at adjust the screen using L/R or "follow D-pad" in the options.

Dsx86-150 DSx86 DOS emulator It's dos box on DS. Still beta but can play several games
Loading Pocket Physics Sandbox A miniature homebrew version of Crayon Physics, draw shapes which are subject to gravity and physics.

Unlike Crayon Physics, there are no objectives, so go nuts and be creative.

Phidias screenshot2 Phidias Paint Application Turn your DS into a canvas! Supports brushes, saving and loading of bitmaps, blurring, and smudging.
Logo Colors Paint Application Another great art application, based on modern painting techniques
Lemmingsds LemmingsDS Game Port It's Lemmings, on your DS. Need I say more? Includes all the levels of the original Lemmings and Oh No More Lemmings, as well as a couple extra ones. Also accepts custom levels and music. Plays very well.
Brix-ds Brix DS Puzzle game A clone of a flash game that works pretty well on the DS. Made by a french guy. You have to click on the gray blocks to make them disappear and keep the TNT from touching the ground after they're all gone.
Tyriands OpenTyrian DS Game Port A ported version of opentyrian, which on it's own is a port of one of the greatest classics in PC sidescrollers, Tyrian.
TouhouDS TouhouDS Shoot 'em Up A handheld version of the popular japanese shmup series.  Still in the works, but looks promising.
Ds doom-150 DS Doom Game Port It's Doom. Runs at a good framerate, and plays the commercial and fanmade WADs. Fully working sound (in stereo) but no music.
Quake NDS screenshot Quake DS Game Port It's Quake. Runs at a good framerate, and supports mods. Runs better if you have a RAM pack. Plus, it supports online multiplayer.
SCUMM NDS screenshot SCUMMVM DS SCUMM interpreter Play your favourite point-and-click games on the NDS.
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