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"Operate at a higher level."

OS/2 is an operating system by IBM, meant to be the successor to MS-DOS. While it was thoroughly clobbered by Windows 95 in the home market, it was somewhat successful in the corporate area, and it was very strong running ATMs and point of sale terminals. It remains a player in this niche, being now maintained and sold by Arca Noae as ArcaOS.

As one would expect from this background, OS/2's library of games is rather limited, but there were some titles. Also, alleviating the problem a little, it is compatible with DOS and Windows (pre-95) applications.

The list[]

  • Angband
  • AVARICE: The Final Saga
  • Crown of Might
  • Entrepreneur
  • Galactic Civilizations
  • Hopkins FBI
  • SimCity
  • Lemmings / Oh No! More Lemmings / Christmas Lemmings
  • Links
  • Master of Empire
  • Stellar Frontier
  • Super Star Trek
  • Trials of Battle


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